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One of the key components of evaluation is the SAT essay, which examines how students construct arguments and offer answers to a range of issues. Masterclass Space provides the Best SAT Preparation in Pune offers comprehensive guidance and expert instruction to help you excel in the SAT exam. Our experienced tutors provide personalized attention, tailored study plans, and effective strategies to enhance your performance on the SAT. With a focus on critical reading, writing, and math skills, we ensure that you are well-prepared for all sections of the SAT. Join our coaching institute in Pune and unlock your full potential for success in the SAT.

SAT Essay Writing Overview Candidates for the SAT must compose essays with good language and vocabulary, compellingly assessing ideas. Students can practice for their college essays when writing essays for SAT exams. SAT essay topics typically center on topics related to politics, society, science, or the arts. This is so because the majority of essays require arguments and instances to be used as proof.

Here are some strategies to help you succeed in the game if you're looking for a manual on how to write outstanding essays.

Basic SAT Essay Writing Structure and Goals
  • A 600–750-word paragraph is provided to the candidate.
  • Students must read them and then react appropriately.
  • The essay must be completed in 50 minutes.
  • The SAT essay tests a candidate's capacity for deductive reasoning and comprehension of an author's position.
  • Every essay's task is the same; the only aspect of analysis that differs is the reading list.
  • Keep in mind that your aim is not to support or oppose the author. Instead of describing the case and how it convinces its audience.

Writing an SAT Essay:

  1. Read the passage for the first five to ten minutes.
  2. Spend the following 7 to 12 minutes examining and organizing your points.
  3. Spend a maximum of 35 minutes on the essay.
  4. Review everything carefully to ensure accuracy in the next two to three minutes.
Step-by-Step Guide for the SAT Essay

a) Read carefully.
It is best to read at your own pace as not every one of you reads at the same rate. Students who can read swiftly and skim the details should try it. This method has been shown to be effective for quick readers. Some children with slower reading speeds can get used to reading only the most crucial passages. This tactic is efficient as well. Another suggestion is to skim the section the first time and then reread it to frame your suggestions. When reading the same passage again, make an effort to develop your points and maintain your objectivity. You can also underline keywords or phrases.

b) Sketch a structure
Planning is very vital before writing. Some students believe that because there is a time constraint, planning the essay is not necessary. Contrarily, having a structure or framework allows for time savings. Write down, for instance, roughly which portions you plan to concentrate on. You'll save a lot more time than you think by doing this.

c) Note down specifics
Some people prefer to make essential notes as they read, while others do it afterward. You can select whichever way you prefer; both are effective. Making notes as you read can be highly beneficial for your writing. Knowing the passage's highlights can help you decide what to write in the introduction, body, and conclusion.

d) Include an introduction
You can now begin writing. Start off with a succinct introduction. You don't have to give every detail right away. The manner in which the essay is introduced will determine how it flows. Be careful with your word choice because you only have a short amount of time and must make it suitable for one shot. In your essay, you must avoid sounding rude or authoritative.

e) Details must be in the body.
Some pupils favour beginning with the body and adding the introduction later. Use this approach consistently if it works for you. People that adhere to a methodological structure and maintain parity do the same. The majority of the essay's information is found in the body, thus as a writer, you must keep this in mind and structure your sentences correctly. Use transitions and examples to give your article more depth and authenticity.

f) Add a final thought.
Make sure the tone of the essay stays consistent throughout the end. Students occasionally have a tendency to modify the tone of writing in order to present an argument or assess the author's point of view.

A brief summary of the author's position and any examples used in the body must be included in the conclusion. Don't forget to provide a conclusion; even two or three phrases will suffice.

g) Revise
Check your essay now that you still have time. To expedite the next question, some pupils omit this procedure. However, this raises the possibility of making careless errors in the essay. If you often edit your writing after you finish it, you can write more quickly since you are less concerned with perfection. While revising, you can adjust the spelling of the vocabulary and correct other errors. These are some fundamental pointers for writing an SAT essay.

SAT Essay Structure
The fundamental SAT essay structure entails:

  1. A succinct introduction
  2. Information and proof to back up the body
  3. Recognition of the arguments
  4. Presenting rebuttals that are properly reasoned and a verdict
Sample Essay for the SAT
For SAT essays, the question is given in a certain manner. It usually starts with an excerpt from any passage and then instructs the students to design and draught an essay after examining the problem at hand. It requires the students to formulate their opinions and provide examples to back up their claims. The next step is for the students to read, observe, and discuss their thoughts on the subject.

SAT Writing Score for Essays
Each portion of the SAT essay receives a score between 1 and 8, with each metric—reading, writing, and analysis—being evaluated separately. One's essay will be judged by two examiners, who will each assign points for the three previously described areas. The table below provides a quick explanation of the score:

Level Marks
Advanced 4
Proficient 3
Partial 2
Inadequate 1

Both examiners' scores are combined once the evaluation is finished. For the essay, one will be given three scores. Additionally, you might wonder what a decent SAT essay score is. The details of the response to this query are provided below:

Score Reading Analysis Writing
4 5% 2% 4%
3 46% 22% 45%
2 41% 42% 42%
1 8% 34% 9%

Candidates who score 19 out of 24 are thought to have done well, while those who score 22 out of 24 are thought to have done exceptionally well. The minimal requirements for admission to Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, and Stanford University are a minimum score of 6 in Reading, a minimum of 4 in Analysis, and a minimum of 6 in Writing. The table below displays the breakdown of SAT essay score percentile.

Score Reading Analysis Writing
8 99% 99% 98%
7 96% 99% 93%
6 70% 93% 53%
5 48% 49% 33%
4 18% 51% 9%
3 8% 32% 4%
2 0% 0% 0%

Several other universities, in addition to the ones already mentioned, also accept the SAT essay score. As follows:

  1. The Benedictine College
  2. The University of City London
  3. Delaware State College
  4. DeSales College
  5. California Dominican University
  6. The University of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical
  7. Howard College
  8. John Wesley College
  9. Louisville State University
  10. Martin Luther University
  11. University of Molloy Schreiner Soka America University
  12. Architectural Institute of Southern California
  13. University of Texas at Galveston
  14. American Military University (West Point)
  15. College of North Texas
  16. Technological University of West Virginia
  17. Southwest Carolina University
  18. City College of London
  19. American Military University (West Point)
Basic SAT Organisation and Goals Article Writing

  1. A 600–750-word paragraph is provided to the candidate.
  2. Students must read them and then react appropriately.
  3. The essay must be completed in 50 minutes.
  4. The SAT essay tests a candidate's capacity for deductive reasoning and comprehension of an author's position.
  5. Every essay's task is the same; the only aspect of analysis that differs is the reading list.
  6. Keep in mind that your aim is not to support or oppose the author. Instead of describing the case and how it convinces its audience.
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