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Quick Guide- Mastering SAT Test Dates for Juniors, Seniors, and Early Action Success

Although each student's "best" SAT date is different in reality, there are instances when you just want to know what a good test day is in general. Here, we provide you with a quick overview of the four most frequent scenarios and the ideal SAT dates.

Case 1: You're a Junior

Best Dates: SAT I: October, November, and December
SAT II: March, May, and June
Always register for your first SAT while you are a junior, ideally in the autumn. If you decide to retake the SAT, the October and November exam dates give you a lot of flexibility and plenty of time to study and get ready.

Try to take the SAT in the spring in March or May, or at the latest, June. These dates guarantee that you will have the entire summer to review your results, narrow down your list of universities, and choose whether you want to retake the exam in August or the fall.

Case 2: You're a Senior

Dates to avoid: August, October, November, and December
For regular decision deadlines, you have up to four options for SAT dates as a senior: August, October, November, and December.

The earlier you start your college preparation, the better. Try to take the SAT in August, October, or November. If your earliest deadline is around January 1, then these three test dates should have no issue getting your results to institutions in time.

Even though you have the option to choose the December exam date, I advise against it unless your deadline is January 10 or later. January 1 may be pushing it for certain universities as December scores are typically not given until late December. Before you sign up for the test, make sure your colleges will accept SAT results from the December test date.

Choose the August or October test dates instead if your specific decision deadline is particularly early, such as the University of California's November 30 deadline.

Case 3: Using Early Action/Early Decision

June and August are ideal dates.
Dates to Avoid: October
The typical early action deadline is November 1 or November 15. A test date in June or August (before your senior year) is a wise decision because scores from either test date should arrive at your institution on time. These dates also offer you the autumn to devote all of your attention to college applications rather than SAT preparation.

The October deadline, however, carries a little bit more risk because the results are typically not made public until the end of October. A deadline of November 1 means that October is probably not a good choice. However, if your deadlines are November 15 or later, October ought to be acceptable.

Case 4: The deadline for your college applications is in February or later

In February, March, April, May, June, July, August, and even September, many schools have later deadlines than usual. Which SAT exam dates will therefore be suitable for these late-decision schools?

According to the deadline for your college application, choose from the most recent SAT dates listed below. The most recent suggested dates are very well assured to get your SAT scores with Masterclass Space Academy, the Best SAT Coaching in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore to schools before the deadlines, while the riskier ones may not.

Deadline for College Applications Most Recent Suggested SAT Date Higher-Risk SAT Test Date
January November December
February December -
March December -
April December March
May March -
June March May
July May June
August June -
September June August
November August October
December October November

Additional Resources for SAT Test Date Information

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The Last Word: Important Information Regarding SAT Test Dates

The SAT will always be given seven times throughout the following months (in the US), even though the exact dates vary from testing year to testing year:

August October November December March May June
Although the registration deadlines and score release dates can differ, overseas test dates are generally the same as those in the US.

Additionally, all of this year's overseas dates will be distributed in a brand-new digital format.

The following four considerations should be taken into account while selecting a test date:

  1. When your scholarship and college application deadlines are
  2. How many SATs do you intend to take?
  3. How long you're prepared to put into studying?
  4. What commitments you might have that might prevent you from taking the SAT on a specific date?
You should now feel more certain and certain about which SAT exam dates will work for you after reading this information.

Now what?

Are you making preparations for 2024 or 2025? Next, look at our convenience (and updated!) list of upcoming SAT dates.

The next step is to register for the Best SAT Classes in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi online now that you've selected a test date. Our comprehensive guide provides clear directions that will help you navigate the registration process with ease.

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