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Over the past few years, our most comprehensive program has consistently outperformed others. All of our students have access to limitless one-on-one counseling sessions. Our mission is to support every one of our students in getting into the college of their choice!

The Ivy Central Counseling team is always available to the top students at all times. You will work with Masterclass Space. They may be reached via Zoom, WhatsApp, and email and are available to help with every single crucial issue that will enable you to get into the university of your choice.

  • Comprehensive guidance for high school, college, and careers.
  • Developing a thorough profile to make you stand out when applying to colleges.
  • Invitation to all of our live workshops, which are held all year long.
  • Individualized essay guidance. We collaborate with our students to help their essays go from rough draughts to polished pieces. Assisting you in brainstorming, coming up with a gripping story, and directing the students as they write.
  • Preparing for a one-on-one interview. Whether it's for a competitive summer school program, a university interview, or a future job, we work with our students to help them get ready to handle every type of interview they will encounter in the future.
  • College and University Matching. Finding the ideal fit is an essential component of our job. Assisting you in locating the best colleges and universities where the student will succeed academically and enjoy their time with friends.
  • Strategies for applying to colleges and universities. Our method enables students to gain admission to schools.
  • Application Development indefinitely. Whether you are submitting applications to 10 or 20 schools. We will review each line of your application and each essay to ensure that you stand out and have the best chance of winning.
  • Family harmony: Providing everyone with assurance so they can anticipate what to expect along the way. We make the challenging college application process simpler.
  • Support Information Packs include essential details on how to succeed with your applications.
  • Access to specially created content for parents and students.
  • Many more grade-specific goods are geared towards fostering personal development.
  • 8th through 12th grades

International Undergraduate Early Advising Consulting

Our hour-long consultation session concentrates on early guidance, profile development, and analysis. We provide the following services throughout this session:

  1. Profile analysis: We perform a thorough examination of your particular profile.
  2. School selection: Based on your existing profile, we give you a list of possible aspirational, practical, and safe schools. We can also make recommendations for ambitious schools that are a good fit for your profile if you want to continue profile building.
  3. Building a powerful, comprehensive profile: We offer a thorough study of numerous factors that can be helpful. These consist of:
  1. Planning your future education's curriculum,
  2. Choosing classes based on how interested you are in them, and
  3. Identifying specific extracurricular activities that will strengthen your application.
  4. Suggestions for online and offline courses, certificates, examinations, projects, competitions, and portfolios that can strengthen your application.
  5. Recommendations for social impact causes and community service projects.
  6. Advice on prospects for internships and job shadowing at businesses related to your degree choice
  7. Concepts for side projects that demonstrate your enthusiasm for your chosen field of study
  8. Creation of a timeline for carrying out the aforementioned advice and responding to any queries you may have.
  9. Our purpose is to offer you individualized, practical guidance that will improve your chances of being accepted to the schools of your choice.
Premium Undergraduate Admission Consulting

A consulting company called Masterclass Space works with children as young as eighth grade to develop a well-rounded profile that will improve their chances of getting accepted into prestigious undergraduate programs throughout the world. Our years of experience have taught us that universities seek students who can pursue their interests outside of the classroom and beyond their schools or colleges, in addition to those who have strong academic records and participate in extracurricular activities. Because of this, in addition to our admission consultation services, we also provide specialized consultations based on each student's distinctive interests to improve their overall profile.

Each international undergraduate applicant works with our team of knowledgeable admission advisers to determine the two most important factors.

a) For each applicant, we develop a unique profile that is utilized to choose the colleges and universities that are the most appropriate.

b) By matching candidates with schools that are aspirational, practical, and safe, we increase their chances of success.

We have assisted students from prestigious IB/IGCSE/A-Level schools in gaining admission to prestigious foreign universities.

Premium Undergraduate Admission Consulting Services include the following services:

Understanding a candidate's profile and performing an initial assessment to learn more about their past and qualifications are both components of profiling evaluation.

Building a profile: To assist candidates in developing a distinctive profile that highlights their abilities and accomplishments, we offer specialized profile-building consulting sessions based on a candidate's interests and engagement.

Brainstorming Session: To create a compelling narrative for a candidate's profile, we gather information about a candidate's short- and long-term goals, strengths, and limitations.

University Selection: Using the information above, we choose 15–18 universities that are a "right fit" for the applicant. From this list, they can pick and submit applications to ten universities.

CV: We provide services like review, profile development, and editing to help candidates improve their CVs.

We also help with scholarship applications, including essay writing and interview practice for both internal and external university applications.

Essays: We assist candidates in creating a distinctive tale and offer a plan and direction for each essay based on the brainstorming session. We provide sample essay forms, limitless revisions, editing, and other assistance.

Statements of Purpose: We offer each SOP strategy and guidance, as well as template formats, examples of previous essays, limitless revisions, and editing.

Letters of Recommendation: We help with the selection of referees for LORs, offer guidance and strategy for each LOR, and provide template forms, examples of previous essays, unlimited modifications, and editing.

Financial Document Collation: To assist in compiling all pertinent documents necessary by individual colleges, we hold a financial document consulting session.

We assist in gathering and filling out the necessary visa documents and assist with performing practice visa interview rounds.

Premium MBA Admission Consulting

At Masterclass Space, we are adamant that you hold the key to gaining admission to a business school. Nevertheless, we recognize that the application procedure can be overwhelming, which is why we provide a variety of tools to help you accomplish your objectives.

We offer a wide range of tools, such as profile analysis, program matching, personalized timeline strategy formulation, and strategy development for C.V., essays, and LORs. We also offer to edit and review services to make sure your application is flawless.

Depending on where you are in the process, how much support you need, and how many schools you need aid with, we offer several options. We are committed to giving you the support you need for you to succeed.

As part of Premium MBA Admission Consulting, the following services are provided:

A candidate's unique story is thoroughly understood and analyzed through the process of "profile sculpting," which entails holding brainstorming sessions.

The candidate can choose from a list of 10 to 12 "right-fit" business schools and submit applications to three or five of those schools using the program matching method.

A personalized timeline approach is made to make sure that all application components are finished by the deadlines set by the individual schools.

Connections with Alumni: Clients are put in touch with appropriate Alumni.

CV: To increase the chances of the candidate succeeding, the CV is examined, modified, and created.

Application for Scholarships: Our services include essay writing and interview preparation for applicants applying for scholarships both inside and outside of academic institutions.

Essays: Based on the brainstorming session, we create a distinctive story for the candidate. We also offer template formats, past sample essays, and a strategy and direction for each essay. Additionally included are unlimited editing, proofreading, and statement of purpose services.

Statements of Purpose: We give strategy and direction for each SOP, template format, and past sample essays. We also assist in nominating references. There are unending rounds of editing and proofreading.

We offer assistance with recommending referees for LORs, guidance, and strategy for LORs, template forms, and example essays. Additionally, we offer limitless editing and proofreading.

MBA Interview Preparation: This entails conducting unique mock MBA interview rounds for each institution that extends an invitation.

Financial Document Collation: To assist in gathering all pertinent documents necessary by specific colleges, financial document consulting sessions are held.

Visa Documentation & Interviews: By gathering and completing all visa documents and holding dummy visa interview rounds, we assist with visa documentation and interviews.

Masterclass Space is an online platform that has Best College Admissions Consultants for 2023 and offers admission consulting services to students who want to study in the US. Their team of knowledgeable advisors offers individualized direction and help throughout the application procedure. Their goal is to support students in achieving their academic objectives by giving them the tools and resources they require for success.

Masterclass Space is the top admissions consulting service for US institutions because of the following characteristics:

Personalized Approach: Masterclass Space provides admission consulting with a personalized approach. Each student's demands and requirements are carefully considered, and they supply individualized solutions in accordance. To assist students in developing a compelling application that highlights their abilities and accomplishments, their consultants work closely with them.

Experienced Consultants: A team of experts with years of experience working in the US higher education system makes up Masterclass Space. They have a thorough understanding of the admissions process and may offer students insightful information and assistance.

Wide-ranging Services: Masterclass Space provides several services, such as application review, essay editing, interview practice, and visa support. They make sure that students are ready for each step of the application process and offer thorough support to them throughout.

Success Rate: Masterclass Space has a strong track record of getting students accepted to prestigious US universities.

Numerous students have been assisted by their advisers in getting into Ivy League universities and other prominent institutions.

Affordability: Masterclass Space provides its US admission consulting services at a fair price. Regardless of their financial situation, they think every student should have access to high-quality admission advice.

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