10 Pointers to Help You Prepare for the BITSAT

BITSAT is one of the most famous entrance exams in India. Every year, lacs of students compete for a limited number of engineering, pharmacy, and technology seats by taking the BITSAT exam, which is administered by BITS Pilani.

Here is A Few Pointers to Help You Prepare for the BITSAT:

1) Conceptual Coherence

Students should have sufficient conceptual clarity when preparing for the BITSAT exam. 70% to 80% of the BITSAT questions are problem or equation based; without conceptual clarity, it is impossible to solve various types of mathematics problems or chemistry equations. The exam is months away, so now is the time to review what you read in Class 11 and Class XII or catch up on concepts you missed. It is critical to understand the key ideas in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology, English, and Logical Reasoning to achieve a higher BITSAT score.

2) Understand the Critical Themes

All of the topics given in the BITSAT Syllabus for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, English, and Logical Reasoning are not equally important. So make it a point to understand all of the important topics such as Physics - Electricity & Magnetism, Mechanics, Optics, Modern Physics; Chemistry - Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry; Mathematics - Circles, Application of Derivatives, Sequence & Series, Permutations & Combinations, Theory of Equation; Biology - Genetics and Evolution, Ecology & Environment, Biotechnology and its Applications; English - Sentence Completion.

3) Choose the Best Teacher or Coaching Institute.

A skilled teacher or coaching institute can significantly improve your overall BITSAT result. Choosing the ideal BITSAT tutor or enrolling in a coaching school would help you focus and prepare properly. Coaching will assist you in understanding significant issues, answering important questions, and learning ways to deal with the questions.

4) Choose Appropriate Learning Materials

You should priorities selecting the right study tools, which include anything from BITSAT books to coaching materials. Possessing good reference books and quality study tools can help you prepare for the BITSAT and score higher.

5) Time Administration

Effective time management is one of the most crucial things that will help you pass the BITSAT exam. Those who want to score higher than 320 must learn how to manage their time effectively and solve all problems within the time limit. Taking sample examinations every day will help you manage your time in the real exam. Also, because all questions get equal marks, always learn to tackle easy problems first. This way, you'll go through all of the questions you're certain about in the first hour of taking the test.

6) Review Previous Question Papers

Familiarize oneself with prior BITSAT question patterns. To gain a better knowledge of the questions asked and relevant themes, practice at least 7-8 years of previous sample question papers. When you understand the BITSAT question patterns, you are more likely to perform well on the exam.

7) Don't Dismiss Unfavorable Feedback.

BITSAT, like many other important competitive or admission tests, has a negative marking for each incorrect answer. In contrast to the JEE exam, each incorrect answer is worth -1 point. When deciding on the correct answer, always consider all of the answer alternatives.

8) Prepare With the Best Books

Because the BITSAT syllabus covers all NCERT topics, it is usually a good idea to prepare with NCERT textbooks. Answer every problem in NCERT textbooks because most competitive test questions are based on them. Refer to some decent publications, such as MTG's BITSAT Power Guide, which includes a full theory of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English Proficiency, and Logical Reasoning, as well as solved papers from past years and Model Test Papers with detailed solutions.

9) Create a Concept Map

A concept map is one of the most effective tools for speedy revision and recapitulation of a large syllabus during exam preparation. MTG's Concept Map for Rapid Revision in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics includes chapter- and topic-specific concept maps that cover the whole Class XI and XII curriculum.

10) Answer Your Problems As Quickly As Possible

You must avoid wasting time by answering queries in longer ways. For this, you must have all of the formulas at your fingertips.

BITSAT is one of India's most prestigious engineering entrance tests. NIIT University accepts BITSAT scores for admission to its B.Tech programmes in Computer Science, Biotechnology, Engineering, and Electronics and Communication Engineering. In 2015, a total of 1.88 lakh students took the BITSAT exam, and the number is growing every year. Students who finished first in their respective boards' 12th grade will be awarded direct admission to the course of their choice, regardless of their BITSAT score.

Conditions for Eligibility:

Entrance to Other Programmes besides B.Pharm. (Honors):

An aspirant must have completed his 12th grade (10+2) examination from a recognized State/Central board or its equivalent, with Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics, as well as competency in English and Logical Reasoning.

Acceptance into the B.Pharm (Honors) An aspirant must have completed his 12th grade (10+2) examination from a recognized State/Central board or its equivalent, with Chemistry, Physics, and Biology, as well as competency in English and Logical Thinking. Candidates with PCM may, nevertheless, apply to the Pharmacy programme.

Additional Important Eligibility Requirements:

  • Aspiring candidates must obtain a minimum of 75% in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (if he/she has chosen Mathematics in BITSAT) or 75% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (if he/she has chosen Biology in BITSAT) in the 12th examination, with at least 60% in each of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics/Biology subjects.
  • Students who took their 12th Standard test in 2016 or passed the exam in 2015 are eligible to take the BITSAT-2016 exam.
  • If a candidate has attempted the 12th Standard or its equivalent more than once, only his most recent performance will be evaluated. It must, however, be for the entire component of subjects/courses prescribed.
  • Students who completed their 12th grade in 2014 or earlier are ineligible to take the BITSAT Online exam.
  • Candidates who are enrolled in BITS at any of its campuses are not eligible to take the test.
BITSAT 2023 Application Form

The application process for BITSAT 2023 consists of several parts. To properly complete the application form, the candidate must follow the steps outlined below:

BITSAT Registration:: The first stage will be for candidates to register by providing a valid email address and mobile number. BITS Pilani uses the same for any exam-related communications.

Completing The Form: Following successful registration, candidates must enter their personal, communication, and academic information into the online BITSAT 2023 application form.

Submitting Documents: The next step is for candidates to upload scanned images of their photographs and signatures in the prescribed format.

Payment Of Application Fee: Students must pay the BITSAT 2023 application fee online using net banking, credit or debit cards, or UPI after entering all of their information and submitting their papers.

Submitting The BITSAT Application Form: After paying the application money, aspirants must submit their application form. They must double-check all facts and documents before final submission.

Nevertheless, if they have a fundamental understanding of how to do it, it becomes much easier to get started. You must take the BITSAT Online TEST Series to prepare for the BITSAT.

In this piece, we have covered a small article on simple recommendations for better BITSAT preparation. Professionals and previous-year toppers have advised that it is best to begin preparation six months before the exam date in order to pass.

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