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Opportunities and Obstacles faced by an International Student in Japan

Studying in japan is not a much-preferred choice among students for reasons such as a different culture and a different language. However, let us look at both sides of the coin for you to decide whether considering japan is a good option or not. Here are some of the pros and cons of studying in japan along with the guide about admission consultancy services for study in Japan.

Pros of Studying in Japan

Experiencing one of the best delicacies in the world

Japan and Japanese food are known and admired all around the globe. Sushis and sashimis have known to form a major part of Japanese dining. These are small health bombs served in small sizes and different shapes. The delicacies served in this country are both for the vegetarian and nonvegetarian class. So, Japanese food is indeed one of the main attractions of japan.

High-quality education

The quality of education provided by Japanese universities and schools is authentic and well-structured. The student-teacher ratio is quite justified so that each student gets enough attention. Japan has made its position of the top-ranking countries in the world regarding education. Both private and public universities, do not leave any stone unturned in terms of providing quality studies to their students. Check out our website to know more about the top-ranking Japanese Universities for different subjects and disciplines.

The Public Services is Commendable

Public services like transportation play an important role in an international student's life. It is the only medium through which they could commute. This is where Japan serves as an advantage to its residents. The transportation facilities are very well structured with reference to punctuality and efficiency.

Vast Growth in Job Opportunities

Most international students aspire to take up a job in their study country for various purposes such as permanent settlement, to get permanent residency, earning, or even if they get good opportunities. Japan has got a number of job opportunities for international talents. The growth prospects are excellent and rewarding. However, getting a work visa in japan is not a cakewalk but the country welcomes international talents with open arms.

Memorable weekends

Going and residing in a country that has such an impactful and different culture is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Studying in Japan will make you feel as if every day is filled with new learnings and encounters. Different food, never seen before culture, authentic entertainment industry, tech culture, traditional dressing culture, and many more. All these artistries are enough to make your weekends fun and stress-free.

A good Variety of Courses offered

The courses and diplomas offered by Japanese universities are far from the rat race. They motivate their students to follow the field which excites them the most. Education is not just about science, economics, business, or finance rather there is a much more different field that is offered by Japanese universities. Moreover, the universities also assist their students with various exchange programs and international internships that help them in discovering their potential.

A Safe Nation

When children are targeting colleges in other countries for their studies, parents are extremely concerned and worried when it comes to the safety of their child in a different nation. Especially, when they have just cleared their high school. Therefore, Japan has a piece of good news for them. Japan is counted as the most secure and safest country in the world. A high literacy rate and strictly followed laws and regulations ensure the safety of people.

Cons of Studying in Japan

High Cost of Living

Japan has frequently been counted as one of the most expensive countries in the world. Being a developed nation the goods and services demanded by the people are quite expensive which multiplies the living costs of japan. In cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Yokohama the rental prices and the grocery are exorbitant. However, public transport is cheap but The Other factors involved in the cost of living required a big budget. But students earn through part-time jobs in order to make their living expenses bearable. It is also important to note that there are certain Visa requirements that the students need to fulfill for pursuing part-time jobs. Connect with our Education Consulting team to know more about Japan Visa requirements.

Work-life Balance Becomes Hectic

Japan has always been known for the dedication and discipline its people have towards work. this is probably considered one of the primary reasons why Japan has shown immense development in every field. An international student is also expected to showcase these qualities in their studies and career. from attending regular lectures in college to managing a part-time job and taking care of their Living and well-being students sometimes find themselves in a cluttered situation. However, these qualities that Japanese culture teaches you are indeed the ones that will play an important role to shape your character.

Major Language Barriers

One of the most common reasons that students give up on the thought of studying in Japan is the Japanese language. even many students try to learn but they fail to grasp the language and literature. The Japanese language is tremendously different from English which becomes autarch all the students. this not only creates problems while communicating but also the great their performance in their studies. However, Japanese Universities, now offer many courses in the English language as well to attract foreign talent into their nation.

How Masterclass Space can help you cope with Japan Admissions?

Japan is generally not very popular when it comes to choosing countries for studying abroad. But it is gradually picking up the pace because of the courses, the scholarships, and the job opportunities it is offering to international students. It is indeed difficult to get well-versed in the language and culture of Japan but overall it is a beautiful experience.

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