What Qualities of BITS make it a Globally Recognized Brand

What Qualities of BITS make it a Globally Recognized Brand

BITS make it a Globally Recognized Brand Top 10 Reasons for BITS Being a Global Brand

Adopts International Standards for Teaching: BITS Pilani is an Indian university that follows the model of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It is considered to be among the top Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and in many respects, it surpasses most of them. This includes factors such as physical and academic infrastructure, faculty research and consultancy, curriculum and delivery system, placements, industry interface, cost of education, happiness index, projects, patents, and many more. To verify these claims, you can visit the links provided and investigate for yourself.

Better than many IITs: The reason why there is more discussion about IITs compared to BITS Pilani is that there were originally 7 IITs (before the addition of 8 new IITs), while BITS Pilani remains the only one of its kind. Therefore, it would be unjust to compare the resources of one university with 7 others. Additionally, admission to BITS Pilani is more competitive than to the IITs, with 68 students vying for each seat at BITS, compared to just 54 at IITs

No Reservation System: Admission to BITS Pilani is solely based on merit. This is exemplified by the well-known incident in which KK Birla declined admission to a candidate referred by powerful figures such as Indira Gandhi and other ministers. Even during the time when the reservation policy based on caste lines was being implemented by Arjun Singh and causing controversy throughout the nation, BITS Pilani stood by its principles and opposed the policy, firmly stating that merit should never be compromised. Therefore, if one desires to study among the best and brightest in the country, this is a compelling reason to consider BITS Pilani as the premier educational institution.

Foreign Collaborations: BITS Pilani has established partnerships with numerous foreign universities, enabling students to participate in exchange programs and study abroad after completing a year or two of study at the institution. The institute had the added benefit of collaborating with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, during the period between 1964 and 1970, with support from the Ford Foundation grant.

A Brand that Speaks for Itself: BITS Pilani is a brand name so if you want a tag with yourself after you pass out then this is what you need. If you wish to go abroad to pursue higher studies, then only BITS Pilani and IITs from India are considered at par with each other and hence under the same category.

Direct Admission for Toppers: BITS Pilani provides Direct Admission to the program of their choice at any of the Indian campuses to the top-ranking students of all state and central boards. In the case of boards with multiple zones or regions, such as CBSE and Maharashtra Board, admission is offered to the highest-performing student in each zone/region. If you are one of the top performers among the thousands of students who appear for these board exams, then you are deserving of a seat at BITS Pilani.

Great Alumni Network: BITS Pilani has a robust alumni network, with many of its graduates holding prominent positions in various fields of life. This includes almost every imaginable field. If you are skeptical, let the statistics speak for themselves.

Highly Flexible Culture: BITS Pilani is renowned for its academic flexibility, offering a variety of interdisciplinary programs. For example, you can pursue engineering with a background in science, and even complete your engineering degree in just 3.5 years if you possess the necessary aptitude. You can also choose to study multiple fields of engineering, such as computer science and electrical engineering. With over 150 elective courses available each semester, there are numerous combinations to choose from. The Electrical and Electronics Engineering program at BITS Pilani is regarded as the best in Asia. The cutting-edge O-Lab, sponsored by Sun Microsystems and valued at around 200 crores INR, allows students to engage in real-time chip designing. This lab is only available at three colleges in India: IIT-Kanpur, BITS-Pilani, and IISc Bangalore.

Breaks The Stereotype of 75% Attendance: At BITS Pilani, there is no strict rule regarding attendance like in most IITs and NITs where you are prohibited from taking end-semester exams if you fail to maintain 75% attendance. Here, you have the option of not attending any classes, but you will be evaluated through frequent tests. The students at BITS Pilani are motivated by their dedication and not by any enforced regulations. The institute values the autonomy of its students and allows them to make their own decisions from day one. Students have the freedom to create their schedules, choose their teachers, select their courses, and decide when and how they want to study.

Mandatory Internships: The "Practice School" program at BITS Pilani, which is a mandatory internship program, is recognized as one of the earliest initiatives of its kind in Indian engineering colleges. Through this program, students have the opportunity to gain practical experience in over 400 collaborating companies and firms in India and abroad, which spans approximately eight months within a four-year college tenure.

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Our study materials have been carefully designed and prepared by top-notch faculty members to ensure that they are easily comprehensible. Our teaching methodology includes a question bank-solving session after every lesson, along with regular test series to assess the progress of our students.

At Masterclass Space, we offer personalized sessions to our students to cater to their individual needs, which sets us apart as the top BITSAT tutoring service. We identify the areas where they need more attention and prioritize them accordingly. We also provide unique techniques and tactics to help students tackle difficult questions with ease. We believe that as educators, we must prepare students for the challenges they will face after admission, and we are willing to go the extra mile to ensure their success.

We believe that our success will be defined by the success of our students.

Preparation: Our faculty members are trained to guide students effectively.

Objectives: Lesson objectives and their importance are conveyed to students before starting the lesson. We focus on weaker sections or parts of the curriculum for individual training.

Interesting: Our course books are designed to be easy to understand, with mind maps and flowcharts to aid recall and retention.

Simple lessons: We avoid making topics too complicated and break them down into smaller sections.

Expectations: We regularly take feedback and expectations from students to improve our education quality.


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