Digital SAT Changes

Digital SAT Changes: Most frequently asked questions

Digital SAT Changes The final SAT on paper was given in the US in December 2023 by the College Board. Future SAT administrations will only be accessible online.

For this significant online change in the standardised testing landscape, students and families need to prepare and plan differently than they would have for a paper exam. It is especially crucial to take the right strategy because a number of colleges are reassessing the test's importance in their admissions procedures and giving up on their test-optional policies.

We have all the information you need if you're among the many parents or high school students who are unsure about what to anticipate from the new all-digital SAT. In December, the final paper SAT was given out.

The College Board, the organization that creates and delivers the SAT, will start administering a new, entirely digital version of the exam nationwide on March 9 regardless of whether you plan to take it in a test center on a weekend or in a classroom during the school day. The digital test was piloted in 2021.

Is the duration of the new digital SAT exam three hours?

No, the shorter, more efficient exam now lasts for roughly two hours. Additionally, the College Board stated that shorter reading passages will be included rather than a few lengthy books.

Are they the same questions as on the SAT paper version?

The ideas covered by the exam questions on the digital and paper versions are identical; however, the digital edition has two significant changes in the English portion and a different format.

There are currently two modules. How does that function?

Now that it is adaptive, the test consists of two phases, or modules. The way you perform in the first stage determines how the second stage goes. The level of Module 2 in both the maths and English parts varies according to how well students performed in Module 1, with targeted questions that are simpler if you don't meet specific benchmarks in Module 1 and tougher if you do. The second module's digital test questions have a higher weight than the paper tests. According to Levin, you really have to work your way into the harder second module if you want to achieve those high scores in the 750–800 level.

Is it possible to move around questions on the digital SAT?

Examinees can now navigate between questions inside a module by going back and forth. If time allows, they can go over previous questions and preview those that come after.

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Can I take the online SAT with a calculator?

Throughout the test, calculators are allowed but not necessary. There is an integrated calculator for the math portion of the digital SAT.

How much time does the new SAT's English component last?

There are only two components to English: Reading and Writing. For 64 minutes, students must respond to 54 questions. There is equal distribution of time and questions between the two modules.

What about the portion on maths?

There are 44 questions in the maths part, and you have 70 minutes to complete them. Time and questions are distributed equally among the modules here as well.

Should I still bring a pencil with me?

Indeed, but it's not necessary to use a No. 2 to fill in response bubbles. For scratch work, a pen or pencil can be utilised. Additionally, bring a Wi-Fi-enabled gadget with adequate battery life to last three hours so you may take the test on it, as well as snacks and drinks to store under your desk during the test.

What happens if I lack a smartphone for the exam?

If pupils don't have their own gadgets, schools typically provide them.
In order to borrow a gadget from the College Board, students must register and make their request at least 30 days prior to the exam day. This deadline for registration must be met.

Is there any time left to register for the March SAT?

Indeed, the digital SAT for spring 2024 is now accepting registrations. You may locate a test centre near you at and verify dates and deadlines at The registration date for the digital SAT is February 23, 2024, which falls on March 9, 2024. April 19 is the deadline for the May 4 session, and May 16 is the deadline for the June 1 exam.

Is there less stress on the digital SAT compared to the paper version?

It is unclear if the digital SAT will be any less stressful overall, even with its shorter duration and digital format, given the rising issues with teen mental health and stress associated with college admissions in schools and among young people.

Will the SAT scaling be different in the digital version?

The College Board has generally stated that scaling would not alter, thus a score of 1400 on paper will be equal to a score of 1400 on a digital version, and students are finding the test simpler to take after they have practiced.

Will the SAT be required again for college admissions?

Although many colleges and universities changed to test-optional admissions policies in response to the epidemic, experts generally agree that highly competitive schools still take the SAT and ACT. SAT scores remain one of the best indicators of future college performance.

Thus, it's possible that the SAT will once again be required for admission. The future is riding this wave. SAT results are a crucial piece of information.

When Should You Get Ready for the SAT?

You will have plenty of time to improve your arithmetic, reading, writing, and language abilities if you plan to take the SAT in 2024. As soon as possible, start your SAT study. Focus on improving everything that can be seen. Use the most recent SAT exams to monitor your progress without worry.

You can answer the Writing, Language, and Math portions as well as aim for a perfect score on practice tests; but, full-length assessments are not necessary. Prior to starting to read, concentrate on building a foundation of comprehension abilities and knowledge of current world debates and topics.

How to achieve a perfect score in the Digital SAT

A planned approach that includes in-depth preparation, efficient time management, and a deep comprehension of the exam format is necessary to score full marks on the Digital SAT. Start by taking practice exams from the College Board website or other reliable sources to become acquainted with the digital interface. Master the subject covered in each section—math, writing and language, and reading—by going over important ideas and getting practice using SAT resources. Create approaches to answering various kinds of questions, including reading comprehension passage mapping or math problem solving by inserting in-response alternatives. Furthermore, give time management top priority. Lastly, try to keep a composed and concentrated attitude on exam day by using self-talk and relaxation methods to maximise performance. Getting a perfect score on the Digital SAT is something you can aim for with careful planning and planned execution.

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