When to Start Preparing For Bitsat

7 Steps to Get the Best Score in Bitsat by the Right Strategy

When to Start Preparing For Bitsat BITSAT ONLINE

For admission to BITS Pilani, Goa, and Hyderabad's Integrated First Year Degree programs in engineering and pharmacy, candidates must pass the computer-based online BITSAT exam. It is a very competitive exam that is regarded as having a similar level of difficulty to JEE Main. The exam, which has 130 questions and requires 180 minutes to finish, covers topics such as physics, chemistry, math/biology, English proficiency, and logical reasoning. The test center, day, and time are selectable by the candidates, and the results are shown right away. Registration for BITSAT online 2024 is anticipated to open in January, and to be eligible, candidates must have received at least 75% in PCM or PCB in Class 12.

It's critical to adopt a strategic mindset to succeed in BITSAT. The following advice can help you study efficiently and do well on the test:

Notion Clarity: Make sure you fully comprehend each notion. Prioritize intellectual comprehension over memorization.

Frequent Practice: To increase your quickness and problem-solving abilities, practice frequently. To acquire confidence and familiarize yourself with the exam pattern, solve past years' question papers, and take online practice examinations.

Time management: Throughout the exam, make good use of your time. To increase your accuracy and speed, practice answering questions in the allocated time.

Study Resources: Consult the books and resources that are suggested. For in-depth information, start with NCERT textbooks and proceed to additional reference books.

Mock Exams: Take mock exams to evaluate your performance and pinpoint your advantages and disadvantages. Analyze your performance and concentrate on improving your weak points. You can administer practice exams to a coach who has experience with this, and you can also look for test series that will aid in your preparation. If you enroll in Masterclass Space, you'll notice that your practice and learning will be flawless.

Balanced Routine: Keep your schedule in check and give your physical and mental health priority. To be alert and attentive, take pauses, move, and get enough sleep.

Exam Strategies: Get comfortable with the online practice exam and exam interface. Acquire tactics for efficiently allocating time, choosing questions, and marking during the test.


Making a study plan and starting at least three months before the exam day is advised when studying for the BITSAT. Joining Masterclass Space will give you the proper guidance and preparatory resources since certain courses will be quite beneficial. Masterclass Spaces offers both online and offline learning opportunities, along with the option to view recorded videos if you are unable to attend in person. These kids are open to receiving both one-on-one tutoring and group instruction. However, depending on each person's potential, the amount of time needed when to start preparing for bitsat may differ. Some pupils might need to prepare for two years or six months. Prioritizing knowledge, precision, and quickness are crucial. To increase speed and accuracy, it is suggested to study from BITSAT preparation books and NCERT textbooks and to solve problems every day. To help with exam preparation, you can practice English and reasoning, take BITSAT online tests, and enroll in crash courses. Since BITSAT is regarded as having a moderate difficulty level, preparation can begin at the same time as JEE preparation. The consultants at Masterclass Space will also have live conversations with you and your parents so that you can ask any questions you may have.

Here are seven strategies which are suggested by MASTERCLASS SPACE to help you get ready for BITSAT:

Recognize the Syllabus: Learn the topics you should concentrate on throughout your preparation by being acquainted with the BITSAT syllabus.

Study Technique: Make a timetable and set out certain times for each course. Proceed to BITSAT preparation books progressively after finishing your NCERT books.

Practice every day: To increase your accuracy and speed, solve problems regularly and take practice exams. This will enable you to efficiently manage your time and become used to the exam format.

English Mastery: The BITSAT contains fifteen questions on English. To score well, focus especially on this area and practice your vocabulary, grammar, and understanding.

Online Mock Tests: Use online mock tests to get a feel for the format of the BITSAT exam. You'll perform better and become more accustomed to the online format by doing this.

Practice Reasoning: There are reasoning problems on the BITSAT. To improve your logical and analytical reasoning abilities, practice answering questions.

Enroll in a Crash Course: To improve your readiness even more, think about enrolling in a paid crash course or a reputable coaching class. But you should only pursue these once you have worked hard enough on your own.

Recall that BITSAT preparation calls for commitment and persistent work. To increase your chances of passing the test, begin your preparation at least three months in advance and concentrate on knowledge, speed, and accuracy.


It might not be possible to prepare thoroughly for the BITSAT exam in two months. If you want to pass the BITSAT exam, you must be well-prepared, use the appropriate study techniques, and adhere to the recommended reading materials. To do this, you must enroll in a coaching program like MASTERCLASS SPACE, as their instructors are highly qualified and experienced, and they have been in this field for the past seven to eight years. They are all graduates of some of the best universities in India, including BITS Pilani, IIMS, IITS, and many more. Everybody constantly updates their study guides and exam schedules following the latest developments. They have an excellent test series that will help you achieve the highest possible score on the BITSAT. Additionally, it is advised to begin studying six to eight months before the test. However, with concentrated and effective study throughout the two months, you could be able to get a good grade if you already have a strong foundation and are well-versed in the subjects. To familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and build confidence, it is recommended that you solve the previous year's question papers, take practice exams, and answer as many question papers as you can.


There will be questions on Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, English, and Logical Reasoning in the BITSAT 2024 exam. This is how the exam structure will seem:

  1. The test will be administered online using a computer.
  2. The exam will last three hours in total.
  3. Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) will make up the question paper.
  4. The exam will consist of 150 questions in total.
  5. There will be 40 questions in the Physics portion.
  6. There will be forty questions in the Chemistry subject.
  7. There will be 45 questions in the mathematics part.
  8. There will be 45 questions in the biology portion.
  9. There will be thirty questions in the section on English and Logical Reasoning.
  10. Three points will be deducted for each right response.
  11. For each wrong response, one mark will be deducted.
  12. There will be no mark deduction or credit for questions that remain unanswered.

Candidates looking for specific topics in each subject may consult the official BITSAT curriculum. Additionally, you can reach us by email at info@masterclassspace.com or by visiting our website at www.masterclassspace.com.