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Masterclass Space admission consulting service has helped many students get into the top universities of their choice. In the last year, we've placed over 100 students in the top 20 institutions in the United States.

Masterclass Space helps you achieve your educational dreams. For admission to your selected university, you undoubtedly need a high standardized test score. However, this is only one factor that institutions around the world examine when evaluating each applicant's profile. They also assess your academic performance in high school, as well as your extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, and college essays.

At Masterclass Space, we understand the significance of each of the deciding variables for university admission. Many of our students have been accepted to their selected institutions abroad due to our excellent admissions consulting services. The most essential decision you'll make in your life is choosing the proper courses, country, and institution, and our consultants help to make the right choices. Our consultants are well-versed in the admission processes of various universities and nations, and they help students build strong credentials in their profiles.

Why should you opt for Masterclass Space College Consultation Service?

  • We thoroughly research what works and what doesn't for you, using several parameters from our past experience, then apply them to your application to make it unique.
  • Students get one-on-one help to revise their application documents. We offer a discreet, personalized evaluation highlighting your strengths and suitability to be an ideal match for universities.
  • Our consultants assist with crucial areas of the application, such as essays, formatting, language, tone, structuring content, and recommendation letters, and make every effort to ensure that students get admitted to the university of their choice.
  • We direct you to the paperwork that a study abroad application will need, including examples of financial document types unique to studying abroad and essential good-to-know facts.
  • We help in looking for Scholarships and Financial Aid as per the requirements of students.

Masterclass Space Offers two consulting services for undergraduate programs:

International Undergraduate Early Advising Consulting
Premium Undergraduate Admission Consulting


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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) for Admission Consulting

What are key benefits of MCS Admission Consulting as compared to others?

Masterclass Space provides premium Admission Consulting Services which consists of exhaustive profile building processes. Our consultants are highly experienced and have a track record of providing admission in Ivy League and Elite Universities. Students are provided with unique tools to design profile so that they stand out.

How is consulting services more than helping in college applications?

Consulting Services consists of holistic preparation of profile which starts much ahead of college applications. College applications mention projects, internships, shadowships, extra-curricular activities, X-factor of student which have to be exercised much ahead of application. Consulting services help a student in all these pointers which have to be mentioned in college applications.

Which is most appropriate time to start Admission Consulting?

The process of profile building starts from 9th grade onwards itself. However, only one guidance session is enough in early classes. Actual consulting works starts in grade 11 and 12.