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SAT Preparation: Tips and Tricks to Ace the SAT

SAT Classes in Singapore Preparing for the SAT exam can feel a little cumbersome. The stress of it all can lead to us not being able to practice or perform well on the exam. It is quite helpful to have a few tricks up our sleeves when we sit for the SAT exam. These tips and tricks can help you not only during your exam but also while you are preparing for it.

In this blog, we will look at the various tactics you can apply when preparing and attempting the SAT exam and also invite you to join leading SAT Classes in Singapore- Masterclass Space.

Tips and Tricks to Help you Excel SAT

It is a necessity if not a compulsion to have a few tricks that will help solve the SAT exam better and faster. Having time to spare is always a good situation to be in, gives you a sense of ease when performing questions that you may find a bit difficult.

There are a few tips that can help you when you are writing your SAT exam.

SAT Classes in Singapore The Elimination Game- The first and foremost thing you can do when attempting the SAT exam is trying to eliminate the wrong choices first and then deduce the right. This will help you greatly when solving the reading or the writing and language section.

Short Answers- Sometimes they may not feel like it, but the most concise options in the reading and writing sections are correct. You may come face to face with more than two choices that seem to be correct. So, if you do come across such situations when two answers are seemingly correct, choose the concise one.

Read the Whole Passage- Sometimes we try to skim through the passage and try and eliminate areas that may seem unnecessary. But beware; you need to at least read the whole passage once before diving into the search for the correct answers. Sometimes the data that you consider to be unnecessary tends to hold some important data.

The Calm Heart- The most important thing is to breathe. Do not be frightened by the numbers when you choose your responses. If you can't appropriately respond to a question, don't worry about it. You can end up getting the current answer incorrectly if you begin the subsequent question with the worry that the prior one was incorrect.

Let us take a look at how to prepare for individual sections moving further.

Tips to Prepare for the Mathematics Section of the SAT

The SAT exam's mathematics section is divided into two sections, one of which allows calculator use and the other which forbids it. The 'Without' calculator section consists of around 20 questions that you must complete in 25 minutes, while the 'With' calculator section consists of 38 questions that you must complete in 55 minutes.

There are a few pointers that can aid with your exam preparation because this part of the SAT carries a significant amount of weight.

Don’t Fret- Something the majority of us fear throughout our student life is MATHS. Maths has always felt like a burden for most of us and having an exam was a nightmare. But, the first thing you need to tell yourself is ‘that you can do it!’ math is not as difficult as it might seem. Just prepare analyses and attempt, don't fret.

Question Type- There is a set syllabus for the maths section. Go through it thoroughly, try and do every type of question you come across and practice as much as you can.

Identify Weak Areas- Once you start practicing different question types, you will realize the areas you are weak at or the questions you are getting the answers incorrect. Aim at perfecting your weak spots.

Tactics- There are a few certain methods that you can apply when answering a question type. Analyse the one that takes less amount of time and the one you get comfortable with when answering the questions at a lightning-fast speed.

Tips to Prepare for the Reading Section of the SAT

Five passages from five different subject areas―science, humanities, arts, ancient or contemporary literature, etc.―make up the reading portion of the SAT. Each of these passages has roughly 10―11 questions. The total number of questions in this segment of the test is approximately 50 to 56, and you have 65 minutes to complete them.

The majority of Indian students who take the test claim that maths are a little smoother. In the meanwhile, reading and writing in English present certain challenges for Indian students. With the following tips, we'll help you be ready for anything by supporting you and providing you with these little tactics for you to handle this section of the exam.

SAT Classes in Singapore Just Read- At first just go through the passage. Do not look at the question, just read and try to understand what the passage is trying to explain.

Read Passages Carefully- You need to practice reading the passages carefully and not just skip through details you feel are unimportant. Read the passage, comprehend it, analyses what is asked in the question, and then pick the option you find appropriate.

Answer According to the Passage- One mistake that we make is getting too much into the details of the questions. Sometimes you may find the passage or the answer to be factually incorrect, but you need to pick the answer that relates to the passage and not the fact.

Reading as a Habit- Read as much as you can, newspapers, magazines, books articles online, etc. this will help you read faster and deduce conclusions and inferences smoothly.

Tips to Prepare for the Writing and Language Section of the SAT

The Writing section of the SAT comprises a total of 4 passages. These four passages have 10-11 questions each that you will be required to answer, surmounting roughly,40 — 44 questions within this section of the exam. You will have to attempt the whole section in a matter of 35 minutes.

The writing section of the SAT evaluates your understanding of English Grammar. It will test your knowledge of English comprehension and logic as well as your vocabulary, and make you find errors within the passages. As mentioned before, just like the reading section of the SAT, the writing and language section too poses a little threat to Indian students. But there is no need to fret.

We will provide you with tips that will help you perform brilliantly on the SAT exam and achieve a score that will help you get admission into the world’s most renowned universities.

SAT Classes in Singapore Expand Vocabulary- The writing section of the SAT exam judges you on your vocabulary and grammar skills. Try to expand your vocabulary quotient and be thorough with the rules of grammar.

Read- One of the ways you get to enhance your knowledge of the vocabulary is ‘Reading’. The more you read the more different kinds of words you will come across and the better your wordlist will become.

Eliminate- Sometimes you can deduce the correct answer just by the elimination method. Read all the MCQ choices and start eliminating the ones you know are grammatically wrong.

Comprehend the Question- All you need is to be able to understand what the question is asking you to do. Understand the question and pick the most favorable answer.

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