Tips for the New Digital SAT Achieving Success in the New Format

Tips for the New Digital SAT Achieving Success in the New Format

If you plan to take standardised tests like the Digital SAT, practising in the actual testing setting and taking practice exams will help you get a better understanding of the testing procedure and resources you might encounter on test day. The Digital SAT is entirely online and includes several tools, including a graphing calculator, timer, annotation tool, and formula reference sheet.

Advantages of Digital SAT full-length Practice Tests

  • The chance to practise with the tests using the online resources assembled by teachers from around the world.

  • The chance to take full-length exams comparable to the actual SAT. You will get a better idea of the kinds and quantity of questions you will see on the SAT in this way.

  • Become more time-conscious. Use the timer to assess your pace and adjust your work as necessary.

  • Keep track of your performance on the practice exams, pinpoint your strong points, and focus on your areas for development.

  • Chance to assess your areas of weakness and learn from your errors.

What is Altering

Use a laptop or tablet to take the SAT

  • Students may take the exam on a device they own or one provided by the school. You will be given a device if you don't already have one.

Reduced test duration

  • Instead of three hours, the SAT will last about two hours and have shorter reading passages.

Faster delivery of results

  • Scores will be released more quickly, enabling students and educators to decide on colleges more quickly.

Calculators for all of the math problems

  • The testing app will include a graphing calculator, or students may bring their own. This is an opportunity to assess your areas of weakness and learn from your errors.

What's Not Changing

Evaluates knowledge and skills

  • The SAT will continue to assess the knowledge and skills that are most important for preparing students for college and careers.

The 1600 Scale Will Still Be Used for Scoring

  • Teachers and students can keep tabs on growth across the suite in the long run.

Take the SAT at a test centre or in your school.

  • It will still be given in a testing facility or at a school with a proctor, not at home.

To Discuss Scholarship Opportunities, Directly Connect

  • Scholarships will still be directly available to students.

Tips for the Digital SAT: Achieving Success in the New Format

With the introduction of the digital SAT, The College Board recently changed the landscape of college admissions. Since data has shown that students perform better on digital tests, this is a step in helping students feel less anxious about the exam. However, many high school students might still be unsure of how to begin studying for it. We've put together a list of digital SAT tips to help you learn how to concentrate and prepare. Look down below.

Make a study schedule.

The electronic version of the SAT shouldn't be taken randomly, just like the traditional SAT. Don't try to cram everything in right before the deadline. Our top digital SAT tip is to make a study plan once you know when you'll be taking the test. Make a study plan for the next three months (ideally) or two months to get an idea of how the time will be spent studying. Give the sections the time you need, but make sure you have enough time to review everything. Additionally, you can create study groups or flashcards that you can all use with your friends.

Make use of the tools at your disposal to aid in your study

Some students simply purchase a large SAT prep book, but when they attempt to navigate its pages and problems, they find themselves completely lost. Fortunately, the College Board and Khan Academy have collaborated to create official SAT prep videos that lead students through various sections, issues, and previous SAT questions. Additionally, this will hold true for the digital SAT! Don't be afraid to look into the official test preparation materials if you're unclear.

Practice tests that are timed

Instead of being 3 hours long, the SAT will now last 2 hours. So the next item on our list of digital SAT tips is that you should time yourself so that you won't be caught off guard at the actual testing facility, in addition to taking practise tests (which you should always do for any test). Additionally, keep in mind that you won't be taking the digital SAT from your house. Therefore, in addition to modifying your practise exams to reflect the new time limit, you should also mentally get ready to take the test in a classroom full of other students.

Learn how to use the equipment.

Our digital SAT advice will now focus on the computer you use to study. The days of using number two pencils and drawing tiny circles in the paper are long gone. The digital SAT will be administered on laptops and tablets, as the name implies. There is no need to sit down with a pen and paper to begin studying for the test. Of course, they're useful for taking notes and studying the material, but make sure to use an electronic device to take the tests themselves.

Benefit from the calculator

Students can now use a calculator for the entire math section of the digital SAT, one of the new additions made by the College Board. Make sure you benefit from this! It's possible that you didn't use any technology when you were preparing for the SAT, so using a calculator to check your work or confirm your strategy may not come naturally to you. But if you use a calculator, you can manage your time better and breeze through the test.

Read also outside of the classroom

The reading section of the New Digital SAT will feature passages that are more appropriate for college-level reading, according to another change announced by the College Board. You need to improve your reading skills if you're not a big reader. This is part of our Digital SAT Exam Format. Not because we know exactly which passages will be on the test, but rather because this is a fantastic way to increase your vocabulary and reading range as a side benefit. Since most high school students typically don't have time for that during the academic year, this is a way to both study for the SAT and read for pleasure. a quick Google search for "college syllabus books" or You can get a sense of the kinds of books you ought to read by searching for "college reading list" on Google.

Don't Forget to Put Sleep First

If you continuously try to input vocabulary and formulae without pausing, the brain can become much overloaded. Therefore, even though it may seem redundant to include this on a list of digital SAT tips, it's crucial that you schedule time to eat all of your meals, go for a walk outside, and get plenty of rest while you study for the SAT. Additionally, you'll need to set aside time for homework and ultimately college applications. It's undoubtedly a busy time, and if you nod off in the middle of the exam, you'll kick yourself for not taking a nap later.

Don't worry, 2022 is Still Early.

Finally, keep in mind that there is still plenty of time before the digital SAT begins. International testing won't begin until 2023, and it won't begin in the US until 2024. Even if you are aware that you will be among the students who take the exam online, you still have access to plenty of time, support, and resources. There's no need to begin to panic right away. Take it easy and begin your preparations a few months in advance. You can do this.

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