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When Should You Take SAT in Junior & Senior Year of High School

A high SAT score is critical for admission to top foreign universities, and the test is one of the most standardized in the world. This exam is taken by students from all over the world in order to gain admission to a prestigious college. As a result, many students opt to take the SAT exam in high school, where they believe they are well-prepared for one of the world's most difficult tests. Since the SAT covers a wide range of subjects, students typically take it only when they are confident that they are prepared for each subject and that they have taken the SAT practice tests. The SAT Exhaustive Course from Masterclass Space is one of the best you will find for SAT Exam preparation in India.

When should you take the SAT?

The answer to this problem is a complex one, and many students end up on the wrong path. Some take it too early, while others wait too long. The answer to this question depends on a student's ability to learn. As long as you're good enough, you can take it up early if you desire an advantage over your peers. In order to get into a college based on SAT scores, students must keep in mind that the scores are only good for five years and that institutions want to examine students' current ability. As part of Masterclass Space's Best SAT Classes, we teach our students how to approach the test, how to approach each portion of the test, and how to make effective use of their study time, all of which leads to excellent results in a fair amount of time and effort.

Junior Year of High School

The College Board provides the SAT seven times a year: August, October, November, December, March, May and June. Being in a junior year, you have many possibilities. One option is to wait until senior year taking the exam in junior year is optional, and there is no evidence that taking the exam more than once has any value. We would recommend taking the exam in your junior year of high school if you plan on going to prestigious places like the league's leading colleges or universities. The months of May and June are two of the most popular times of year for juniors.

Senior Year of High School

First of all, if you took the exam in junior year and your results are strong for your top pick universities, there's no need to take the exam again. On the other hand, you should retake the SAT if your results compare poorly to those of students who have already graduated at your top choice colleges. If you're a senior applying early action or early decision, you'll most likely need to take the August or October examinations. Scores from tests later in the fall probably will not reach colleges in time. It's possible that even the October exam will be too late for some students at their current school. If you're applying for normal admission, don't put off the exam too long; if you become sick on exam day or have other issues, you won't be able to retake it.

If you want to know early on how you might do on the SAT, enroll into Masterclass Space's SAT Exhaustive Program and take a practice exam under test-like conditions. It's less expensive than taking the real SAT, and you won't get penalized for taking the test too early if you do poorly.

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