Best SAT Classes in Singapore

Sat exam details and the process in Singapore- All you need to know

Best SAT Classes in Singapore

After you graduate from high school and choose to seek a degree in the profession of your choice, the true effort to develop your career begins. It could feel like herding cats to finish your degree at a prestigious university abroad, but it doesn't have to be that way. You can successfully complete your degree from your ideal university overseas if you are dedicated and willing to put in the effort. The first step in doing this is getting accepted into the foreign institution or university of your choice, and to do that, you must have a certain SAT score. You must take the SAT exam in order to enroll in any college program, notably at US universities.

'Scholastic Assessment Test' is what the SAT abbreviates. With a focus on reading, writing, and math, the SAT makes up one of the two standardized exams used for U.S. university admissions. It is implemented by American universities to assist in classifying applicants. This information is for people looking for the SAT test preparation courses in Singapore.


Singapore offers the SAT four times a year: in March, May, October, and December. Five times a year in May, June, October, November, and December—the SAT Subject Tests are offered. Those who want to retake it usually do so in the fall of their 12th or 13thgrade year.

Changes in the new SAT exam

The SAT exam style and design underwent significant changes in 2016 when it became the New SAT. The New SAT has changed a number of things, including the topic names, examination duration, and valuation pattern, even though the exam's essential eligibility requirements and ethos remain the same.

The new SAT exam includes portions for evidence-based reading and writing as well as mathematics, whereas the old SAT exam had sections for critical reading, writing, and mathematics. The exam also includes an essay portion, however it is optional for applicants. They would advise you to take the SAT essay component as well because it can help you raise your score.

The length of the SAT has also been altered in the new version from 3 hours 45 minutes to 3 hours for applicants . In addition, the former SAT evaluation scale of 600-2400 has been replaced with a new overall score of 400-1600 in the new SAT evaluation system. Additionally, the New SAT does not deduct points for incorrect responses.

What are the eligibility criteria for writing the SAT ?

Although there are no defined requirements for age or eligibility for the SAT exam, students often take it after they graduate from high school and must apply for admission to university programs. Students between the ages of 16 and 18 typically take this test.

You should be aware that there isn't any defined age requirement to take the exam. Applicants must submit their SAT applications via mail if they are 12 years of age or less. There is no maximum age limit for the exam.

How can you apply and register for the SAT test?

There is only one prerequisite for the SAT test registration, and that is that anybody taking the test must possess a current, original passport.

The SAT test registration process is relatively simple, and like other exams, you must apply online, with the exception of a few circumstances where applicants may submit a paper application by mail.

The main test centers in Singapore are as follows:

  • NPS International School
  • Stamford American Intl School
  • Anderson JR college
  • NGLO-Chinese Junior college
  • Canadian Intl School
  • Furen International school
  • Hillside World Academy
  • Hwa Chong Int college
Masterclass teaching pedagogy and goals

  • At Masterclass Space, we want to help students acquire the proper advice so they can fulfill their expectations and achieve the greatest results, which will ease their path to university admission. We equip students to realize and develop their potential in addition to helping them get into the top universities possible.
  • Students can attend all of the live lectures we offer online as often as they like because they are all recorded.
  • After class, students receive a soft copy of all the written material covered in the course. To save time while also ensuring that everyone understands the subject, we aim to reduce the number of notes that students take in class.
  • We make the study materials available and store them on the students' accounts.
  • Masterclass Spaces SAT Courses online in Singapore are always supplemented by periodic tests.
  • Students might request more sessions for clearing up their doubts.
  • Students can use a specific app on their phones to join the class in an emergency.
  • Tasks are provided and discussed based on the material covered in class.
  • Parents receive feedback on their child's performance.
How to prepare?

The "Official SAT Study Guide" should be purchased first. Given that vocabulary is a challenging component that most students struggle with, it would be a good idea to download the SAT app on your phone in order to test and discover different vocabulary every day.

1. Take Mock exams Attempt a full-length, timed practice test during your free time . This improves more than just your test-taking "endurance" because it takes a lot of physical and mental effort to sit through three and a half hours of exams. It's also critical to understand how to manage oneself and manage exam fatigue. After completing each practice exam, assess your performance. Then, be ready so that your subsequent round of preparation concentrates on your areas of weakness.

2. Recognize the test format. The SAT questions are typically arranged in ascending order of complexity. Therefore, the simpler questions are presented first, followed by the harder ones. As a result, don't give each SAT question the same time frame. Answer the detail-oriented questions (i.e., those that refer to precise line numbers) first for critical analysis questions that aren't grouped in ascending order of difficulty. By the conclusion, you will already be acquainted with the text and be able to confidently respond to more general inquiries.

3. Reading widely Before the test, practice reading news on foreign topics. After reading a few sentences, pause, and try to discern the author's point of view. This will assist you in tackling the tedious SAT passages, which nearly invariably deal with off-putting topics.

4. Keep your formulas in mind. At the start of the exam, don't depend on the geometry formulas. You'll save time and gain an advantage by remembering your area equations, the Pythagoras Theorem, the average formula, special triangle rules, and exponent rules.

5. Consider the advantages of using multiple-choice questions in your favor Most questions on the SAT are multiple choice. You do receive some significant advantages from this structure. You can frequently determine what grammatical topic is being assessed by comparing the differences between the answer options on the Detecting Paragraph Mistakes and Enhancing Paragraphs problems (on the Writing section). By re-entering the response options into the formula in the question, you may frequently rule out potential solutions to math problems. This will assist you in determining the type of mistake you should be watching out for.


Last but not least let us discuss the pricing for writing the SAT exam

The registration fee for the New SAT test is 52$.There is a late registration fee available as well, however Singapore's test centers typically fill up well ahead of the exam day, so make sure to register in advance to guarantee a spot! Try to arrive early to avoid paying the additional $53.00 waitlist fee if you do manage to gain a spot through the waitlist.

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