Abroad Education Consultants

Abroad Education Consultants

Consultations about Admissions Have 4 Best Features

Before applying, speak with us if you're unsure about where to begin or if you believe you already know where you're headed but would like professional guidance first. We can assist you to ensure that you're looking at the relevant courses and recommend suitable alternatives thanks to our vast institutional ties.

Speak with our education counselor in person.

Most of our counselors have had experience as international students, so we can relate to you from a real place of empathy and first-hand knowledge.

1. We listen to you

We'll make some great suggestions, and study locations, and give you advice on courses, career paths, available scholarships, and potential financial aid for international students if you tell us about your educational objectives, your interests and skill sets, as well as your preferred lifestyle location.

2. We then finalize the details.

Once we have established your personal and professional objectives, we will conduct extensive research on the universities and institutions that can offer you programs that are in line with your career path and the desired city. We'll make sure you meet the standards for admission and advise you on visa needs.

3. Handle any visa concerns

Our team of specialists in visa documents will make sure you get the proper study visa to continue your studies abroad and that you satisfy all requirements.

4. We'll handle the application process for you.

Let us handle the paperwork for you and ensure everything runs smoothly by communicating with the relevant parties, including the government and your educational institution.

College counseling services

  1. Students can get short-term counseling services to help them deal with their personal problems and emotional issues. On-campus tools are available to aid students with their psychological health and personal growth, including individual counseling sessions, self-help materials, and workshops on a range of subjects. By setting up an in-person, private appointment at Adams Center, students can utilize this program. These services are provided without charge.
  2. A college admissions counselor can offer advice on how to pick a major deliberately, pick universities wisely, polish essays, and put a financial assistance plan into action. In fact, many of the top college admissions consultants have experience working in the admissions departments of prestigious American colleges, giving them a comprehensive understanding of the admissions process, and placing them in a prime position to offer advice on the dos and don'ts of college applications.
  3. As a result, utilizing the expertise of a college admissions coach or consultant can help candidates win top admissions positions. A student can typically only benefit from an expert's viewpoint thoroughly evaluating her applications if she can afford these services. However, utilizing a college admissions consultant does not ensure acceptance to a specific institution.
  4. Families need to be aware that, although being extremely competitive, the college admissions process can occasionally be random, unpredictable, and arbitrary. A strong application could be viewed as weak at one college while being terrific there, and vice versa. Additionally, the decision about admission may be influenced by the applicant reviewer's personal judgment.
  5. Because many college admissions consulting organizations charge exorbitant prices for their services and it's challenging to independently verify outcomes, using college admissions consulting is much easier said than done. Additionally, a lot of the top companies offering these services operate on a national basis and do not have offices spread out across the entire nation. Instead, they operate online to better serve both domestic and foreign clients.
  6. The drawback of this is that many parents are hesitant to hand over significant sums of money to internet experts because they worry, they might not deliver on their promises. As a result, our website is made to assist families in navigating the process of choosing a college consulting firm and to offer the information required to choose a college consultant.
The AECC Skills Personality Assessment entails what?

The FREE Personality Assessment Test from AECC is a customized, interactive abilities evaluation test with a career focus.

This exam is specifically made to assist students to understand their skills and passions, which in turn enables them to choose an appropriate career path and the best course at the university of their choosing.

Why take the free personality and career assessment test?

You might currently believe that going down a particular academic or professional path is a terrific idea. However, if it doesn't fit your personality, you could not feel satisfied, challenged, or inspired.

Finding out what you might love doing, what you might be good at, and even new opportunities you hadn't thought of previously might be made possible by understanding your personality type. When you consider the big picture, knowing your personality type helps guide you in choosing the right courses of study and careers.

A personality test is what?

The underlying principle upon which the AECC Skills Personality Assessment is founded describes how behavioral qualities vary from person to person in diverse contexts and lead to various personality types. The idea behind the exam is based on the presumption that there are 16 different types of people in the world.

Increase the likelihood that your application will be accepted by working with us.

How can you make sure that your application stands out when hundreds of students apply to the best colleges abroad each year?

The secret is selecting the appropriate program and university, followed by creating a solid application and profile. By guiding you through each step of the overseas admission process, our abroad experts help you avoid becoming lost in a sea of applications.

We devise plans to make sure that the applications you submit provide you with the best chance of success after assessing your academic history, looking over your extracurricular activities, and testing your English skills.

We understand that deciding to study abroad is an exciting decision for you, and we'll be there for you every step of the way, whenever you need guidance or support while you're away from home.

We'll examine your application and help you submit it.

We concentrate on the choices and priorities of the pupils. Our counselor can help you narrow down the schools and programs to which you are qualified to apply based on your academic history and other entry requirements. For applying to the universities, you have shortlisted, you can get the list of required documents and other information from our counselor.

You can count on your counselor at AECC Global to submit your completed application and all necessary documents within 24 to 48 hours of receiving them.

Applications for students are often evaluated based on many criteria, including academic quality, English language proficiency, etc. After an application is submitted, the processing period varies from institution to university and is typically 2 to 8 weeks.


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