Premium MBA Admission Consulting

At Masterclass Space, we firmly believe that the key to getting into a business school lies within you. However, we understand that the application process can be overwhelming, which is why we offer a range of tools to assist you in achieving your goals.

Our tools are diverse, and they include profile analysis, program matching, personalized timeline strategy development, as well as C.V., essays, and LORs strategy building. We also provide reviews and editing services to ensure that your application is impeccable.

We offer different packages depending on where you are in the process, how much assistance you require, and how many schools you need help with. Our goal is to help you succeed, and we are dedicated to providing you with the support you need to achieve your dreams.

Following services are part of Premium MBA Admission Consulting:

Profile Sculpting: Profiling Sculpting involves conducting brainstorming sessions to gain an in-depth understanding and analysis of a candidate's unique story.

Program Matching: We identify the 10-12 "right-fit" business schools for the candidate, out of which they can select and apply to 3 or 5 schools.

Personalized Timeline Strategy: A personalized timeline strategy is created to ensure that each aspect of the application is completed within the deadlines of the various schools.

Alumni Connects: Clients are connected with relevant alumni.

CV: The CV is reviewed, edited, and built to improve the candidate's chances of success.

Scholarship Application: We help candidates apply to scholarship opportunities inside and outside the universities, including essay writing and interview preparation.

Essays: We develop a unique story for the candidate based on the brainstorming session, providing a strategy and direction for each essay, and offering template formats and past sample essays. Unlimited edits, proofreading, and statement of purpose services are also included.

Statements of Purposes: We help nominate referees and provides strategy and direction for each SOPs, template formats, and past sample essays. Unlimited edits and proofreading are conducted.

Letter of Recommendations: We provide help in nominating referee for LORs, direction and strategy for LOR, template formats, sample essays. Also, we conduct unlimited edits and proofreading.

MBA Interview Preparation: This includes individual mock MBA interview rounds for each school the candidate gets an interview invitation from.

Financial Document Collation: Financial document consultation sessions are conducted to help collate all relevant documents required by individual universities.

Visa Documentation & Interviews: We help with visa documentation and interviews by collating and filling all visa documents and conducting mock visa interview rounds.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) for Admission Consulting / College Counseling

What are key benefits of MCS Admission Consulting as compared to others?

Masterclass Space provides premium Admission Consulting Services which consists of exhaustive profile building processes. Our consultants are highly experienced and have a track record of providing admission in Ivy League and Elite Universities. Students are provided with unique tools to design profile so that they stand out.

How is consulting services more than helping in college applications?

Consulting Services consists of holistic preparation of profile which starts much ahead of college applications. College applications mention projects, internships, shadowships, extra-curricular activities, X-factor of student which have to be exercised much ahead of application. Consulting services help a student in all these pointers which have to be mentioned in college applications.

Which is most appropriate time to start Admission Consulting?

The process of profile building starts from 9th grade onwards itself. However, only one guidance session is enough in early classes. Actual consulting works starts in grade 11 and 12.