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SAT Preparation Online The College Board has declared that starting in the following school year, both international and domestic students will take the SAT in digital format. The SAT has been simplified for students with the release of the new digital version, making it less intimidating and more manageable. What does this signify to you, then? What is the Digital SAT changing? What isn't changing? Continue reading for the answers!

Do the changes to the Digital SAT affect you?

Some current high school students are not impacted by the adjustments made by College Board to the SAT as they move from the paper-and-pencil test to the new, digital form. Depending on when you are graduating, find out below which test version you will take.

● The high school class of 2023
Whether taking the exam domestically or abroad, every high school graduate in 2023 will take the existing paper-and-pencil edition of the SAT. This year's graduates are not eligible for the spring 2023 (international) or spring 2024 (U.S.) administrations of the Digital SAT.

● The high school class of 2024
Depending on where you take the test, if you are a 2024 high school graduate, you can take the Digital SAT or the Paper-and-Pencil SAT. The current paper-and-pencil version will be administered to graduates who are taking the test in the United States in 2024. However, students who will graduate in 2024 and take foreign exams will have the choice between the two versions. You chose to take the Digital SAT over the final international administration of the paper-and-pencil SAT in 2022 if you are testing internationally and will not be taking the test until spring 2023.

● The high school class of 2025
The class of 2025 will also have flexibility when it comes to testing in the United States during their junior year, as they will be able to take the Digital SAT in the spring of 2024 or the paper-and-pencil SAT in 2023. The Digital SAT is a worldwide test that will be taken by all international students in the class of 2025. It is initially given in other countries in the spring of 2023, which is their sophomore year.

● The high school class of 2026
It is theoretically possible for a 2026 high school graduate in the United States to take the paper-and-pencil SAT in the spring of their sophomore year. But generally speaking, it would be better to take the Digital SAT in their junior year after finishing more pertinent coursework and study.

The ideal time to take the SAT depends on a number of factors.

The class of 2027 will be the first to be forced to take the Digital SAT, having previously taken the paper-and-pencil version of the exam in high school. This implies that future 2024, 2025, and 2026 high school grads need to figure out their best testing schedules using the data above.

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What modifications are being made to the Digital SAT?

Although the SAT's format will change, there are still many familiar aspects of the test. Students who took the digital SAT were pleased with the minor modifications that were made. These students' testimonials speak of a faster test day, less stress, and gratitude for the benefits of the online exam. We've outlined six significant SAT revisions here.

● How the SAT is taken
In contrast to the old paper-and-pencil format, only tablets or laptops will be used to take the digital SAT. On test day, if you don't have a personal or school-issued device, one will be given to you (you must request to borrow a College Board device in advance).

● Reduced duration of the digital SAT exam
One other noteworthy modification to the new exam is a shortened testing period. The new section-adaptive test format and fewer portions mean that the digital SAT will only take two hours as opposed to three.

● Calculators are permitted in the Digital SAT's maths portion.
You can use a calculator for the whole maths part on the digital SAT. You have the option to use the onscreen graphing calculator that will be included in the testing software, or you can bring your own authorised calculator.

● The Digital SAT's reading passages are shorter.
Shorter reading passages that are simpler to read and comprehend will be included in the digital version of the SAT. Each reading passage will have a single question associated with it.

● New Sections on the Digital SAT That Are Adaptive
The Digital SAT's Verbal and Math sections will each have two modules. Your performance in the first module determines how challenging the second module's question set will be.

You'll face simpler problems in the second module if you performed worse in the first. The majority of the questions in this "easier" second module are easy to medium-difficulty, with a small number of hard questions and a few unscored ones intended for test development. You will face more difficult questions in the second module if you performed better in the first module. This "harder" module includes a few simpler questions and a number of unscored ones in addition to the majority of medium- and hard-level problems.

● Quicker delivery of SAT scores
You won't have to wait weeks to obtain your score report—instead, it will arrive digitally in a matter of days. This translates to less time spent impatiently awaiting results and more time to go over your weak points and retake the test to get a higher score.

How to get ready and work on your SAT digital prep

In the autumn of 2022, College Board will make official practice materials available, which will include digital practice exams that are full length. There are a few things you may do to prepare as you wait for the digital practice test items. Math subjects linked to geometry, algebra, and arithmetic will continue to be tested on the digital SAT, so continue honing your skills and working on memorization of frequently used formulas. Keep in mind that reading increases reading comprehension as you get ready for the verbal portion. When you can, spend at least fifteen minutes a day reading a variety of periodicals to help you become a better reader comprehension specialist. Additionally, it is a wonderful time to review grammar rules like use and punctuation.

Additional frequently asked questions concerning the digital SAT
The frequently asked questions concerning the transition from the paper-and-pencil to the digital SAT are listed below.

What kind of technological assistance will be offered throughout the digital SAT?
A technology coordinator will be on hand at each testing location to assist any students experiencing problems with their devices.

The Digital SAT lasts for how long?
One of the biggest changes between the new and old exams is the duration of the Digital SAT, which has been cut from three hours to two hours.

Will formulas still be provided in the maths section?
There will be a reference page with frequently used formulas on the math portion of the digital SAT.

Can I get to use scratch paper with this?
Yes, on test day, you will receive scratch paper.

Is the SAT easier on the computer?
According to College Board experts and students who have taken the exam, the digital version of the SAT is indeed easier than the paper-and-pencil version. Priscilla Rodriguez, vice president of College Readiness Assessments at College Board, states that the digital version of the SAT will be simpler to administer, easier to take, and more pertinent.

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