BITSAT 2023 Cut Off

BITSAT 2023 Expected Cut Off

Candidates seeking B.Tech admission to BITS Pilani and its campuses can view the BITSAT anticipated cutoff 2023 here. The BITSAT 2023 cut off will be made public by the authorities on the BITSAT entrance test website - Candidates will be able to find the BITSAT cut off 2023 on this page shortly after the official announcement. The overall BITSAT score is 390.

Aspirants should be aware that the BITSAT 2023 Cut Off will fluctuate depending on the subject and campus giving admission through the BITSAT entrance test 2023. The BITS Pilani cse cut off will differ from the BITS Hyderabad and BITS Goa cut offs. Candidates can look up the previous year's BITSAT cut off to get an idea of the score required for admission. Read on to learn more about the BITSAT cut off 2023.

Check the expected BITS Pilani, Goa, and Hyderabad cut-offs for 2023.

BITSAT Cut-off 2023: Following the announcement of the last counseling round result, the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, will issue the BITSAT cut-off 2023 scores. The BITSAT 2023 Session 1 test will be held from May 22 to 26, 2023, and the BITSAT 2023 Session 2 exam will be held from June 18 to 22, 2023. The cut-off is the minimum qualifying mark that candidates must achieve in order to be admitted to the most renowned institute. The cut-off score will be used to determine admission across all campuses. The authorities issue branch-by-branch cut-offs.

The exam's difficulty level, the number of candidates taking the exam, seat availability, and other factors all play a role in deciding the BITSAT cut-off. Continue reading for more information about the BITSAT cut-off 2023.

What is the BITS Cut-off for 2023?

The Birla Institute of Technology and Science Aptitude Test (BITSAT) is an entrance exam for students seeking admission to undergraduate programmes at Birla Institute of Technology and Science. BITS Pilani is India's most prestigious private engineering and higher education institute. Every year, around 3 lakh students take the BITSAT exam at 58 test locations across India.

The BITS Pilani cut-off 2023 is a precise assessment of marks that will be decided by a group of experts appointed by BITS Pilani in order to cross the qualification threshold. Simply put, it is the minimum number of points required for admission to BITS on the BITSAT exam. BITSAT respects all applicants equally. It does not provide any additional benefits to candidates who fall into one of the reserved groups.

BITSAT 2023 Expected Cut-off Factors

The BITSAT 2023 cut-off scores will be determined by a number of variables, including:

The number of students who take the exam, i.e., the higher the BITSAT cut-off scores, the more students who take the exam.

BITSAT Total Marks and Cut-offs from Previous Years

The official BITSAT 2022 Cut-off for various courses and campuses for the BITSAT 2022 exam from previous year has yet to be announced by BITS Pilani.

BITSAT 2023 Total Marks and Cut-Off

The following table displays the final BITSAT 2020 cut-off scores for several degree programmes in the current admission session, as well as the projected BITSAT 2023 total marks and the cut-off for the BITS course, as well as campus-specific cut-offs for Pilani, Goa, and Hyderabad, based on the previous year's cut-off trend:

Campus Program Cut-off Score in 2020 Expected Cut-off Score in 2023
Pilani B.E. Chemical 270 280 - 287
Pilani B.E. Civil 254 274 - 279
Pilani B.E. Electrical & Electronics 333 338 - 245
Pilani B.E. Mechanical 298 313 - 319
Pilani B.E. Computer Science 372 378 - 283
Pilani B.E. Electronics & Instrumentation 323 319 - 325
Pilani B.E. Manufacturing 253 B.E. Manufacturing
Pilani B. Pharm 203 213 - 220
Pilani M.Sc. Biological Sciences 261 259 - 263
Pilani M.Sc. Chemistry 258 265 - 279
Pilani M.Sc. Economics 304 308 - 315
Pilani M.Sc. Mathematics 286 297 - 305
Pilani M.Sc. Physics 283 288 - 293
Goa B.E. Chemical 248 260 - 265
Goa B.E. Electrical & Electronics 306 308 - 315
Goa B.E. Mechanical 269 383 - 390
Goa B.E. Computer Science 347 347 - 352
Goa B.E. Electronics & Instrumentation 293 289 - 293
Goa B.E. Electronics & Communication 320 -
Goa M.Sc. Biological Sciences 246 252 - 265
Goa M.Sc. Chemistry 249 255 - 263
Goa M.Sc. Economics 290 290 - 299
Goa M.Sc. Mathematics 265 275 - 283
Goa M.Sc. Physics 271 275 - 280
Hyderabad B.E. Chemical 240 257 - 263
Hyderabad B.E. Civil 240 258 - 265
Hyderabad B.E. Electrical & Electronics 258 - 265 298 - 367
Hyderabad B.E. Mechanical 260 274 - 285
Hyderabad B.E. Computer Science 336 330 - 323
Hyderabad B.E. Electronics & Instrumentation 290 285 - 290
Hyderabad B.E. Electronics & Communication 314 -
Hyderabad B. Pharm 161 177 - 185
Hyderabad M.Sc. Biological Sciences 240 250 - 263
Hyderabad M.Sc. Chemistry 240 252 - 265
Hyderabad M.Sc. Economics 281 287 - 292
Hyderabad M.Sc. Mathematics 257 267 - 272
Hyderabad M.Sc. Physics 256 265 - 271
Please keep in mind that the actual cut-off score for a program is subject to the additional condition of violating the bracketing rule (i.e., taking into account the PCM scores) if there are more candidates with a specific BITSAT score than the seats available.

Important Instructions for the BITSAT Exam Day 2023

Session 1 - May 22 to 26, 2023
Session 2 - June 18 to 22, 2023

  • Candidates for the BITSAT 2023 exam must follow the guidelines on exam day, or their candidature will be cancelled. As a result, before taking the BITSAT 2023, applicants should be familiar with the essential BITSAT exam day requirements and follow them without fail.
  • Candidates taking the exam should check the important guidelines for the BITSAT 2023 exam, dress code, and other instructions here.
  • Candidates must bring a physical copy of their BITSAT hall ticket 2023 as well as a valid ID card to the exam center.
  • For BITSAT 2023, candidates must also bring a COVID-19 self-declaration form. Continue reading to learn more!

To strengthen their BITSAT Exam Preparation, candidates should incorporate the following tips and tactics into their study schedule.

  • BITSAT test format and curriculum: Candidates should be familiar with the BITSAT syllabus because it will help them construct a well-structured study plan and distribute topics appropriately. Knowing the test pattern can assist candidates comprehends the marking method, mark distribution, total questions asked, total marks, and other important information.
  • Choose the finest BITSAT study materials: After developing an efficient study strategy, students must have access to the best books and BITSAT study materials to assist them understand ideas, clear doubts and queries, and improve their exam-taking skills while preparing for the exam.
  • Prepare BITSAT notes: Candidates might prepare tiny notes while studying. These notes can help applicants better understand the ideas and serve as an excellent source of revision. Candidates can also make a list of formulas and revise them as needed.
  • Previous year's BITSAT question papers: Candidates can review the BITSAT previous year's question papers to obtain a sense of prior year's exam patterns such as the marking scheme, exam difficulty level, question weightage, and commonly asked questions.
  • Mock BITSAT tests: Mock tests are an excellent way for candidates to revise and enhance their preparation skills. Regularly taking BITSAT sample tests can assist students examine their preparation and improve their faults and weak points.

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