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Here are 6 Digital SAT 2024 Preparation Tips

SAT Coaching Centre in Thailand Overview of the SAT Examination

The SAT format is divided into two parts: SAT 1 and SAT 2. The SAT 1 is a general examination that measures candidates' verbal, writing, and mathematical abilities. The SAT 2 is subject-specific and is appropriate for students who want to demonstrate their knowledge of a specific subject. For most college courses, SAT 1 scores are sufficient. The SAT will still be administered on paper as of October 2023. However, as a result of the shift to test-optional college admissions, fewer students took the SAT than in previous years.

To address this and remain relevant with post-COVID standards, the new SAT format will go entirely digital beginning in 2024. Along with SAT Digital, the SAT exam 2024 duration has been reduced to 2 hours. The dates on which this new format will be implemented have yet to be determined, but experts believe this new development will benefit students. Let's talk about why.

What has altered? 2024: New SAT Format

The SAT format has been upgraded every few years, but this is the most significant SAT upgrade yet, according to sources. What's new in the new SAT format, plus other SAT Digital information!

SAT Digital

The establishment of a SAT exam preparation institute in Singapore is becoming a reality. Because filling in bubbles during exams has grown tedious, officials have decided to make the SAT entirely digital. The digital test is a significant update designed to improve testing security and convenience for test takers. Students can take the exam on their own laptop or tablet, or on one provided by the school.

Students must download a digital testing app prior to the exam. This testing app should save the students' progress even if their computer crashes or their internet connection goes down. International students will be able to take the SAT online beginning in the spring of 2024, with the assistance of assigned proctors at schools or testing centres. The SAT format has the following timeline:

International test centres will begin administering digital SAT in March 2024.

Fall 2023 (October 2023): All test centres worldwide will administer the digital PSAT.

The digital SAT will be administered for the first time in the United States in spring 2024.

A New, Shorter SAT Exam

Instead of four sections, there will now be only two: reading and writing and maths. The reading section will consist of shorter passages, with students answering one question per SAT reading passage. The maths questions will be 'less wordy' as well. These modifications ensure that students remain informed and form their own opinions, rather than being passive recipients of information. Examinees will also be given more time to respond to questions.

Scores are delivered more quickly.

The SAT results will be available days rather than weeks after the exam. As a result, candidates will no longer have to wait weeks or months for the SAT exam result report, allowing them to apply to colleges more quickly.

Use of a Calculator throughout the Math Section

SAT 2022 included a calculator and non-calculator math sections. The new SAT format 2024, on the other hand, allows students to use calculators for the entire math section. For students who do not have their calculator, a graphic calculator will be built into the digital testing app. This removes a barrier for students and schools with limited resources. SAT also intends to include a timer, a reference sheet, and a flagging tool to mark pending questions for review in the digital version of the testing app.

Each test will be distinct.

The College Board can deliver a different test to each student because of the SAT digital format, which eliminates cheating and test security issues. An introductory module will precede each section. The student's performance on the first set of questions will determine the level of all subsequent questions. The test's adaptive nature assists students in connecting to various career options, courses, and training programmes. Test scheduling will be more flexible for schools, states, and districts. To maintain the test's integrity, strict protocols govern how and when the SAT exam is administered.

The Advantages of the New SAT Format 2024

The new SAT format is unquestionably good news for students. This is why!

Benefits of going digital: The SAT exam 2024 will provide a more productive experience for candidates seeking admission to top-tier colleges, thanks to streamlined testing and a digital interface.

Time management: Test takers can be more productive with a shorter duration. On-screen tickers and a clock aid in time management by counting down the time until the end of the test and providing a 5-minute warning.

Multiple attempts: International students are permitted to take the new SAT format up to seven times per year.

Individually tailored: The correct answers in the first stage of a SAT section will determine the difficulty level of the questions that the candidates will see in the following section. You will be able to demonstrate your individual capacity and career readiness with this trait. This factor is also intended to boost your chances of standing out.

New tools: The new SAT format will include a calculator and clock on the screen, as well as simple question switching and understandable maths formulas.

Unchanged Aspects of the SAT Exam in 2024

The following are the aspects or factors that have not changed from the existing SAT format:

  • Students will take the new exam at a school or testing centre rather than at home.
  • The SAT scores will be calculated using a scale of 1600. Each section (Reading & Writing and Maths) will be graded on an 800-point scale. The new SAT's results will be considered equal to those of the ACT and the current paper-based test.
  • There will be multiple-choice questions in both sections.

SAT Digital 2024 Preparation Tips

The SAT digital format is not dissimilar to the paper-and-pencil test. Both versions necessitate hard work and practice on your part. Additionally, following the suggestions below can help you score higher.

  1. Begin by reading editorials, current events, and the most recent environmental and geopolitical developments. Learn about a variety of humanities and science topics.
  2. The two most important factors are to write something every day to improve your grammar and vocabulary.
  3. Work out maths problems to practise. Memorise formulas and shortcuts, and pay special attention to trigonometry and geometry.
  4. If you are unfamiliar with computerised tests, take plenty of practice tests on the computer to become acquainted with them.
  5. When taking a mock test, set a timer and manage your time accordingly.
  6. Look for areas where you are falling short and make an effort to improve them.

The new SAT digitised format is simpler to administer and more relevant. According to the College Board, the new format was less stressful for 80% of the candidates. The new format is certain to entice more candidates to take the SAT exam. If you want to study abroad, start with Masterclass Space. Leap has assisted thousands of students in identifying the best colleges and competitive exams to improve their admission chances. So, what are you holding out for? Begin your journey right now!

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