SAT & ACT Testimonials

Masterclass Space offers a great SAT preparation course. I personally found the math sessions to be very helpful as the practice is very rigorous and more difficult than the SAT, making the actual test's questions seem slightly easier to solve and allowing me to solve them quicker. The reading class also allowed me to improve my concentration during this long section. The grammar and reading classes made both of these sections manageable and helped me improve my score greatly. Overall, Masterclass Space helped me obtain an SAT score of over 1500.

Aarav Sehgal

SAT Score: 1510
Atlanta, Georgia, US

After learning strategies for the SAT, I was scoring pretty high on tests. I felt that this was the environment I needed to accelerate my growth not just in SAT but in AP Classes like AP Physics and many more. Although Physics is one of, if not the hardest subject to teach and to learn, Masterclass Space’s teachers has made it simple to understand it without the use of complex language and hard to understand analogies, but used simple language and analogies to describe processes after this, I had been doing well in applications of the concepts.

Dhruv Maruvada

Dallas, Texas, US

Masterclass Space provided me with the right guidance to focus on techniques, subject knowledge, and time management. These aspects are critical for SAT success. The dedication of the faculty as well as their sincerity in ensuring students' success is noticeable from day 1. I sincerely thank Aditya sir and other faculty members for their guidance. A big part in my SAT score of 1520 is about their guidance to me. I accepted today the offer from the University of Pittsburgh. I wish all the students the best and thank Masterclass Space!

Janhavi Kelkar

SAT Score: 1520
Toronto, Canada

Masterclass space is a very friendly platform where you can learn at an amazing rate and perform really well in tests. It's the best coaching I've ever been to since I received personal care from my teachers and could learn many things in a short span of time. The way of explaining the concepts in detail with each and every point from the basic is very useful for beginners. Overall, it's a great place to learn and perform upto your expectations in your upcoming exams. I'm very thankful for Masterclass Space for giving me the honour of being a part of their journey

Enoch Neerikshan

SAT Score: 1440
Jabalpur, India

I had taken the SAT Prep Course from Masterclass space and it was totally worth it. The teaching staff is really good at explaining concepts and the preparation help me improve my SAT score to 1500

Aryan Sachdev

SAT Score: 1500
Mumbai, India

Masterclass is absolutely amazing!! The teachers are so dedicated and make sure the students get lots of practice for the SAT & ACT. If it wasn't for them, I don't think my ACT Math score would've been as high as it was. They always want to know how we're doing and what topics we are struggling on, and it felt really nice knowing that someone was rooting for me to get better. They gave us as many practice resources as they can, and also did some practice with us to make sure we could understand the concepts better. I would definitely recommend Masterclass to anyone who's planning on taking the SAT & ACT!

Anjali Devarapalli

ACT Score: 34
Suwanee, Atlanta, India

Masterclass Space is a great program and prepares you amazingly for any test you’ll need to take! The teachers are so kind and are always pushing you to do your best. The materials that they give you to prepare and the way that they teach you is absolutely amazing! They are always there to guide you and support you and are always there anytime you need help! In addition, the classes are really fun and it’s really nice to meet other students from around the country and the world. Although I wasn’t able to take the SAT due to covid, their guidance and mentorship helped me get into UC Berkeley, which I’m excited about!

Ishita Suresh

San Francisco, California, US

Masterclass Space is a fantastic platform that may help you improve your SAT, ACT, and other exam scores. Going to their classes was a lot of fun, and it was even more exciting to solve problems with them. Despite the fact that I did not take the SAT as a result of COVID, their courses have been extremely beneficial in my college coursework.

Santos Kumar

Sacremento, California, US

I got enrolled in Masterclass Space for SAT Subject Tests and was able to get a perfect score. The teachers were really friendly and supportive. They cleared our doubts in many concepts and gave in-depth knowledge about them. My scores improved drastically after joining MCS. I hope many people join MCS and get benefited through them.


SAT Subject Test: 2400/2400
Nizwa, Oman

Firstly, I’d like to thank Aditya sir and Hassan sir for helping me prepare for the SATs in the best possible ways. They taught me everything from the scratch and also took mock tests on weekends which really benefited me. Moreover, they also provided notes which really helped. Extremely thankful to masterclass space for supporting me throughout this college journey.

Imaaya Rohra

Mumbai, India

Amazing tutor, I’ve seen a lot of improvement in my SAT scores. The tutors are very kind and helpful especially when it comes to each individual’s doubts. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to score well in the SAT.

Prakriti Ram

SAT Score: 1450
Bangalore, India

I have learned so much in my classes with Masterclass Space. The teachers pace the class just right so you feel challenged but not overwhelmed, and they were eager to help. The lessons were engaging, practical, and the teachers were very patient with everyone in the class, always encouraging students to try. I would highly recommend their courses to anyone interested in improving scores and academic credentials.

Shiven Patel

Gainesville, Florida, US

I'm taking this opportunity to thank my teachers of MCS who not only helped me develop skills for the significant improvement in my score, but also taught me patience and punctuality, which I believe will stay with me for an extended period of time. They were very affable and sincere, not hesitating to help even after the class. Their course included regular homework and tests, which gave me the confidence boost I needed before my actual exam. In a word, MCS has the best ambience and equipment necessary for acing SAT.

Saumili Chakravarty

SAT Score - 1470
Sylhet, Bangladesh

Joining Masterclass enabled me to score a 2390 in my SAT subject test. I couldn't have done this without the encouragement and support from MCS. My teachers were truly the best, they would always answer my doubts, explain me the concepts thoroughly and give me a ton of practice questions and papers to solve. They made me solve a lot of sample papers that their team had prepared and I had regular classes to discuss my doubts. Besides this, they were very friendly and helpful. They were passionate about what they taught and they would help me out in any problem that I was facing even if it was not related to SAT. In fact, one of the first things that Mr.Aditya told me was “ we are not only your teachers, but we are also like your friends ;Incase you have any difficulty, feel free to tell us” Hence, I would highly recommend MCS, they are truly one of the best.

Anshu Ghate

SAT Subject – 2390 / 2400
Lagos, Nigeria

Amazing teaching and helpful practice. Boosted my score from 1300s to 1500s, helped me make my college applications more competitive! I will always be Masterclass Space to push me beyond my calibre. I alone would not have got jump of 200 points but constant motivation and practice helped me get this improvement. Thank you so much MCS.

Pratyush Mudgal

SAT Score – 1500
Bangalore, India

The faculty at MCS is amazing and from top institutes like IIT, BITS, IIM etc. Each and every teacher at MCS was amazing at their teaching methods and interaction with students. They give out tests and practice problems in every class and routinely provide you with class notes too! You can even watch a recording of your class later on! In all MCS made me who I am today and made me achieve great heights.

Yashodhan Bhatawdekar

SAT Subject – 2320 / 2400
Greer, South Carolina, US

MCS was a really good experience as it replicated in person classroom virtually and the SAT classes were amazing which helped me get into ASU.

Koushik Anirudh Rao

Bangalore, India

All 3 teachers, Aditya sir, Rohit sir and Atul sir really prepared me well for my SAT with all kinds of questions and concepts, and not only that, they went further than SAT, even teaching some concepts regarding higher levels of the subjects. My experience has been excellent and I hope they will guide lots of students in the future

Vikram Venkat

Dubai, UAE

Masterclass was a good platform to practice skills for the SAT. A lot of good practice problems and tests were given with feedback/reviews done at the end of every test. I was able to get a good understanding of how the SAT will be.

Aadiv Reki

SAT Score - 1490
Bangalore, India

Masterclass offered amazing guidance and preparation for SAT, SAT Subject Tests and AP exams. The teachers were very helpful in clarifying all conceptual doubts right from the basics, and offered challenging practice tests/questions to help prepare for the main tests. Would definitely recommend as they helped me score maximum grade of 5 in AP and 1550 in SAT!

Siddharth Sahu

SAT Score-1550
Mumbai, India

Incredible SAT experience at Masterclass Space! Amazing support from mentors! I will always be thankful to faculties for being so gentle and friendly. I have got huge improvement in maths especially. I come from commerce background and mathematics has been a big challenge for me. But, the pedagogy and expertise of faculty has helped me to easily sail through this challenge.

Pooja Shah

Mumbai, India

Masterclass Space has been very helpful in improving my SAT score as I was able to gain tons of practice through different materials and practice tests. My writing section scores have improved greatly and I have gotten a better understanding of grammar! The teachers are very supportive and helpful as they guide us on strategies for the SAT.

Kavan Mehta

SAT Score-1510
Dallas, Texas, US

I have been the part of this institution for almost one year now and I can assure you that it is the best coaching institute for SAT with the best and friendly faculties and organised learning. The faculties of Masterclass space not only help you to overcome your but also help to overcome exam stress. Because of the guidance received from masterclass space I was finally able to make into some good universities in US as well as Australia with scholarships in almost all the acceptances like University of Sydney, Boston University, University of Texas at Austin and lot more. If you are looking for SAT coaching and planning your study abroad journey Masterclass Space can surely give you the best guidance.

Harshal Mahale

Mumbai, India

This is best institute for sat aspirants to prepare for their exams. And the best part about it is; its faculties Aditya sir and Rohit sir are just amazing. They made me work hard for my exam and I got the desired marks. Earlier I had 650 in physics; but after coming in touch with them I jumped to 770 out of 800. And these people are still in my touch and whenever I feel difficulty either in studies or in time management. They are always there to assist me.

Soumya Singh

Jagdalpur, Chattisgarh, India

Masterclass Space have helped me tremendously to achieve great results in SAT. The materials provided by them have improve my concepts in Math and English. They have been immensely helpful for me to get into my dream university (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and are invested in their student’s academic journey. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who is in need of quality SAT preparation.

Akhilesh Ghate

Lagos, Nigeria

The teachers at Masterclass Space are well-qualified, knowledgeable and friendly. The material provided by them has been really helpful in acing my SAT. The teachers have also cleared my doubts in various concepts and have been really supportive throughout the course.

Shyam Sumant


Master class space has helped my son greatly in getting confidence to do his SAT tests. They help the kids by giving the guidance at any time and we are blessed to have found them at the right time. Their classes focus on details and the repeated tests makes the kids prepared to approach the tests with lot of confidence. We love the classes and the teachers and the kids also enjoy it as the teachers are kid friendly and make all the efforts to make the kids ready to face the tests. I would anytime refer Master class space to those who are looking for the best in their kids.

Priya Premnath

Mother of Pranouv Premnath
Dallas, Texas, US

This Institute has helped my son in getting good scores in SAT. Prior to attending classes from masterclass space, my son had got same score in couple of SAT tests that he took. Once he took online classes from masterclass, he got help needed in Math and English. My son took only two weeks of classes and his score went up by 70 points. I wish I had known about this institute earlier. Institute gave me frequent updates about my son's progress and most importantly my son was kept engaged and motivated. I strongly recommend this institute for SAT coaching.

Vijay Nalabolu

Parent of Nikhil Nalabolu
Chicago, Illinois, US

I came across Masterclass Space while looking for SAT Subject tests prep for my son. I was impressed by the credentials of the faculty and contacted them. After a call where I discussed about how the classes are going to be conducted and satisfied with the practice that the child would get by going through the classes we enrolled our child, Shyam in MCS. Shyam took the classes for Maths, Physics and Chemistry and scored well in SAT November 2020 tests. All this was possible with the help and support of faculty from Masterclass Space. Thank you, Masterclass Space! You made Shyam's dream possible!

Bindu Madhavi

Mother of Shyam Sumant

Aditya and team were very knowledgeable, approachable and played a big role in ensuring my daughter reached her full potential in the SAT preparation. The mentoring and teaching were professional. I highly recommend them and wish them well in guiding future students achieve their dreams.

Mukund Mariyappa

Father of Ayushi Mukund
Atlanta, Georgia

Masterclass Space team is a truly world class team of experts in preparing students for highly competitive exams like SAT. My daughter in her 8 months of training with the expert coaches experienced a great value add in terms of: (1) comprehensiveness in explaining theorems and language skills, (2) coming back with follow up tests and individual coaching, and (3) extra push and drive that creates urgency and energy. Thank you very much Aditya sir and the entire team!

Amod Kelkar

Father of Janhavi Kelkar
Mississauga, Canada

My daughter got into CS branch in NYU for fall of 2022. We are quite happy and satisfied with services provided by Masterclass Space. She joined MCS around one and half year back for SAT prep and now she is joining her dream institute. Thank you, Masterclass Space, for your support.

Himanshu Patel

Father of Aatman Patel
Bear, DE, US

Aditya, Hasan and their team is the most dedicated & professional team of outstanding teachers I have ever come across! They are actually invested in the success of your child!!! Their knowledge of the subject matter for SAT courses and AP courses is beyond compare! Aditya is a great mentor and he really knows how to keep the kids calm under immense stress! He keeps them motivated and coaches in a way that is fun! My child enjoyed every session! Aditya deeply cares for his students and I am very grateful to have him in our child’s educational journey. Thanks Aditya and Hasan and team and cheers to your continued success!!

Nishi Suresh

Mother of Ishita Suresh
San Francisco, California, US

Extremely committed towards success of each student. High quality of education which strengthens understanding of the concepts. My son joined Masterclass for SAT and AP. He scored 1550 in SAT and 5 in AP Physics. Thank you, Masterclass Space.

Sanjeeb Sahu

Father of Siddharth Sahu
Mumbai, India

Excellent SAT coaching, anytime always ready to solve doubts. Found at a right time for SAT coaching for my daughter who scored very well. This team is highly approachable and very friendly. Whenever I talked to my daughter’s faculties, they were always available and motivated me to help daughter. This team has changed the definition education industry. All the best Masterclass Space. Highly recommended.

Deepa Ghate

Mother of Anshu Ghate
Lagos, Nigeria

Masterclass Space is a great institution to prepare for SAT testing. I thank for all staffs who supported my son. He is joining BS program in computer science at University of Wisconsin Madison. The practice material and doubt solving sessions were quite helpful in acing SAT. I would always recommend all the students aiming to get into top universities to get mentored by Masterclass Space.

Kavitha Nadig

Mother of Shreya Reddy
Des Plaines, Illinois, US

One of the best and most talented teams I have come across in this space. Their level of commitment towards student success is unmatched and one can not ask for more. In true Guru Shishya spirit, they are keen and forthcoming to help students beyond course completion - rare to find these day !

Sandeep Sharma

Father of Shriya Sharma
Oslo, Norway

My daughter had a really smooth SAT experience with Masterclass Space. The faculties allowed my daughter again to join the course as she got break due to unavoidable situation. It was such a kind gesture. I will always recommend Masterclass Space to everyone. This team is on different level. Highly recommend!

Chetan Shah

Father of Pooja Shah
Mumbai, India

My son Arun got 2400 out of 2400 in SAT-2, Oct 2020. He is now studying CS in NIT Warangal. I am so happy to say that all this credit goes to masterclass space faculty. They have always been there to solve doubts and give their best effort. I have never seen such genuine team ever. God bless you with so much success Masterclass Space. You made career of my son. Thank you so much.

Palani M

Father of Arun
Nizwa, Oman

For students wanting to be a step ahead in the college admission process, this is a good place to be in. Teachers are well qualified, dedicated, honest and sincere and truly care about each students success. My son did SAT prep and took AP Physics classes here and we don’t regret our decision of having trusted them with our child’s career prospects. Thank you, Masterclass Space, and wish you more success in future.

Nash Maruvada

Father of Dhruv
Dallas, Texas, US

This team is a committed set of Individuals with a passion for their teaching. One may have apprehensions with respect to their online delivery mechanism but, it is a very thought-out process and executed quite well. My daughter had attended their SAT sessions and I would recommend their classes for future aspirants. She got admitted to North Carolina State University. Best wishes to this team Masterclass Space.

Sathish Mathur

Father of Divya Mathur
Mumbai, India

The word dedication is synonym to master class space..! Our son who is a 12th grader now, started with master class space at the end of his 10th grade and still continues to be coached by them.He initially joined them for SAT math and then SAT English and then Physics 1 and this year he is being coached for Physics C for free..! Aditya is an extremely talented and dedicated teacher likes of who it’s hard to find these days..! As a mom who would only want the BEST for her child I vouch for the quality of mentoring one would receive…!!! Try a free demo class with’ll know what I am talking a about..!

Aruna Vedula

Mother of Dhruv
Dallas, Texas, US

My son found MCS very useful for PSAT prep in the following areas:
1. Math rigour, tips and advice
2. Exhaustive nature of course content, both breadth and depth
3. Ability to maintain time and class discipline among the students on Zoom
4. Organization of classes and format to mirror the exam subsections as opposed to 'general teaching" My son achieved a 220 Selection Index in the Oct 2022 PSAT course.
Tips for parents:
While all students will score higher than the diagnostic test using MCS alone, I noticed that supplementing study with College Board tests, Linkage of previous PSAT/SAT scores to Khan Academy (KA) to elicit AI driven subsection questions from KA, focusing on weak areas identified by KA, and general hardwork of student putting in the hours prior to exam were all helpful in getting higher scores. Lastly, focus on Test time-management and exam techniques e.g. not wasting time on long and hard questions, marking them for later in the test; watching out for misleading answers; understanding secondary meaning of vocabulary were also helpful tips and advice for higher scores.
Thank you MCS.

Sriram Murthi

Father of Rohan Murthi
Hudson, FloridaHudson, Florida

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