Steps to Strengthen Security and Maintain the Reliability of SAT Scores

Steps to Strengthen Security and Maintain the Reliability of SAT Scores

Security and Fairness of Digital Tests

Your fair opportunity to demonstrate your college readiness will be provided by the test security and fairness policies, which are also intended to prevent anyone from obtaining an unfair advantage. You accept the following policies along with the SAT Terms and Conditions when you sign up to take the test.

Policy testing

  • When you sign up to take the SAT, you confirm that you have read, comprehend, and agree to abide by the following policies:
  • For entry into the testing facility, you must show a valid photo ID. You are in charge of comprehending and adhering to the SAT ID Requirements.
  • It is strictly forbidden to allow someone to take a College Board exam on your behalf or to take an exam under false pretences.
  • Your high school will have access to your test results as well as the information you provided during registration, such as the photo. Your photo might be made available to the organisations you sent your test results to if there is a probe into the accuracy of your results. Any college that is given access to your photo must first vouch that you've been accepted as a student.
  • It is never acceptable to distribute test materials. Never ask or answer anyone for anything, and never discuss anything for anything (email, text message, exchange via the internet, or any other form of communication).
  • Access to phones and some other electronic devices is prohibited in SAT testing facilities, aside from your testing device and some administrative or accommodated uses.
  • Your test results will be cancelled if you leave the building before it is finished.
  • You shouldn't let anyone see the test questions or your answers while you're taking them. During the exam or any breaks, you are not permitted to consult any books, people, electronic devices, or other sources.
  • Calculators may only be used on your desk during the mathematics test sections and may not be shared.

You might be kicked out of the testing facility and your results might be withheld or cancelled if you don't adhere to these rules. Your test fees will not be reimbursed if you are kicked out of the testing facility before finishing the exam due to breaking one of these rules.

Test takers who break the law could face legal consequences.

Security Steps

The College Board is dedicated to maintaining the security of the SAT and will keep up the fight against any attempts to do so, including the unauthorized disclosure of test questions and forms.

We try to strike a balance between preventing unfair advantages for anyone and giving testing opportunities to the vast majority of students who adhere to the rules.

We've implemented measures like the following to strengthen security and maintain the reliability of SAT scores:

  • Giving law enforcement and other governmental organizations in the US and abroad the names of test-prep businesses and people we suspect of stealing and receiving secure test content, as specified in Section 3 of the SAT Terms and Conditions.
  • Denying people the opportunity to take the SAT, CLEP, or Advanced Placement exams if we determine.
  • Working with colleges and high schools to investigate efficient means of informing them when their applicants or attending students, as appropriate, have obtained, attempted to obtain, or shared an unfair advantage on any College Board test, following applicable laws and contractual obligations.
  • The worldwide expansion of test center audits.
  • Facilitating the anonymous and confidential reporting of suspected cheating by students and teachers.
  • Extending the criteria used by the College Board to reject applicants who register but use the Digital SAT Changes for a purpose other than one of its intended uses.

Violations Reporting

Please get in touch with the Office of Testing Integrity or College Board right away to report any suspected violations of these guidelines or any suspicions regarding the safety of an SAT administration in confidence:

Calls can be made to 609-406-5430 or 800-257-5123. (Test day only)

The Effects of Breaking Security Rules

For the following reasons, College Board frequently strengthens the SAT's security:

  • To ensure that colleges and universities receive accurate, trustworthy test results
  • To safeguard each student's chance to prove their skills on an impartial and level playing field

According to the SAT Terms and Conditions, violating test security policies can result in refusal to enter the test centre, immediate dismissal from the test centre, the cancellation of scores, or a prohibition from taking future tests.

When we determine that someone has intentionally obtained, attempted to obtain, or shared an unfair advantage on any College Board test, or has otherwise threatened the integrity of the test, College Board will prevent them from taking the SAT, AP, or CLEP exams. Examples include using a cell phone to view or take pictures on the day of the exam or being caught with a "cheat sheet" containing test information, solution guides, or other information that would give you an unfair advantage.

Depending on the specifics and seriousness of the violation, as determined at College Board's discretion, the length of a person's ban may change. According to the SAT Terms and Conditions, College Board is permitted to disclose information, including the names of prohibited test takers, to their guardians, parents, interested higher education institutions, and high schools where they are currently enrolled.

The College Board will decide whether to consider requests for the ban to be reconsidered.

Objected Use Guidelines

If one or more of these conditions apply, you may take the test during any of the seven-weekend administrations:

You want to apply for an undergraduate programme at a college or university.

You intend to apply for a scholarship, financial aid, or another programme that includes taking a college entrance exam as a requirement for enrollment.

You may take the SAT on a school day, or if applicable, on the state- or district-designated weekend administration date, if you're taking the test as part of a state- or district-funded test administration.

We reserve the right to revoke a test taker's registration if we have reason to suspect they are not using the SAT for its intended purposes. In addition, College Board reserves the right to look into any Digital SAT Format registrations and/or scores of people who are allegedly trying to steal or share test content, as well as to cancel those registrations and/or scores.

If you receive a verification form that requests more information regarding your testing motivation, kindly answer all inquiries in-depth.

We will cancel your registration and issue a refund if you don't fill out the form or if we think you're not taking the SAT for one of its intended purposes.

Penalties for Unlawful Devices

You could be dismissed right away, your grades could be thrown out, and the device's contents could be checked if it makes noise or if you're caught using it at any time, including during breaks.

During the test administration, including break periods, the test administration staff is required to collect and hold phones and other prohibited electronic devices, to demand that students place them in backpacks away from their desks, or to refuse admission to anyone in possession of a prohibited electronic device. While you are in the testing facility, College Board is not liable for the loss or damage of any personal belongings, including electronic devices.

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