Top International Baccalaureate School

What Should Parents Look for in A Top International Baccalaureate School?

When searching for an IB school, keep these three things in mind:

  1. Certification
  2. Resources
  3. Global positioning

Due to the popularity of many internationally recognised curricula, there are frequently several schools in a given region to choose from for each system. It may be useful to know whether the schools you are considering offer the best results based on the curriculum they follow, regardless of whether you have chosen the specific curriculum that is best for your child or you are still making your decision.

What to look for in a top institution offering the International Baccalaureate curriculum is as follows:

1. Certifications
An IB World School accreditation demonstrates that a school has met and continually strives to exceed the IBO's high standards for education. Before doing anything else, check to see if the school has the necessary accreditation. Each IB programme that a true IB school offers must be authorised. If a school is accredited, it adheres to the rigorous requirements of the IB global curriculum. You might discover that not all IB schools provide all programmes, so a student who enrols in an IB school might take IB courses some years but not others.

A school might, for instance, offer the British Curriculum through Year 11 (Grade 10), then the IB Diploma through Years 12 and 13 (Grades 11 and 12). If your child is not in Year 12 or 13, even though the school is regarded as an IB school, they are not enrolled in an IB programme.

2. Resources
To provide an international education, all schools that offer one or more IB Programmes must be well-equipped. Systems will be in place for student assessment, language placement, and curriculum planning in a model International Baccalaureate school.

Effective IB schools have ample resources and provide a wide range of options to accommodate the various needs and passions of their students.

IB Students' STEM Interests International Baccalaureate IB: Everything You Need To Know IB Students Interests STEM Interests of IB students STEM and the International Baccalaureate: What You Need To Know Most IB schools provide various options to accommodate their students' various needs and interests.

3. Global positioning
When selecting an IB school, it may be helpful to review its most recent academic years' average point totals and compare them to the global average score, as well as the average grade. Look at rankings to see where IB Schools stand with other schools and the global average when comparing them. The top IB World Schools have test results that are higher than the global or local average.

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The primary goal of this curriculum is to inspire students to look for connections between their academic studies and situations and scenarios from real life. Eight subjects make up the entire curriculum, which provides a strong foundation for the Diploma Programme. Additionally, our IB MYP tutors assist the students in comprehending the standards used to evaluate the subjects.

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