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Planning to Study in Singapore? Must know these Success Eligibility Criteria

Study Abroad Consulting Services in Singapore Singapore is one of the most popular destinations for students to further their studies. More and more students are starting to prefer to complete their higher education in Singapore owing to its excellent academic infrastructure facilities and work opportunities that it offers its graduates.

In Singapore, numerous universities provide a diverse selection of different degrees. Attending a higher education institution in Singapore would provide you with an incomparable standard of knowledge and networking, as several students from all across the globe come to Singapore to acquire quality education. In addition to this, there are also good opportunities for you for your career goals as Singapore's employment market has been booming, which presents you with a wide range of professional possibilities. There are several global enterprises there, and it would be much easier to find work there if you already are seeking your education in Singapore.

But to get admission at a university in Singapore are certain criteria that you will need to fulfill before you can get into a Singaporean university of your preference. But the information required for the pool of universities and their eligibility requirements is vast and can be quite distressing. But with the aid of good study abroad consultancy services, it can be made simpler. There are numerous alternative fields of study and specializations to choose from. Finding the course that suits your strengths the best can be made easy with the help of one of the pre-eminent study abroad consulting services in Singapore.

In this blog, we will take a look at the eligibility criteria you will need to fulfill as a student aspiring to receive higher education at an international institute in Singapore. In addition to that, we will introduce you to the best undergrad admission consultants, Masterclass Space.

Eligibility Requirements for Admission to Universities in Singapore

If you are thinking about pursuing your education in a foreign land, Singapore is the place to be. With the top-of-the-world institutions of learning and nurturing nature of its institutions towards the growth of all their international applicants, Singapore offers tremendous possibilities for a bright future.

To be admitted to their prominent universities, the institutions have a few qualifying conditions that they ask all of their overseas students to meet. With a growing number of universities offering a wide variety of courses, it is difficult to keep track of requirements for an individual institution or course. This is where the guidance of study abroad consultancy services comes into play.

Academic Transcripts- As a student, you will be required to produce proof regarding your academic career up to the time of applying for admission to the university.

  • Undergraduate Program Admission- For admission into undergraduate programs in any Singaporean University you are required to have completed at least 12 years of education in any recognized school in India. You are to have good grades in at least 5 subjects in High school including English.
  • Postgraduate Program Admission- For admission to postgraduate programs in any Singaporean university you are required to have completed at least 16 years of education from a recognized institute in India. You must possess a Bachelor’s degree in the field of study you are applying for at a Singaporean university. There are no minimum or maximum GPA requirements, it differentiates course to course and university to university. Nevertheless, having a good GPA will go a long way.

Entrance Exams- Universities in Singapore might have their entrance exams. These exams too differ from university to university and course to course. Some universities may have them some don’t, whereas, universities might have entrance exams for a few of the courses that it offers. All universities don’t need to conduct them. Inquire with the university you want to apply to beforehand, and start your preparation.

English Language Competency- Providing proof of your level of English Language proficiency is a must for all higher learning institutions all across the globe. It is something inescapable. With various tests that measure your English proficiency, like the IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE. All universities have their average score requirements and they might even differ among the courses.

English Proficiency Test Average Score for Universities in Singapore
IELTS 6.0-6.5 (7.0+ for top-ranking institutions)
TOEFL 85 - 100
PTE 55-65

Although, it is not mandatory to attempt these exams for you to be able to acquire a spot at a university. You can be exempted from giving these exams if you have studied in an English medium school and completed 12 years of schooling in English. This alone will provide proof to the institute that you are competent in English enough to be given admission into their university. This exemption also depends on the individual university.

Standardized Tests- There are a few standardized tests that measure your aptitude. Like the GMAT and GRE test scores are to be produced if you want to get admitted to any postgraduate program, especially for a management degree. The score requirements again differ among institutes and courses. SAT and ACT for undergraduate admissions are optional and are only asked to be attempted by a handful of universities.

Standardized Test Average Score Required
GMAT 650-720
GRE 155-168 (for both verbal and quant sections)

These are the most basic requirements that every international student has to fulfill to get admission to any university in Singapore. All these criteria can be easily fulfilled with help from a prominent study abroad consulting services in Singapore, Masterclass Space.

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