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Level Up Your SAT Math: From 600-750 to an Unbeatable 800

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In comparison, we believe that our 800-level study guide is the best available. These techniques work because many students have consistently scored 800 on the SAT Math section by using them. Additionally, they have helped thousands of my students at Masterclass Space that has the Best SAT Preparation in Delhi and Mumbai.

Why getting an 800 is a good idea and, what it takes to obtain an 800, and then we'll go over the eight important SAT Math methods so you know how to get an 800 on SAT Math in this article.

Finally, we focus mostly on reaching 800 in this guide. However, these techniques still work if your target is 700.

Recognize the Risk: Why an 800 on the SAT Math?

For the avoidance of doubt, a perfect 1600 on the SAT is equivalent to a 1530+ on the SAT. No prestigious college will give you more credit for 1580 than they will for 1540. Even if you have already passed their cutoff threshold, whether you are admitted now will depend on the remaining components of your application.

Therefore, if you're already scoring 1540, don't waste your time studying for 1600. The best universities are now covered, so it's time to focus on the rest of your application.

If you are scoring a 1520 or lower and want to attend a top-10 college, it is worthwhile to work on improving your score to a 1530 or better.

There is a significant difference between a 1440 and a 1540, mostly because it is far simpler to obtain a 1440 (and many more candidates do so) than 1540.

At Harvard and Princeton, 1520 places you right around average, and being average is problematic for admissions because the acceptance rate is often under 10%.

So why did I score 800 on the SAT Maths?

Because it gives you a chance to make up for any shortcomings you may have had. Generally speaking, schools give more weight to your composite score than to the results of any individual component. You just need a 730 in SAT Reading and Writing if you can achieve an 800 in SAT Maths. You have a lot more flexibility as a result.

There are two different situations.

A score of 800 on the SAT Maths is crucial in two more situations.

  1. The first is if you intend to major in a quantitative or scientific subject (such as maths, physics, statistics, or chemistry).
  2. The second scenario is if you're applying to a highly selective technical university like MIT or Caltech.

The main focus of college admissions is comparing applications, so that's why.

  1. You compete with those who are in the same "bucket" as you since the school only wants to admit the best.
  2. When you apply as a math/science major, you are up against other math/science majors, who often score well on the SAT.
  3. Here are a few school-related instances. The 75th percentile SAT Math score is 800 at Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Caltech, and even less selective colleges like Carnegie Mellon.
  4. Accordingly, at least 25% of all pupils at these institutions scored 800 on the SAT for maths.
  5. Even more astonishing: at MIT and Caltech, the 25th percentile SAT Math scores are 780 and 790, respectively. In other words, if your SAT Math score is 750, you are below average for these institutions!

SAT we found maths to be simple. Almost single practice test and SAT we ever took resulted in an 800. This was large because we have a solid background in maths and have participated in maths competitions like AMC/AIME.

To reach excellence, students also put in a lot of effort and used the techniques listed below to reach excellence.

You're up against folks who are similar to me. Additionally, colleges like MIT, Harvard, and Princeton will question your abilities if you apply with a 700 on your math test. Because you should find SAT Math to be quite simple.

However, if you can raise your score to 800, you may demonstrate that you are on par with everyone else (at least in terms of this metric). The grade you earn at the end is what matters, even if it requires a lot of effort from you.

Know your capabilities.

This isn't just a fluffy, upbeat saying that you may find on the back of a Starbucks cup.

You and every other student of average intelligence are capable of scoring an 800 on the SAT Maths.

Most people fail because they don't work hard enough or don't study properly.

You are capable of this even if math wasn't your finest subject or if your Calculus grade was a B+.

How well you study and work hard will reflect in your SAT score.

This is because the SAT is a strange test. Don't you feel that the questions on the exam are quite different from what you saw in class when you take it?

This is how it was intended to be. It would be unjust to assess complex ideas on the SAT for students who have never taken AP Calculus. You can't be required to prove Fermat's Last Theorem by it. Since the SAT is a nationwide test, all students in the country are required to take it on an equal footing.

Since all high school students will learn this topic, it MUST be tested. Basic statistics, geometry (x-y coordinate geometry, circles, squares, and triangles), advanced algebra (solving quadratic and exponential equations), and basic algebra (solving single-variable equations, and word problems).

However, the SAT still needs to be challenging to distinguish between different student ability levels, thus it must assess these ideas in unusual ways.

How to Get an 800 in Mathematics?

It helps to know what is required to achieve a goal score if we have one in mind for the test. The number of questions you miss on the 58-question Maths section will determine your scaled score out of 800.

We've used the raw score to scale score conversion tables from four tests from the Official SAT Practise Tests and Best SAT Preparation in Mumbai and Delhi. (Read here if you need a reminder on how the SAT is graded and how raw scores are determined.)

Raw Score Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4
58 800 800 800 800
57 790 790 790 800
56 780 780 780 790
55 760 770 770 790
54 750 760 750 780
53 740 750 740 770
52 730 740 730 760
51 710 730 720 750

There is a very rigid grading system in maths. If you only get one question wrong on three out of four tests, your score drops to 790. Nothing more, no perfect score!

You are given a one-question buffer on one of these tests, but that is not much.

This all relies on how well you do on the specific test you're taking. It's more likely to miss one maths question and receive an 800 score the harder the maths questions are.

Aiming for perfection is the safest course of action. You should strive for a perfect raw score of 800 on each practice test.

Note the difference you must make to reach an 800 no matter what your current score is.

For instance, if your current score is 700, you must correctly answer 8–9 more questions to reach an 800.

So. hurry up! Unveil the significance of an 800 score and how it can compensate for other application components. Don't settle for average—strive for excellence with our comprehensive SAT Math guide. You can also connect to us at for Best SAT Coaching in Mumbai and Delhi. Mail us at