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Studying for the SAT can be tiring and stressful but with the help of proper guidance and the best teachers, it can be made less burdensome and more fun! If you want to pursue your dream of studying abroad you can easily register yourself with SAT Coaching Classes Online in Singapore to help you easily achieve your goals.

In this blog, we will discuss the various facets of the SAT exam and introduce you to one of the best SAT Coaching Live Classes in Singapore; Masterclass Space.

Table of Contents
  1. SAT Exam: Who all are actually required to take it and why attempt?
  2. SAT Eligibility Requirements you Need to Fulfill to Attempt the Exam
  3. SAT: The List of Essential Document Requirements for you to Fulfill
  4. Structure of the SAT
  5. SAT Online Coaching in Singapore
  6. Best Online Coaching in Singapore: Masterclass Space
SAT Exam: Who all are actually required to take it and Why Attempt?

The Scholastic Assessment Test, or SAT, is administered by the College Board for undergraduate admission to several US universities and colleges, as well as several colleges in Canada and a few other nations.

All students who want to enroll in an undergraduate program overseas, primarily in America and a few other western nations and in Europe, must take the SAT exam. It is one of the priority requirements a student must fulfill to get admission to an academic institution in the US. It is generally given by high school students who want to pursue further education at a college level.

Taking the SAT is a requirement for those who want to apply to college programs. However, there are a few requirements for eligibility that a student may need to meet before being allowed to take the SAT.

Age Requirement: Although there is no upper or lower age limit for taking the SAT exam, it is common for high school students to take the test. However, there are some restrictions if the applicant is under 13 years old or a student in the eighth grade or lower. If a kid is 13 years of age or younger and wants to apply to take the SAT, they can register by making an account on the official website. Additionally, the applicant must show a legitimate photo ID if they are older than that.

Educational Credentials: There are no specific educational prerequisites to take the SAT. As previously stated, high school students who wish to get into institutions overseas, particularly in America, make up the majority of those who attempt to take the SAT. If the SAT is used for undergraduate admissions, applicants for undergrad degrees must have completed high school.

Number of Attempts: There is also no predetermined amount of tries. Anytime, at any age, a person can take the exam. Even yet, the College Board does announce the schedules for when the exams will be given in various nations and states.

To avoid wasting a year waiting for the College Board to administer the exam, it is in the best interest of the student to attempt the SAT exam while they are still in high school.

SAT: The List of Essential Document Requirements for you to Fulfill

To sit for the SAT there are a few rules the students need to follow when filling out the application form. There are rules relating to the submission of the relevant identity proof and photographs.

Identity Proof: Only legally valid identification documents that have been issued by the government may be provided with the application. A genuine passport in its original form, not a photocopy, is required for international students.

Photograph: Students are required to submit a photograph along with the application form. the photograph submitted should not be too bright or dark, and no sunglasses, hair, or anything that might hide your face. The shot should have sufficient illumination to show off all of your characteristics.

Structure of the SAT

There are three sections in the SAT: Math (with and without a calculator), Reading, Writing, and Language. The SAT exam covers the topics and areas that are taught in the first two years of high school. Following let′s take a look at the syllabus of the various sections:

Section Details Math: There are 2 parts to the math section, one where you can solve the problems with the help of a calculator and the next where you are not allowed to use the calculator. There are a total of 58 questions in this section, bifurcated into 20 questions for the non-calculator section and 38 questions for the calculator section. The time duration for the ‘No Calculator’ section is 25 minutes and the ‘Calculator’ section is 55 minutes making it a total of 1 hour and 20 minutes long section.

  • Syllabus: Math section tests a student′s problem-solving capabilities, data analysis, algebra knowledge, and advanced math.
Reading: The reading section of the exam has a total of 52 questions that a student needs to complete in 65 minutes. There are a total of 5 passages irrespective of their length and each passage has about 9-10 questions.

  • Syllabus: There are different genres of passages given in this section varying from literary piece that has 1 passage, scientific research that has 2 passages and historical event that has 2 passages.
Writing: The writing section of the test is 35 minutes long and has a total of 44 questions. There are 4 passages in this section.

  • Syllabus: These questions measure your English language and grammar aptitude. You will need to focus on your grammar and expressions to ace this section of the exam.
Now that we are aware of the different sections and what they entail let us take a look at what can help us succeed and reach our greatest potential when we are up against the SAT.

SAT online coaching in Singapore

Online coaching has become ever more prevalent in today′s age and time. With the pandemic and everyone being confined to the four walls of their homes, online learning has proved to be a blessing in disguise.

The education sector all around the globe has taken a huge hit and become unstable thanks to Covid. But that is when online teaching took a turn for the better and helped countless students pursue their dreams without being crushed by the troubles of wasting their years sitting idle at home not able to advance in their studies.

Online coaching has many benefits besides being able to deliver best-in-class learning by being taught by excellent teachers across the globe without the limitations of distance.

The top-notch technology has helped students stay ahead in their game and stay connected to the latest study resources available online. And all of this is available at the click of a button. You don′t need to go outside the comfort of your own house and just need a digital gadget to connect you to the world online!

One of the best classes available online for SAT preparation is the Masterclass Space!

Best online Coaching in Singapore: Masterclass Space

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