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How to Boost Your BITSAT Score with the Best Mock Test Series!

Best Mock Test Series for BITSAT The BITSAT 2023 results will be available online at bitsadmission.com. Candidates will be able to see and download their BITSAT result 2023 in the form of a scorecard. Candidates must log in with the relevant credentials to download the BITSAT 2023 scorecard. While participants will be able to check their scores in the form of a total number of correct and incorrect answers immediately following the exam, the BITSAT scorecard 2023 will incorporate moderated marks. Qualified candidates will be able to participate in the BITSAT 2023 counseling session. During the counseling session, the authorities will disclose the Iterations for each round of BITSAT counseling in the form of admit and waitlist.

Candidates whose names appear on the admit list will be assigned seats in participating institutes, but students on the waitlist will have to wait for allotment in the next Iteration round. Read on to get more about BITSAT 2023 Results.

Table of Contents

  • Downloading BITSAT 2023 Scorecard/Result
  • Date of BITSAT 2023 Results
  • How can a candidate check their BITSAT 2023 results if they have forgotten their application number?
  • Tie-Breaker Rules in the BITSAT 2023 Exam Marking Scheme
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the BITSAT 2023 Result

How to Download the BITSAT 2023 Scorecard/Result

Candidates can download their BITSAT 2023 result/scorecard by following the instructions outlined below.

Visit bitsadmission.com.

  • Click on the BITSAT 2023 scorecard link.
  • Candidates must enter their application number and password.
  • Click the 'Proceed' button.
  • View the BITSAT 2023 outcome
  • Download and print the BITSAT 2023 scorecard.

Date of BITSAT 2023 Result
See the table below for the whole BITSAT 2023 exam schedule.

Dates Upcoming Exam Dates
2nd June '23 - 23rd June '23 Apply for Admission with 12th Grades and Programme Preferences
24th June '23 - 26th June '23 BITSAT 2023 Application Form Editing of Marks/Preferences
1 Jul '23 After Iteration I, the BITSAT 2023 Admit List and Waitlist will be announced.

How can candidates check their BITSAT 2023 result if they have forgotten their application number?

In the event that a candidate forgets his or her BITSAT application number, they will have the option to check their BITSAT result 2023. All candidates must do is follow the steps outlined below:

Click the following link: Have you forgotten your application number or password?

  • Enter the registered mobile number, email address, and birth date.
  • Press the 'Submit' button.
  • After providing all of the aforementioned information, the candidate will be able to access his/her BITSAT result.

Merit list for BITSAT 2023
The BITSAT 2023 merit list will be prepared by the authorities based on the candidates' performance in the entrance examination. During the BITSAT 2023 counseling, two sorts of merit lists are generated and disseminated.

BITSAT 2023 Admit List - The names of candidates who met the BITSAT 2023 cutoff are included on this list. Candidates whose names appear on the BITSAT admit list will be invited to participate in the BITSAT 2023 admissions counseling.
BITSAT 2023 Wait List - This list includes the names of candidates who will be called for admission if a seat becomes available.

BITSAT 2023 Exam Tie-Breaker Rules

Admission to programs provided by BITS' various campuses is entirely based on merit and the scores obtained by candidates in the BITSAT entrance exam. Candidates must also ensure that they meet all eligibility standards, including the minimum marks required in the Class XII Board test or equivalent qualifying exam.

If two or more candidates have the same BITSAT score, a tie-breaker will be used according to the following rules:

Candidates' BITSAT scores in Mathematics/Biology (For BPharm) topics will be used to compile the merit list.
If the tie remains, the applicants' scores in the Physics component of the BITSAT exam will be used to produce the merit list.
If the tie remains, the candidates' scores in the Chemistry part of the BITSAT 2019 will be considered.
If the tie remains, the total marks of applicants in their Class 12 examination in PCM/PCB (for BPharm) will be considered.

How to Get a BITSAT Score of 350 or Higher?
Steps to achieve a BITSAT score of 350 or higher:

1. Increase your BITSAT speed.
To increase your BITSAT speed, take mock tests or join an online test series. Participating in a test series really increased my speed on the BITSAT exam. It provided a realistic exam-hall experience at home.

The BITSAT exam series used to tell me how much time I spent on each question, as well as how much time I spent on questions I'd attempted, skipped, or attempted but with erroneous answers.

2. Understand when to attempt the question
"Half knowledge is dangerous," I learned. Either know the solution and obtain the proper response or don't read the question at all, simply blink and pass the test.

For example, if you try attempting a question, you spend 20-30 seconds reading and understanding the question and then attempt it in another 2 minutes, but you do not get any answer or get the wrong answer, your 2.5 minutes are wasted, and if you do the same thing in 10 such questions, you end up wasting 25 minutes in the examination hall.

So, with only a peek at the question, you should decide whether to attempt it or not. Believe me, if you prepare well and use this strategy, you can easily pass the BITSAT exam.

3. Discover shortcuts after consulting solutions
Always refer to solutions after the tests. You might discover some shortcuts you hadn't considered before. When taking an online test, do as little rough work as feasible. On the day of BITSAT, you will be issued a scratch pad with only 8 little sheets for rough work.

BITSAT Scores - Frequently Asked Questions

Is it simple to score well on the BITSAT?

Scoring well in BITSAT is difficult; it is only achievable if you improve your speed and precision, exactly like in JEE Main.

What is a decent BITSAT score?

A BITSAT score of 300 or higher is regarded good. To get into a top branch at BITS, attempt to improve your BITSAT score to 350.

Is 350 a good BITSAT score?

In the BITSAT, a score of 350 is excellent. It will almost certainly get you a seat at BITS-Pilani. In order to achieve 350 on the BITSAT, try 12 extra questions after completing the 130 questions.

Do BITSAT questions repeat themselves?
In BITSAT, the chances of questions repeating are extremely minimal. Candidates must solve BITSAT previous year's mock exams to practice the level of questions asked in the exam because BITSAT does not offer question papers.

Best BITSAT Study Guide
Arihant's BITSAT book is widely regarded as one of the best. NCERT textbooks are essential for passing BITSAT. They frequently frame queries directly from the NCERT text. You can also consult BITSAT prep books.

The Masterclass Space for BITSAT is an excellent resource for students who want to excel on the BITSAT exam. The online platform provides access to high-quality lectures and study materials offered by expert faculty members who are familiar with the BITSAT exam structure and syllabus. The BITSAT Masterclass Space also provides personalized feedback and assistance to students, allowing them to recognize their strengths and weaknesses and work on them accordingly. Visit us at www.masterclassspace.com with its extensive curriculum, user-friendly design, and expert assistance, the Masterclass Space’s BITSAT Test Series can be a useful asset for any student studying for the BITSAT exam.