Digital SAT Score

Here Are Procedures and Rules of Digital SAT Test by Masterclass Space

Requirements for Digital SAT Devices

Before downloading the BluebookTM testing application, you'll need to know what device you'll be testing with, as well as any device requirements or technical specifications.

Bluebook is compatible with a Windows laptop or tablet, a Mac laptop, an iPad, or a school-managed Chromebook.

Technology Readiness

Before the test, you must instal Bluebook on the device you intend to use. Then, one to five days before your test, you'll complete a quick exam setup. The app will verify that your device meets all requirements before downloading your test and generating your admission ticket.

Digital SAT Bluebook Download Instructions

If you intend to test on a personal device, you can now download the Bluebook application and begin practising.

You can complete this step yourself if you have a school-managed device and can download applications. If you are unable to download applications, request that Bluebook be installed for you by your school.

What to Expect on Examination Day

Make sure you understand these procedures and rules before the test.

Procedures for Pandemic Preparedness

While many test centres still require masks, if students in your area aren't wearing masks to school during the week, your test centre may have decided not to. Check the website of your testing centre to see if masks are required. Bring a mask with you on test day just in case, and wear it if instructed to do so by the test centre staff. Please stay at home if you are sick on the day of your test. For a full refund, contact customer service by the end of the test day. If you stay at home due to illness, you will not be charged a change or cancellation fee.

Check the website of your test centre for any additional or specific entry requirements.

Examine for Test Center Closings

Monitor test centre closings in the days preceding and on the day of your test to ensure that your test centre has not changed or closed.

On the morning of the test, we also recommend that you check directly with the test centre, including the test centre's website.

The doors will open at 7:45 a.m.

On test day, arrive on time. Check your admission ticket for your arrival time and the location of your testing centre. Unless otherwise noted on your admission ticket, test centres open at 7:45 a.m. and close at 8 a.m. You will not be admitted once testing has begun. You can reschedule if you are late or absent on test day. We recommend rescheduling rather than reregistering because it is less expensive. Learn more about updating your registration information.

Make sure you have everything you need.

Testing will begin between 8:15 and 8:45 a.m.

  • Check-in will begin with your proctor. Your seat has been assigned to you, not chosen by you. Please wait to be seated. What will happen next is as follows:
  • You'll connect to the centre's Wi-Fi and launch the BluebookTM application, which will walk you through the steps.
  • The proctor can only respond to questions about the procedure, not test questions or content.
  • The proctor will provide you with a start code. Testing will begin once you enter the start code, and Bluebook will keep track of how much time you have left in each test section.
  • Each section of the test is divided into two sections known as modules (Reading and Writing and Math), and each module is timed separately.
  • You can move between questions in a module and review your answers until time runs out.
  • You cannot return to a module once you have completed it.
  • When the test is finished, your answers are automatically submitted.
  • Don't worry if your submission fails for any reason! Your answers will be saved to your device, and you will have the opportunity to resubmit them later.


During the test, students will have one 10-minute break between test sections. You can take another break if necessary, but you will lose testing time.

  • Keep your device open; do not close the lid.
  • Always carry your ID with you. Every time you enter the testing room, it will be checked.
  • If you brought a calculator, it must be kept on your desk at all times.


You'll most likely be finished before noon. When the test is finished, your answers will be automatically submitted. If your submission fails for any reason, you'll have time after the test to finish it—all of your work will be saved to your device.

Following the test, your proctor will collect your scratch paper, return any items you may have borrowed, and dismiss you.

Instruments for Testing

The digital SAT can be taken on a variety of devices, including your laptop (Windows or macOS), iPad, Windows tablet, or school-managed Chromebook. Before the test, you must have Bluebook downloaded onto your device. Then, between 1 and 5 days before your test, you'll complete a quick exam setup. The app will verify that your device meets all requirements before downloading your test and generating your admission ticket.

Your device must also be able to connect to Wi-Fi and be fully charged for at least 3 hours. We recommend that you bring a power cord or portable charger with you, but we cannot guarantee that you will have access to an outlet. If your device is a tablet, you can bring an external mouse and keyboard with you. During the test day, all other applications and programmes must be closed. It is not possible to test on multiple devices.

Prohibited devices

We bring up mobile phones and electronics frequently, and for good reason. If you do not follow the device rules, your scores will be cancelled.

Bear in mind:

Mobile phones and other prohibited electronic devices will be collected and held by test administration staff, or you will be required to place them in a backpack away from your desk during the test administration, including during break periods.

If your prohibited device makes noise, is seen being used, or is attempted to be accessed at any time, including breaks, you will be dismissed immediately, your scores may be cancelled, and the device may be confiscated.

College Board is not liable for the loss or damage of personal items, including electronic devices, while you are in the testing facility.

Obtaining and Transmitting Scores

Your SAT scores will be available online approximately 2-3 weeks after the test date. Updated Digital SAT Score release dates can be found at


Online: All students will receive their scores online through their College Board account at When the scores are ready, you will receive an email informing you to sign in to your online score report.

Phone: You can get SAT results by phone beginning the day they are released online, but there is a fee.


  • Your online score report informs you of your strengths and areas for development. Here are some quick facts:
  • The total score on the SAT is the sum of your Reading Writing section and Math section scores.
  • The total score is reported on a scale of 400-1600 points.
  • Other scores and colour-coded graphics will also be displayed to help you better understand your performance across the test sections.

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