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How MasterclassSpace Provides SAT Training in Singapore?

SAT Training and Preparation in Singapore Key to Effective and Efficient Studying

Studying for SAT or any other subject could be hectic and boring for the students but it is a crucial one as this exam has been designed in such a way that the examiner as well as the admission committee gets an idea about the student’s skills merely by looking at the percentile. It also judges how many skills the students have gained at the high school level and how well they are able to implement their knowledge. And therefore, it is important to look for methods and ways to make studying efficient (doing things in less time) and effective (focusing on important topics). Here are a few ways to ace your examinations

  • Understanding the Study Material

    • Make the best use of technology: Be it YouTube or your online SAT prep coaching in Singapore, learn to make the best use of the resources provided. Do not skip any module as these will only help shape your understanding.
    • Use your keywords and mind map: Be it your teachers or any other virtual platform, the primary key to succeeding in your exams is SELF STUDY. Your own mind maps along with SAT classes and training will help you get the best possible percentile.
    • Try teaching the concepts: Teaching the concepts will not only help you memorise what you have learned but also give you an understanding of the concepts which need to be focussed upon.
    • Put everything on paper: Always make notes as noting down the important topics helps you to retain more. Make your own notes as per your language and understanding so that you are able to access them and revise the topics.

  • Keeping yourself focused and motivated

    • Follow a study timetable: it is important to organise your time and schedule it without being too harsh. It has been witnessed very often that students actively form their schedules but fail to follow them hence, make your schedule according to your convenience and commit to yourself to follow it diligently.
    • Less use of electronic devices: Students are more addicted to social media than anything else. Mindlessly scrolling not only wastes your precious hours but also leads to a decrease in your learning capacity. Therefore, turn off your mobile phones during your study hours and take a temporary break from social media if you are really determined to perform well in your SAT as well as board exams.
    • Get time for yourself: It is important to give some time to yourself to rejuvenate your energy and retain what you have learned. Follow the Pomodoro technique for studying. Under this technique, study in the time slots of 25 mins and then take a 5 mins break. Repeat this cycle 4 times and then take a 20 mins break. This technique works magically.
    • Do activities that you love doing: Some students tend to skip their sports routines or their hobbies for the sake of studies. “Never Do That” NEVER!!! These activities help you to gain the best while studying without overburdening yourself.

  • Some Tips For SAT:

    • Tips for the reading section:-
      • Take inferences from the passages to draw conclusions.
      • Always understand the theme and point of view of the paragraph in order to frame the answers.
      • Thorough reading and analysis is the key to scoring marks in this section. Jumping from paragraph to paragraph and passage to passage will lead to you missing out on some major points.
      • Read the first and last paragraph first so that it becomes easy for you to draw conclusions and write answers in sync with the paragraph.
      • Read the passage with utter sincerity from top to bottom which will help you to identify the errors appropriately.

    • Tips for the writing section:-

      • In this section, you will be given deliberate errors in the passage and you will be expected to correct or improve those errors.
      • Try to edit the passage in the same context as given in the passage.
      • Develop good reading skills. This plays the most important role to identify errors and write them in the given context.
      • Practice typing as the chances of spelling and grammatical mistakes increase during computer-based examinations.

    • Tips for the maths sections:-

      • The idea behind this is to test the flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency of the students.
      • The only key to scoring well in this section is PRACTICE. Practice as many questions as possible in order to get an idea of the pattern and variety of questions.
      • Learn elimination methods, linear equations, and graphs as these topics have a high probability of being asked.
      • While solving the questions, highlight the important parts so that it becomes easy for you to solve.

SAT Training and Preparation
Masterclass Space Approach for SAT Training in Singapore

At MasterclassSpace, we priorities SAT exam preparation along with training our students personally to keep them motivated all throughout their SAT prep journey. We conduct personal mentorship sessions for our students so that they are focused on their goals without stressing too much over things. We have more than seven batches running for SAT classes in Singapore, which allows our students to join any batch according to their convenience.

Our world-class faculty members believe in nurturing and polishing the skills of our students with the best possible knowledge in the most simplified manner. Being experienced professionals, they know about teaching diverse student bases which serve as an advantage. The teachers and their classes are not restricted to only specified hours, rather they are available for the students at any point in time through virtual mediums.

For the students who find it difficult to keep the pace between SAT preparation and their school, we have online classes for SAT Preparation and Training in Singapore with no compromise in the quality of SAT Training in Singapore. As mentioned above, teaching your lessons to others will help you retain them in a better manner, and by prioritizing this technique, we have built our teaching ecosystem. We conduct regular quizzes and debates for students so that they can speak out about what they have studied. This actually makes the SAT prep and training more interesting.

No wonder it is a difficult task to crack SAT along with the pressure of 12th exams but with these tips, time management, determination, and Masterclass Space will lead you toward your dream college in Singapore. Our various SAT classes in Singapore have started both online as well as in person. So, if you are looking for the best guidance, best mentors, best test preparations, best support, and best coaching in Singapore, book your free demo session with Masterclass Space now. This is your sign to score a perfect 1600 on your SAT and get into your dream college.

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