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1. Go to url https://bitsat.masterclassspace.com. Click on the "Sign Up" Button on top right.
2. Select Course as 'BITSAT Test Series' **Do not click on 'BITSAT Free Demo' in course name.** . Finish sign up.
3. On dashboard, you will get access to free demo test as well as option to purchase test series.
4. Demo test contains just 25 questions for demo purpose unlike 130 questions of mock tests. Submit Test and View Analytics.

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Beginner BITSAT Series 2024


₹490 per Test
  • 10 Tests
  • 1 Attempts
  • Valid Till Second Attempt of BITSAT
  • Tests With 12 Bonus questions
  • Professional Counselling

Master BITSAT Series 2024

6500 ₹ 9999

Save 35%

Most Popular
217 per Test
  • 30 Tests
  • 3 Attempts
  • Valid Till Second Attempt of BITSAT
  • 10 Tests With 12 Bonus questions
  • Professional Counselling


BITSAT is a national level exam conducted by BITS Pilani for admission to Integrated First Degree programs offered at BITS campuses in Pilani, Goa and Hyderabad.

  • BITSAT is a computer-based test having 130 multiple-choice questions.
  • Each correct answer fetches you 3 marks whereas 1 mark will be deducted for each incorrect answer.
  • BITSAT Syllabus includes 5 sections- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics / Biology, English and Logical Reasoning.

Masterclass Space BITSAT Online Test Series

Masterclass Space is offering unique and exhaustive test series especially for BITSAT designed by the team of BITSians & IITians. Features of MCS BITSAT Online Test Series:

  • Similar to BITSAT, the test series designed by Masterclass Space is completely online.
  • The complete syllabus of BITSAT has been covered through mock tests.
  • All the mock tests have been meticulously designed by an experienced team.
  • After the test, students will be able to see their progress report and solution to each problem.
  • Masterclass Space consists of a team of BITSians, IITians & IIMites. The quality of questions and concepts, designed by the team after a thorough study, is at par with the real BITSAT

How to make the best use of Masterclass Space BITSAT Test Series?

Our BITSAT Test Series is an analysis platform. It gives you a scale to your preparation for BITSAT.

Steps to make the best use of BITSAT Test Series:

  1. Take 5-10 tests continuously initially without referring books. Then take time out for analysis. Find out the portion in which you are weak or doing silly mistakes.
  2. After revising weak areas, once again revisit or reattempt the same 5-10 tests you did initially. Now, you should be able to answer more than 50% of incorrect answer correctly. It shows you are progressing.​
  3. Attempt the next 5-10 tests without referring books. Repeat analysis and find out where you are still doing mistakes. Revise those weak topics. Also, see how much time you are taking to finish the test.​
  4. Revisit or reattempt the same 5-10 tests mentioned in step 3. This time you should be able to improve by 75% means you should be able to answer 75% of incorrect answer correctly. Also, hopefully, you have reduced the duration of time by 5-10 mins.
  5. Now, attempt the next 5-10 tests taking care of previous mistakes and timing also. If time permits, go for bonus questions also after attempting all 130 questions. But if you are not confident about 130 questions, do not hurry up to attempt 12 bonus questions.
  6. Again,repeat analysis and revise weaker areas. Reattempt tests mentioned in step 5. This time you should be able to improve by more than 95% and also reduce timing.
  7. Now, you should attempt left out tests with confidence and try to achieve 100%.


  1. What is the validity of the Test Series?
    Ans. BITSAT test series is valid till the upcoming BITSAT exam season gets over.

  2. Does it contain all 30 Full portion tests or few partial tests?
    Ans. Yes, all 30 tests contain a full syllabus. We do not have tests with specific portion. It is exactly like real BITSAT.

  3. Does the test series contain 12 bonus questions also as provided in real BITSAT?
    Ans. We are providing 5 tests in Progressor Series and 10 tests in Master Series with 12 bonus questions. The idea behind providing 12 bonus questions is to give an edge to highly meritorious students to score more than maximum marks. We are not providing tests with bonus questions in Beginner Series as first we want students to practice standardized tests.

  4. Are calculator and logarithmic table allowed? 
    Ans. No.

  5. Do you provide a test with Biology as an option in place of Math?
    Ans. No, we only have tests with Math as an option.

  6. What is Professional Counselling all about?
    Ans. After real BITSAT, before applying for admission, we will be conducting interactive online professional counselling session for students taking Master Test Series. This counselling will be helpful in deciding the suitable branch in a suitable campus as per the score obtained. Students and parents can ask questions concerning admission to experts. This counselling will be conducted in a group session. There will be one professional counselling session of two hours.

  7. Why is Masterclass Space BITSAT Test Series considered to be the Best BITSAT Test Series of India ?
    Ans. Masterclass Space BITSAT Test Series is the Best Online BITSAT Test Series as it has been prepared meticulously by team of BITSians & IITians by observing the pattern properly. It is neither too tough nor too easy. It perfectly matches the level of BITSAT. The analysis part of test is a big boost for aspirants looking to improve on specific topic.

How to buy Masterclass Space BITSAT Test Series? ​

Steps to buy BITSAT Test Series:

  1. Go to the option of your choice from Beginner, Progressor BITSAT Series 2024 or Master BITSAT Series 2024 and click ‘Buy Now’.

  2. A form will open. Fill the form and submit. You will be directed to a new portal having URL - bitsat.masterclassspace.com. Sign up on the portal. ‘Sign Up’ button is provided on the top right. After Sign Up, log in to the portal.

  3. Go down on the page and select the test series you wish to buy Beginner, Progressor BITSAT Series 2024 or Master BITSAT Series 2024 options. Click on ‘Buy Now’ then click ‘Proceed To Checkout'. If you have missed signing up in step 2, you can still sign up after clicking ‘Proceed To Checkout’. First Sign up and then log in using user id and password.

  4. Proceed to the payment option and pay.

BITSAT Test Series Presentation

BITSAT Test Series 2024 By Masterclass Space