Admission to Singaporean Universities

How to Enroll In Singaporean Universities- A Complete Guide Explained

One of the top education destinations in Asia is Singapore, a nation known for its high-quality educational offerings. The National Institute of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University, two of Singapore's top universities, are ranked among the top 100 global universities by Times Higher Education.

Students from India won't have any trouble adjusting to Singapore's culture and language because Indians constitute one of the country's major ethnic groupings. International applicants must meet additional requirements in order to be admitted to Singaporean universities. The specifics of how to ace your applications for admission to Singaporean universities are covered below.

How do I apply to universities in Singapore?

There is no unified admission portal; all applications for admittance to colleges in Singapore should be made through the websites of the individual institutions. There are typically two intakes at public universities in Singapore, just around August and the other occurring in January. On the other hand, private universities regularly accept new students.

Search for the course you want to attend in Singapore to start the application process. It is crucial to make the appropriate choice among the many courses that are offered to you. Of course, your decision would be influenced by the following things:

  • You wish to pursue a Ph.D., UG, PG, or Diploma.
  • Employment options after completing the course you wish to take
  • university rankings, etc.

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Application Process Stages

Candidates must first choose the course and institution to that they wish to apply before visiting the institution's website to learn more about its particular criteria. Based on their prior academic credentials, undergraduate applicants to Singaporean universities are essentially split into 5 categories:

  • Singapore-Cambridge GCE "A" Level
  • Polytechnic diploma in Singapore
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma
  • NUS High School Diploma
  • International qualification

The application procedure and requirements described here would apply to foreign students in Singapore because the majority of applicants from India would fall under the last category

Once you've determined which standards apply to you

  • Send the specific university your online application (or, in some situations, your postal application).
  • You must complete the foreign student-specific form, which is accessible on the university site.
  • Pay the fee, which varies in price depending on the university.
  • Send or upload the necessary documents before the deadline.

Application deadlines for Singapore universities

National University of Singapore 31 march August
Nayang technological university 19 march August
Singapore university of technology and design 19 march August
Singapore management university 19 march August
Singapore university of social sciences 31 march July

Please be aware that application dates for certain courses, particularly those at the post-graduate- level, may vary.

Admission Requirements for Singapore Universities

Admission into Undergraduate Programs in Singaporean Universities

The following minimum admission requirements must be met in order to enroll in an undergraduate program:

You must possess a certificate for Indian Standard 12 from the CBSE, ISC, or state boards.

  • You must possess a certificate for Indian Standard 12 from the CBSE, ISC, or state boards. English is one of the five subjects you need to earn high marks in.
  • The Class 12 curriculum might need to satisfy any prerequisites established by certain university programs.
  • To make sure they are qualified for the specific course, students may be required to take entrance exams before enrolling in a program at a Singaporean university.

Admission to Postgraduate Programs in Singaporean Universities

To be admitted to a master's degree,

  • You must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or its equivalent.
  • For some courses, you need to demonstrate your aptitude, which may entail taking tests like the GMAT and GRE.
  • For instance, the University Entrance Examination (UEE). Course-specific entrance exams are administered by NTU.
  • Interview (at prestigious universities) (in selective universities)
  • For some courses, applicants must have some job experience prior to the start of the academic year. This is crucial if you intend to pursue an MBA in Singapore.

Singapore's English Language Proficiency

Students must demonstrate their English language ability at the time of their application because the majority of university programs use English as their primary language of instruction. You do not need to take any further English language tests if you have successfully completed 12 years of English-medium schooling in India. If not, you'll have to take any of the English examinations needed to enroll in classes in Singapore.

The following are the minimum scores needed for admission to Singaporean universities:

  • IELTS score of 6.5
  • average TOEFL score of 85–100.
  • Band 3 on the Malaysian University English Test (MUET), with a maximum five-year score validity period.
  • PTE - 56-66.

IELTS is preferred by most students and universities worldwide.

Study Without IELTS in Singapore

It is reasonable that students might prefer not to take the IELTS or other comparable tests given that they can be costly, costing between INR 13,000 and 14,000 each. A different option would be to take an English proficiency program in Singapore before enrolling in your degree program. This may take the following forms:

  • Programs for the Foundation / Preparation
  • Certificate programs in English
  • This often entails an extra six months to a year of studying in Singapore, and the programs are typically provided by the university you are registering for.
  • A course or university that doesn't require IELTS is yet another way to pursue a degree without having to take the IELTS exam.

Fortunately, the majority of well-known universities do not require IELTS, thus there are many opportunities available.

Admissions tests for Singaporean universities

To demonstrate their aptitude in the chosen subject of study, students may be required to submit their academic records and the results of aptitude tests to various programs.

According to the course you enroll in, the tests and minimum scores are as follows:

  • The basic criteria for institutions in Singapore vary, however, the SAT is optional.
  • ACT scores are not required for admission to universities. In the event that the admissions committee requests one, you may submit the same.
  • GMAT: 650 for Singapore's best business schools
  • Universities require verbal and quantitative GRE scores of around 300.

Singapore's requirements for visas

You can register for a study visa to Singapore if you've been accepted by a university. The following paperwork is required for this purpose:

  • filled-out passport application for a student visa
  • Financial records
  • results of English language tests
  • copies of your prior institutions' transcripts
  • offer letters from the institution in Singapore
  • Additionally, a medical certificate and two passport-size photos are required.

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