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Taking the SAT can be both stressful and boring, and sitting in a testing centre on a Saturday morning is no one's idea of a good time. So, why take the SAT? You may have heard that more and more colleges are making standardised tests optional; therefore, is it still worthwhile to take the SAT? In this article, we'll go over all of the reasons why you should take the SAT, including why it may be a better test for you than the ACT and SAT Exam Preparation Classes in Singapore.

Standardised test scores are important in college admissions, but they also have value outside of college admissions: taking the SAT can earn you tens of thousands of dollars in financial aid or help you get a job! The following are the five most important reasons to take the SAT.

Why should you take the SAT?

Here are five important reasons given by Masterclass Space -

1: Majority of Colleges Require Test Scores.

Some colleges do not require test scores—they are test-optional or even completely test-blind. Test-optional policies grew in popularity due to the coronavirus pandemic when many students could not take the SAT. Most schools made tests optional only temporarily, but some made the change permanent.

However, standardised test scores are still an important part of the application process, and most colleges want to see your SAT results. Even if a school does not require standardised tests, having a high test score will boost your application and help you stand out from the crowd. If you choose not to take the SAT, you may limit the colleges to which you can apply and miss out on an opportunity to make your application even more impressive.

Taking the SAT thus keeps a significant number of college options open to you that would otherwise be closed to you.

2: Scholarships are Available for High Achievers.

Colleges frequently award top applicants merit-based financial aid. Test scores are frequently one of the most important factors in determining which students receive and do not receive scholarships. Even if the schools you're applying to are test-optional, SAT scores may be required for financial aid. Because financial aid packages are frequently worth tens of thousands of dollars, taking the SAT to be eligible for these awards is well worth your time.

3: It May be required by Your State or High School. Surprise! Even if none of the colleges you're applying to require the SAT, you may end up taking it if your high school requires it or you live in one of the states that do. In these cases, you will take the SAT during the school day. You can send scores from these in-school tests to colleges in the same way you would any other SAT score, but you are not required to do so if you are unhappy with your performance on the exam.

4: Some Jobs Require Test Results.

This may appear strange, and it is certainly a newer trend. Even so, some potential employers want to see your standardised test scores before hiring you.

This requirement does not only apply to test prep jobs; it also appears in consulting and finance-related jobs. It's also becoming more common, according to the Wall Street Journal.

It may not be standard practice, but you don't want to miss out on the perfect job because an employer requires SAT scores and you lack them.

5: The SAT May Be a Better Fit for You than the ACT

You have options if you decide that taking a standardised test is in your best interests. The ACT is the SAT's competitor, and contrary to popular belief, there are some significant differences between the two tests. If you compare the SAT and the ACT, you'll notice that the SAT provides you with 43% more time per question. There is also no cost associated with making educated guesses. The team at Masterclass Space is extremely well-informed and friendly, which helps achieve SAT goals easily. The guidance and instruction are of a high quality that makes every student realise their true potential.

The SAT does not contain a Scientific Portion.

The SAT includes some scientific passages in its exam, but there is no full-fledged science section. The science section of the SAT has 40 questions and accounts for one-quarter of your total SAT score. SAT Science, despite its name, focuses on graph and data interpretation rather than scientific facts such as what photosynthesis is or the parts of a cell.

The SAT Includes Fewer Math Topics.

The SAT places a strong emphasis on algebra in their Math content. It does not cover as thoroughly or entirely.

Geometry accounts for less than 10% of SAT Math questions. Furthermore, trigonometry accounts for approximately 5% implying a greater emphasis on SAT.

Which Math section you prefer is largely determined by your personal preferences and strengths. If you excel at algebra, the SAT may be a better choice because it contains more algebra questions. Similarly, if you struggle with Maths, you may appreciate the fact that the SATs have fewer Maths concepts in general, which means you must study fewer Math topics.

A Math Formula Sheet is provided By the SAT.

Another difference is that the SAT includes a diagram of Math formulas, whereas the ACT does not.

You'll be shown a diagram with 12 geometry formulas and three laws before the two SAT Maths subsections:

SAT Exam Preparation Classes in Singapore

The SAT's Reading Questions Are Organised

SAT Reading questions are presented in the order in which each passage progresses, complete with line numbers to assist you in locating the point of reference.

The SAT has More Time per Question.

Time is always an issue with standardised tests. The SAT, on the other hand, gives you a little more leeway. The chart below shows how much time and space is allotted to each question on tests. You'll notice that the SAT is a little less rushed.

Minutes per maths problem 1:23
Minutes for each reading question 1:15
Minutes allotted for each writing/English question 0:48

If you get nervous or overly stressed when you're pressed for time, the SAT is the test for you. You'll still have to race against the clock.

Conclusion: Why Should You Take the SAT?

Most college-bound students appear to decide to take the SAT. There is, in fact, a very good reason for this pattern; as previously discussed, these tests can help you get into college, get a scholarship to pay for college, and even land a job later on.

There are also some distinct reasons why the SAT may be beneficial to many students.

If you're unsure whether to take any standardised test or if you signed up for the SAT in the first place, you can use this article to review and consider the test's merits.

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