Online Preparation for BITSAT 2024

Mastering BITSAT 2024: Effective Preparation Guide for Last-Minute Studying

For admission to undergraduate engineering programs at BITS-Pilani and other campuses, the BITSAT exam is administered. The BITSAT online exam is based on the Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics curriculum for NCERT classes 11 and 12.

How Can I Use the Remaining Months to Prepare for BITSAT 2024?

Advice on how to study for the BITSAT test in the upcoming months:

  • Create a schedule to finish the BITSAT material in the remaining time.
  • Consult NCERT texts and BITSAT study guides.
  • Complete BITSAT questions every day to increase your speed. It's a crucial component in passing the BITSAT exam. There are 100 math, chemistry, and physics problems on the BITSAT. Reasoning and English are the other two parts.
  • Maintain both speed and accuracy. Avoid making careless errors because you were rushing to answer a question.
  • Work through the Arihant Book's questions to increase your accuracy and speed.
  • Practice answering Reasoning problems from any aptitude book (20 questions total; BITSAT exam). You will not find the questions challenging if your reasoning is sound.
  • Possess a strong knowledge of the English language (10 questions in the BITSAT). Use a dictionary such as Wren and Martin's to expand your vocabulary in English.
  • To experience the true exam-hall atmosphere at home, take a series of BITSAT online tests. It will indicate how much time you spent on each part, including how much time you spent on questions you attempted, didn't attempt, and tried but gave incorrect answers.
  • Focus on your shortcomings and errors.
  • Enroll in an online BITSAT crash course to gain knowledge of key chapters, problem-solving techniques, paper-solving strategies, and doubt-resolving techniques.

The engineering entrance exam known as BITSAT is required for admission to BITS-Pilani, the top private engineering college in India. There is one campus outside of India in Dubai and three campuses in India: Pilani, Hyderabad, and Goa. Here, we'll look at how to create a study plan, get books, get online tutoring, and get ready for the BITSAT from scratch.

Online Coaching for BITSAT

For information on the BITSAT exam details, including the application form, eligibility requirements, number of seats, and exam format.

If I Start Studying Now, Will I Be Able to Pass BITSAT 2024?

Yes, if you begin your preparations now, you can pass the BITSAT 2024. You need to have exceptional speed and accuracy to ace the BITSAT, and you can develop these skills with regular practice and mock exams. Unlike JEE Main, which has 75 questions, BITSAT requires you to answer 130 questions in three hours.

BITSAT Study Following Board Examinations

You can put your best effort into getting ready for BITSAT 2024 after board examinations. Solve BITSAT online practice tests, review theory with multiple-choice questions, and focus on your weak points and errors from the start for the BITSAT Exam?

Create a study plan to finish the BITSAT curriculum in the remaining time if you are starting from scratch. If you are starting your BITSAT preparation later than others, you should concentrate on the most crucial BITSAT chapters, take online practice exams, and work through the Arihant book's BITSAT papers.

The 2024 BITSAT Study Plan

An efficient BITSAT study schedule is provided here.

Read NCERT textbook theory properly

After you get your concepts clear, tackle a range of issues.

Use the Arihant Book practice questions to increase your accuracy and speed.

While quickly answering questions, avoid making dumb blunders.

Every day, make revisions to every formula.

Take online BITSAT practice exams to get a feel for the kind of questions that will be on the test.

After completing an exam, always consult the solution to identify any shortcuts or tips you may have missed when answering the problems.

For the BITSAT, time management is crucial because you have three hours to complete 130 questions.

Decide when to try answering the question. Only begin answering the question if you are positive you know the answer.

Complete the BITSAT English and Logical Reasoning practice tests and the book by Arihant.

FAQs about BitSAT Preparation

How can I do well on the BITSAT 2024?

BITSAT 2024 considers a score of 300+ to be good. By increasing your speed and accuracy on the BITSAT, you can score 300 or higher. Enroll in a BITSAT online test series (included in the BITSAT crash course) and plan your approach to the exam.

How do I get a 350 on the BITSAT?

Candidates who practice online practice tests, acquire shortcuts, know when to answer questions, and attempt 12 extra questions can score 350+ on the BITSAT in the remaining months.

What are the BITSAT themes with the highest scoring?

Chemical bonding, organic chemistry, atomic structure, heat, thermodynamics, SHM, current electricity, complex numbers, vectors, differential calculus, and two-dimensional geometry are the most common scoring topics in BITSAT.

BITSAT Crucial Sections

What is the BITSAT exam's difficulty level?

Based on past year's papers, the BITSAT has moderate difficulty. While Chemistry is simple to moderate, Math and Physics are moderate to severe, and Reasoning and English are primarily easier.

When should I begin getting ready for the BITSAT?

Whether in class 11 or 12, BITSAT preparation begins immediately when you begin JEE preparation. After taking the JEE Main exam, you have the last three months to devote additional time to BITSAT.

How much time should one spend getting ready for BITSAT?

Just like JEE preparation, BITSAT preparation takes time. It could take you six months or two years, depending on your ability. The good news is that JEE and BITSAT don't require separate preparation.

How can an 11th grader get ready for the BITSAT?

In class 11, the majority of candidates prepare for both BITSAT and JEE. Establish a study schedule and adhere to it strictly. To prevent any form of backlog in class 12, finish all of the BITSAT class 11 syllabus's chapters.

Which is more crucial for Class 11 or 12 on the BITSAT?

Both classes 11 and 12 are equally important for the BITSAT since both classes 11 and 12 are included in one syllabus.

How many study hours are needed to pass the BITSAT?

For the BITSAT, a minimum of 6–8 hours of study each day are advised. You don't need to put in extra study time for BITSAT if you are getting ready for JEE. You can extend the time you spend studying for the BITSAT after taking the JEE Main.

How many BITSAT practice exams should be given?

It should be sufficient to take 8–10 BITSAT mock exams if you are studying for JEE. However, if all you are studying for is the BITSAT, then finish as many practice exams as you can.

Is it simpler or more difficult to pass BITSAT than NEET?

Since NEET is harder and more competitive, BITSAT is easy to pass. Both the BITSAT and the NEET assess your speed and accuracy; however, the NEET requires more memorization, particularly in biology.

How can I practice my logical reasoning and English for the BITSAT?

Start practicing the English and Logical Reasoning problems from the Arihant BITSAT book. As you work through the kinds of questions that will be on the BITSAT exam, it will assist you in gaining confidence.

Is English for BITSAT easy?

The BITSAT measures your foundational knowledge of English, covering topics such as grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, composition, and speed reading. View the English syllabus for BITSAT.

Does BITSAT Require Coaching?

Since the BITSAT exam level is comparable to that of JEE Mains, tutoring is indeed necessary to succeed in BITSAT. Students might benefit from a focused crash session for BITSAT in the upcoming months.

Online Coaching for BITSAT

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