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The Ultimate Guide to Best Scholarships for studying in Japan

Study Abroad Consulting 10 Amazing Scholarships to Study in Japan

Bridging Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to students aspiring to study in Japan for their graduation. It is offered twice a year and is offered by independent donors, organizations, and trust foundations. The major requirement to grab this scholarship is to give a piece of evidence or a confirmation letter for admission. However, the students applying for summer programs are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.

The amount covered- is somewhere around USD 4500
When is it offered? Offered twice a year.

Tanaka+Green Scholarship
The history of this scholarship is associated with the japan-American society based in Washington D.C. This scholarship was launched to pay tribute to the presidents. This scholarship is offered to every student but is mainly offered to the ones who have taken Japanese language classes or are having any relationship with any of the members of the society.

Amount covered- this scholarship offers up to USD 5000 for one academic year.
When is it offered- it is provided yearly.

Freeman Scholarship
This scholarship is open to all students who are aspiring to study in Japan for their entire undergraduate programs varying from two years to four years. This scholarship offers aid to the costs apart from the tuition fee like flight fare, transportation, books, etc. Special preference is given to students who are not financially sound enough to afford education overseas.

Amount Offered- the aid typically ranges between $3000 USD-$8000USD
When is it offered? - It is offered annually.
Application date? Open by the beginning of every year.

Scholarship Education Abroad Foundation for Global Scholars
This scholarship is open to every student who aspires to pursue any kind of course from abroad irrespective of the duration of the course. This scholarship program mainly focuses on bringing up and supporting unrecognized talents from the USA. The requirement to be eligible for this scholarship is the need for finances to go abroad.

Amount offered- the amount typically varies from $1300 USD-10,000 USD depending upon the duration of the course.
When is it offered? - It is offered every year.

The Education Abroad Network (TEAN) Scholarship
The primary agenda to qualify for this scholarship is your high school scores based on your financial background as well. However, this scholarship is deemed to be one of the best ones for education in Japan. Under this opportunity, there is a secondary option known as TEAN Sequel Grant is also offered. This is a unique feature of this scholarship program.

Amount offered- a minimum of USD 300 is offered and is covered by various other supports.
When it is offered- it is offered annually in October and March.

Japan Foundation Fellowship Program
If you are passionate about Japanese culture or studying Japanese mythology or history then this is the best scholarship. The criteria to qualify for this scholarship are that you should be studying humanities about Japanese culture. The motive to provide this scholarship is to motivate students to keep up their studies and explore new dimensions of Japan as a country. This program is offered to students of all levels from undergraduate to diploma and postgraduate courses.

Amount offered: It strictly varies depending on the level you are choosing.
When is it offered? Offered annually.

Rotary Peace Fellowship
This is a scholarship that is offered to only 100 students annually. It is offered in many countries except Japan and covers all the expenses incurred apart from the tuition fees such as tickets, rentals, books, and others. This full coverage feature makes it one of the best scholarships.

Amount offered? It highly varies depending upon the country and university you have got into.
When is it offered? Offered on an annual basis and the applications are open generally by year beginning.

University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) Scholarships
The USAC department is primarily involved in bridging the gap between the students and various study abroad scholarships. Along with offering guidelines, they also offer various study abroad scholarships for different countries. The basis of selection is done on a random basis. There are also many reputed colleges and universities which are associated with USAC to offer various financial aid to the students.

Amount offered? The amount offered completely varies as per the country and the course.
When is it offered? It is provided annually.

Toshizo Watanabe Study Abroad Scholarship Program
This scholarship is designed and launched by the US-Japan Council for people who aspire to good networking during their course of study in japan. The major preference is given to the ones who have never been abroad. This is a medium that serves those who have the potential to become great leaders in the future and aspire to serve the world.

Amount offered? The maximum compensation is USD 25000 for one year.
When is it offered? It is offered yearly.

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship
This scholarship is meant only for US citizens who have earned a Federal Pell Grant. The best part about this scholarship is that it is open to all students, even for those who are going abroad for short programs such as a three weeks exchange program or a three-year-long degree program.

Amount offered? It is offered to over 2900 students and the amount offered is up to USD 5000.
When is it offered? It is provided on an annual basis.

How Masterclass Space can help you?

We at Masterclass Space are aiming to give the best view and analysis to the students. About any and every aspect, Undergrad Education Counseling should give students a true and fair view of the plan which they are planning to execute.

Japan is especially a country where students get a bit skeptical due to huge differences in culture and language. Therefore, it is important to comfort them through proper counseling.

Here, at Masterclass Space we give our best information when it comes to getting a real picture of the company. We believe that reality check after reaching the country hits differently and with so much else to focus upon, the candidate might end up returning to the home country. This is something that is a waste of money, and energy and most importantly might ruin the student’s confidence.

Therefore, our councilors have especially been trained in such a way that they provide SWOT analysis to the students.

S- Strengths of going abroad or to a particular country
W- Weaknesses associated with the program
O- Opportunities they will get in a foreign country
T- Threats or risks associated

Scholarships are the ultimate relief to probably every student. It is not only a way of financial aid but also portrays an image of a student’s great academic performance. Therefore, we at Masterclass Space give great insights about various scholarships which they could aim to achieve.

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