SAT Examination

Top Things to Know to Succeed with Digital SAT Preparation

The SAT, which stands for "Scholastic Assessment Test," is an entrance exam for students hoping to enroll in undergraduate programs at institutions outside of their home countries, particularly those in the US and Canada. It is a written, paper-and-pencil test that assesses applicants' language and quantitative reasoning abilities. Additionally, the institutions you apply to examine your SAT results when evaluating your application for admission.

It is a three-hour, multiple-subject exam but now as it'll be in a digital form there are many changes and alterations made to this. As mentioned above, the time SAT has been altered to 2 hours, and changes in the Math section have also been made.

Students should be aware of the changes made as they must be updated regarding the pattern of the examination they'll be attempting.

College Board announced the commencement of digital SAT for international students fronting 2023 but for the students in the US, the digital pattern will be implemented from spring 2024. Thus, the students there will attend the SAT offline examination this year.

This blog will update you and help you regarding the confusion of SAT and other aspects of the examination and will throw light on the prestigious institute, Masterclass Space which offers excellent preparation for the SAT examination with great guidance and study material.

Table of contents

  • Digital SAT study material
  • Digital SAT preparation
  • Digital SAT terms and conditions

SAT Examination Digital SAT study material

If you wish to be admitted to a top college in India, the digital SAT has become a significant criterion in getting admission to universities or schools overseas.

Here are some of the top Digital SAT study tools that will give you the best chance of succeeding on the test:

  • The first and most significant resource for preparing for the Digital SAT is a book. When it comes to digital SAT study materials or a digital SAT preparation book, one can look up various bookstores or online sites for the preparation books. These books help one in clearing their concepts and reading and learning the matter. These books help in gaining familiarity with questions for the examination and make one well-prepared.

  • Another very useful resource for preparation for the SAT examination is practicing mock test papers and past year papers and solving digital practice tests provided by the college board. By taking a Digital SAT Practice Test, students can become accustomed to the format of the real exam and assess their problem-solving skills. A practice test not only enables one to comprehend the framework of the exam but also enables one to recognize areas of weakness and most difficulties.

  • Students can learn about the range of the Digital SAT exam by completing the previous year's question paper and sample paper. It will be a huge assistance to get ready for the exam.

  • Students who intend to take the Digital SAT should familiarise themselves with the syllabus and practice using the College Board's approved Digital SAT Sample Papers.

  • Students can make use of the digital Bluebook provided by the college board on which students can practice the mock paper series and other questions and clear their concepts and confusion regarding the pattern.

  • Another very useful source for students preparing to Ace the SAT examination is joining coaching institutes that offer courses for the SAT examination preparation. Institutes like Masterclass Space offer great assistance and courses for SAT. One can join these and make themselves well prepared to face the examination.

SAT Examination Digital SAT preparation

The main factor in getting into the top universities abroad is getting a good score on the SAT examination for which students need to prepare very well.

The students need to be well prepared because the competition is high as it's a worldwide race of students to get into the top universities they've always dreamed of.

There are many ways in which students can prepare for the SAT examination. As every student is different and has a different mindset with grasping skills, students should study and prepare the way they're most comfortable.

Certain test preparation tips are as follows:

  • One must practice answering questions and papers for SAT. Many resources are providing mock test papers including the digital SAT Bluebook itself. Thus, one can prepare for SAT examination using these and make themselves comfortable with the pattern of questions.
  • One must begin with basic chapters and learning them at the start should be easier to focus more on the preparation.
  • Focusing on theories and formulas is very important and an easy way to solve math equations in less time with lesser mistakes.
  • Keeping a track of time one practice papers and questions is very beneficial as time is a crucial aspect of giving SAT examinations.
  • Grammar rules should be prepared because they are useful for solving the passages and grammar portions.
  • Developing reading speed is quite necessary because once again you don't want to waste time reading passages slowly.
  • Relearning the fundamentals from start and keeping track and revising all the concepts to not forget the details.
  • SAT preparation services provided by organizations are beneficial and one must try to opt for these.

By using these, one can prepare for the exam and can join institutions like Masterclass Space to get more benefits and help in the process of SAT preparation.

SAT Examination Digital SAT terms and conditions

As the digital SAT examination will start in spring 2023 for international students, several terms and conditions are to be followed in the examination.

Some are as follows:

  • Students must have a Wi-Fi-connected testing device that is eligible. A personal or institutionally managed Windows laptop or tablet, an institutionally managed Mac laptop or iPad, or an institutionally managed Chromebook are all examples of eligible testing equipment. The digital SAT cannot be taken on a mobile device.
  • Before going to the test location, students must download the Application on their testing device. Before the test day, students using a testing device managed by the school must coordinate with the school to install the Bluebook app. Bluebook will already be installed on any testing equipment that is made available at the test center.
  • Students must log in with the details on the Bluebook app and attempt examination.
  • They cannot open any other application or copy and paste things as it'll result in the cancellation of their examination.
  • Students' answers will be sent to College Board automatically if their Testing Device is online when the SAT ends.

One must follow these and keep these in their mind as they're necessary for the SAT examination.

Not following these might result in the cancellation of the SAT examination.

SAT Examination
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