SAT Prep Tips and Tricks

Key Tips to Ace your Digital SAT Exam

Top 11 Tips to ace your SAT Exam

Shortlist the most probable answers

For the MCQ-based questions in the SAT exam, it is important to shortlist the most relevant answers. This serves dual benefits. It helps in using the time efficiently and also, writing the most appropriate answers. It is advisable to analyze the options properly so that you reach the most appropriate conclusion.

Learn and grow from your mistakes

Throughout your SAT prep journey, it is important to build an attitude of learning through your mistakes and trying not to repeat the same trend. For any exam, consistency is the key to success. Being consistent with the practice you will witness a dramatic improvement in your performance over a period. Some of the most commonly followed trends which you should also keep in mind are:

  • Not reading the paragraphs attentively
  • Running out of time
  • Inability to understand the questions properly
  • Being ignorant

Read the comprehension with sincerity and focus

Generally, the students do not go through the paragraphs properly and due to this, they are not able to perform the reading sections well. But the reading section in the SAT exam is one of the most scoring ones. The questions only revolve around comprehension. If you are able to get a hang of the paragraph, then the reading section can fetch you full marks.

Read the Questions First

It is advised to read the questions first in the reading section because it helps the students to build a strategy for answering them. When you are able to recognize the keywords in the questions and relate them to the paragraph then the chances of judging the correct answer increase to a significant extent.

Never skip the introductory paragraph

Every passage starts with an introductory paragraph that showcases some details about the authors, characters, and the overall plot. Sometimes, questions are framed in this introductory passage as well. Therefore, skipping this might lead to you skipping some of the most important points. Therefore, take the entire passage very seriously.

Learn the formulas

The best and the only way to score well in the mathematics section is to be well-versed in the formulas. If you are not good with the formulas, it becomes nearly impossible to attempt this section appropriately. Although there is a reference sheet provided, constantly checking the formulas will hamper your efficiency. Therefore, memorizing them is the best way out.

Shortlist the Difficult Questions and resolve them

To ensure that you get a hang of every concept, always keep a list of questions that include a different concept, and make sure that you practice them before appearing for the final exam. This will give you the right direction for your preparation and get better questions for the last-minute revisions.

Be Well Versed with the Grammar Rules

To determine the accuracy of the option provided in the MCQ section, it is crucial to know every small rule of grammar. This will help you to see through the lines and help you in choosing the most appropriate answer. The key to achieving this accuracy is practice, practice, and only practice.

What if you are stuck in a dilemma between two options?

There are many questions where you will find yourself stuck between the two best options but this is what the examiner wants to test. They want to test your judgment and accuracy to conclude a final answer. Therefore, to overcome this it is advised to choose the best answer which you find better. Merely, guessing the answer won’t help you rather analyzing it based on the paragraph is what is expected from the candidate.

Aim to keep the reader Engaged

For the writing section, it is important to maintain the flow of the article you write to maintain the interest of the reader. Interlinking the paragraphs and putting some logical discussions forward will fetch you some extra points. Always remember, it is about a fair and well-written paragraph and not only about fancy language. Supporting your arguments with some good examples is another very useful way of increasing engagement.

Keep all your documents ready one day prior to the exam day

Some of the important documents required are:
  • Admission ticket
  • Identity proof
  • Stationery items

Keep all these documents handy so that you do not feel pressured at the last moment. Stay calm, and do not panic. Stay confident that you have given your full potential and that you will be able to ace your SAT exam.

How are Digital SAT scores determined?

The new digital SAT score has been bifurcated into two parts. Each part consists of two sections. The two parts are:
  • Reading and Writing Section-
  • This part is further divided into two sections. The ideal time to complete each section is 30 minutes and contains 40 questions.

  • Mathematics Section
  • This part is further divided into two sections. The ideal time to complete each section is 35 minutes and contains 40 questions.

The maximum score in the SAT exam is 1600 while the minimum is 400. In order to get an understanding of how the SAT percentile is determined visit Masterclass Space.

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