SAT Online Live Classes in Singapore

Improve SAT Scores Through Masterclass Spaces SAT Online Live Classes in Singapore!

SAT Online Live Masterclass Space Classes run exactly like the ones you took in high school. In an SAT online live class in Singapore, you have a real-life teacher and a few real-life peers. Raise your hand, ask questions, and obtain your teacher and fellow students' responses.

What it does

Create an account for your masterclass space and finish our 90-minute diagnostic. Your diagnostic results will be used to offer you individualized, focused lessons and quizzes right away.

Get started with SAT live online training on Singapore learning and get feedback right immediately by obtaining your first set of personalized homework assignments from our online learning system.

Group up with your teacher and your classmates. In an easy-to-use online classroom with voice, video, and a shared whiteboard, you can learn from a knowledgeable instructor and your fellow students.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive responses from the primary teacher in each class. With our small lessons, you receive genuine one-on-one assistance from a knowledgeable teacher who is familiar with you.

You will receive individual homework tasks between each class to ensure that you understand the material. Additionally, you'll take timed, comprehensive practice exams so you can consolidate your knowledge on test day. By the time you're done, we promise that your SAT score will have increased by at least 160 points or 4 points.

A subject matter expert in the area of study for each session serves as the instructor. As a result, if you enroll in a class on advanced math strategy, your instructor will be an expert in the tips and strategies for answering the trickiest math questions on the test. Although many of our professors have many areas of expertise, you might also collaborate with a few other teachers as you prepare. But don't worry; each teacher will be aware of your top concerns, the areas you've found difficult, and your current progress before the class ever meets, so they'll be able to assist you in improving your score.

You don't have to take our word for it; we guarantee that by the time you finish our program, your SAT score will have increased by at least 160 points or four points, respectively. Attending every class, taking every practice exam that has been given to you, and mastering every skill in our Complete Prep program are all required to complete the program.

We truly promise to raise your actual, official SAT or ACT score, unlike other services. Send us your most recent official score from before you started preparing with us and your official score from the SAT after you finish the program if you don't see a 160+ SAT point improvement. Naturally, we guarantee our points increase up to a 1530 on the SAT, even if we are unable to get you a 1600 on the SAT. You are firmly in the 99th percentile with those results, and many of our students achieve even better marks or flawless marks!


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