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The Digital SAT can only be taken in authorized testing facilities, even though the test's name suggests that students will be able to take it at home. Students will receive instructions on how to download the testing app before they come and are free to bring their own laptops or tablets to the test center.

The Digital SAT Testing Application from College Board

The College Board's Digital Testing Application will be used to administer the Digital SAT. The features of this application are prioritized based on the needs of students and educators. Tools including a test timer, calculator, mark for review, reference page, and annotation are included in this application.

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The SAT will be given online by the College Board in the wake of a significant change in its format brought on by the epidemic. The SAT was once seen as a crucial step in getting into college. Paper and pencil exams will be replaced by digital ones.

The adjustment will take effect globally in 2023 and domestically in 2024. The reading, writing, and math assessments will each be reduced by one hour, making the exam shorter than its current three-hour sitting time.

SAT Digital Format

The Reading and Writing Section and the Math Section are the two sections of the digital SAT, respectively. For both categories, we'll examine specifics like format, test duration, time given for each stage, the total amount of questions, etc.

The section on Reading and Writing

The SAT writing and reading section is divided into two modules. There are two pre-test questions and 25 operational questions in each module. Each stage of both portions lasts 32 minutes. The total number of questions in this segment is 54, and there are 64 minutes given for both modules.

Section on Math

There are two modules in the Math Section. 20 operational questions and 2 pre-test questions make up the first and second modules. Each stage of both portions lasts 35 minutes. There are 44 questions in this section, and you have 70 minutes to answer them all.

In digital form

  • There won't be any more testing supplies sent out, packed, unpacked, or distributed.
  • The test has fewer components that are timed separately.
  • The testing platform, not a proctor, controls test timing and administration.
  • The test delivery platform shall be tolerant of brief loss of connectivity (whether caused by a network or battery) without affecting the work or time of the students.
  • Students who briefly lose connectivity due to testing can swiftly continue without losing time.
  • Students can simply plug in, restart, and resume testing if their device battery completely drains during the test. This prevents them from losing any testing time or completed work.
  • The test platform automatically stores the response to the questions.
  • The specially designed distribution platform simply shows one question.
  • Copying test content is essentially impossible.
  • There is a significant reduction in students copying from their exam neighbors (although this is a remote possibility)

What alters as SAT transitions to digital?

Some of the most major modifications to the Digital SAT Changes are listed below:

  1. Time and SAT Duration
The College Board has changed the length of the new digital SAT from three hours to just two hours, shaving off a full hour. Test weariness is a genuine issue, thus the students who found it difficult to concentrate for three hours would appreciate the time reduction.

  1. Shorter SAT sections
Section lengths will be reduced along with the overall test period. The revised SAT will have shorter reading portions and more direct questions. The topics for the passages will also be based on what students are most likely to read in their college courses.

  1. Calculators on the SAT
Now, there are two categories for SAT math: math with a calculator and math without a calculator. For every math question on the new digital SAT, a calculator is permitted. Students will have access to a calculator on the computer screen. On the day of the SAT exam, they no longer have to bother about bringing the proper calculator.

  1. Computerized SAT
The computer-adaptive nature of the digital SAT means that the complexity of the questions in the other sections will depend on how well you perform on the first portion. The questions in the second half will be more challenging if you do well in the first section.

  1. Announcement of SAT Results
The results for the current paper-based test version are revealed between two and six weeks after the test. About ten days after you receive your free score, it is sent to the universities you have chosen. With the new digital SAT, the results will be available in days as opposed to weeks, cutting down on waiting time.

Digital SAT exams include:

  • Approximately 1 hour less
  • Time spent on administrative tasks and pre- and post-testing has decreased.
  • The digital SAT can be used on a variety of devices.
  • The exams are brief and precise.
  • Numerous tools are provided for the test, including a built-in graphing calculator, annotation tools, a testing timer, and a flagging tool.

The New SAT modifications are extensive, beginning with

Digital Format: Due to significant changes in the digital format, the test will be adaptive, meaning that the difficulty level of the following questions will change depending on how well a student does. Even though the exam is now administered in a digital format, the student is still not allowed to take it from home. Instead, it must be taken in front of a proctor. A laptop or tablet will be used to administer the test. The digital test is also created in a way that guarantees pupils won't lose their work in the case of a broadband problem or power outage and that it will also assess their growth.

Calculators are permitted on the current SAT exam, which is split into two sections:

One that is calculator-free and the other that allows them in one area. Calculators are, however, now permitted across the full Math area due to recent modifications. To lower obstacles on test day, students have the option of bringing their own graphing calculator or using one that is integrated into the exam.

Exam time: Previously, students had three hours to finish the exam. However, due to significant changes, that time has been reduced to two hours to accommodate the students.

Scores are now available much more quickly than they previously were—instead of taking two weeks as was previously the case. Along with that score, reports were utilized to link kids to several scholarships, college information, and practice recommendations. Now, however, the reports will link students and provide them with the chance to enroll in two-year college programs and workforce training for their experience.

With the new design, each student will receive a different test form for the SAT. Previously, many students would appear in the same test form.


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