BITSAT 2024 Exam Schedule

BITSAT 2024 Exam Schedule, Pattern, and Online Preparation Insights Revealed!

BITSAT 2024 Exam Schedule Exam Schedule for BITSAT 2024: In a short time, the administration of BITS Pilani will release the schedule for BITSAT 2024 on its official website. The BITSAT test pattern 2024 comes to the key ones about all such major aspects of the entrance exam's administration. Review the official BITSAT exam pattern to truly grasp and prepare for these niceties in the entrance exam. The BITSAT 2024 test pattern mandates that applicants must complete 130 objective-type multiple-choice questions in 3 hours. For the BITSAT 2024 test, questions come from Physics, Chemistry, English Proficiency, Logical Reasoning, Mathematics, and Biology. It is also recommended that candidates review the official BITSAT 2024 curriculum and test pattern for Online Preparation for BITSAT 2024 for the impending entrance exam. To learn more about the BITSAT 2024 Exam Pattern-

The BITSAT 2024 Exam Schedule

Applicants may view the complete BITSAT exam schedule for 2024 below.

Specifics Details
Examination Mode Online, or Computer-Based Examination
Time Frame 3 Hours
Exam Medium English
Kind of Questions MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) Objective
Topics English proficiency, logical reasoning, physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology
Total Question Count 130
Labeling System Every right response is worth three points. For each wrong response, deduct one mark.
Chemistry and Physics Triangular Differentiation Statistics Probability is set.

BITSAT Exam Pattern 2024: Question Paper Division

The table below allows candidates to view the section-by-section question count according to the official BITSAT 2024 test format.

Part I: Sections Subjects Number of Questions
Section One - Physics Physics 30
Section Two - Chemistry Chemistry 30
Section Three - English English Language Ability 10
Reasoning Logically 20
Section Four - Biology/Math Biology (for BPharma) / Mathematics 40
Total Question Count 130

Rough Ideas of Exam Pattern for BITSAT 2024

The paper has 130 questions. According to the BIT 2024 exam layout, these questions will be divided into four catagories. Subject-matter for the BITSAT 2024 test is any area that will enable the student to gauge his or her own understanding on. No time restrictions will be imposed on each of the sections in this paper As a result the examination period is three hours. In BITSAT 2024 you'll be able to take any combination of questions or areas at will. Moreover during this three hour period we allot you for the exam, if you have tried your hand upon a particular question it is always possible to come back and do over.

Applicants should with reference to the BITSAT 2024 test pattern take some important things into consideration

BITSAT 2024 will last for three hours.

The computer will be used in the administration of BITSAT.

Questions will be multiple choice for the BITSAT.

Every question will have four potential answers and just one correct answer

At all times a candidates is free to change his or her response to a question. Incorrect answers will result in forfeiture.

Candidates will not have a specific amount of time to finish each exam section.

Every candidate gets a unique set of questions for the BITSAT exam as the questions are chosen at random from a sizable question bank.

Those that finish 130 questions in the allotted three hours will have the opportunity to solve an additional twelve questions.

Immediately following the exam, candidates will receive their BITSAT score.

Twelve More Questions for BITSAT 2024

A candidate may attempt an additional 12 questions within the remaining time if they complete all 130 questions on the entrance test in less than three hours. The extra questions will only be from the Logical Reasoning portion and will come from the Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics/Biology areas. There will only be three questions from each area. Nevertheless, candidates who want to respond to these additional 12 exam questions will not be able to go back and edit their answers to the 130 questions they had answered.

BITSAT Curriculum 2024

It is also recommended that students review the official BITSAT 2024 syllabus in preparation for the test. The BITSAT curriculum will provide access to the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, and Logical Reasoning that must be studied for the test. Candidates can obtain higher test marks by using the syllabus to determine what has to be studied.

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