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Best Online Test Series for CUET

Getting ready for the CUET?

CUET Test Series by Masterclass Space has everything you need in one place. With different types of tests and helpful feedback, it makes studying easier and more effective.

Whether you need full tests, section-focused ones, or help in tough areas, this series has got you covered. It is a personal study guide that's always there for you!

CUET Test Series Intro & Platform Demo

CUET Test Series Features

CUET Test Series

INR 1416 (1200 + GST )

Section1 : Language Section 2 : Domain Subjects Section 3 : General Test
- Physics
- Chemistry
- Biology
- Mathematics
- Computer Science
- Mass Communication
- Business Studies
- Accounting
- Economics
- Legal Studies
- Teaching Aptitude
- History
- Geography
- Political Science
- Sociology
- Psychology
- Entrepreneurship
- Agriculture
General Test

Full-Length Mock Tests:
5 Full length Mock Tests of Language (English)
5 Full Length Mock Tests of Each Domain
10 Full Length General Tests

Sectional Mock Tests:
36 Sectional Tests of Language (English)
25+ Sectional Mock Tests of each domain
165 Sectional Mock Tests for General Subject

In-Depth Analysis:
- Receive a detailed breakdown of your performance to understand strengths and weaknesses.
Remedial Tests for Weaker Areas:
- Special tests to help improve and strengthen your weak points.
Feedback-Based Design:
- The series is crafted based on feedback from students and educators for maximum relevance and effectiveness. The CUET Test Series is your key to CUET success. Dive in, practice confidently, and unlock your full potential!
Live Session:
- Complementary Tips & Tricks Session

CUET 2024 Crash Course

To Be Taught By IIT & IIM Alumni

Faculty Profile

Harish Kumar
Maths & Logical Reasoning Expert
Alumnus of IIT Delhi
6+ years of experience
RMO & INMO Qualified
Exceptional mentor
Hasan Raja
Verbal Expert
Alumnus of IIM Kozhikode & DU
16+ years of experience
English Olympiad Books Writer
Score of 50 in GMAT Verbal

English Language & General Test (30 hrs) Crash Course + Test Series

INR 5900 (5000 + GST) INR 9440 (8000 + GST)

Batch Starting from 15 April 2024

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