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All you need To Know About the SAT in 2022!

SAT Classes Online in Singapore Basically, the SAT exam assesses the skills and knowledge you have got in high school. The score of the SAT exam depends on how well you have grabbed and retained those skills. It consists of the reading, writing, and aptitude test as these are the only subjects that will help the student in their college. There are three segments which consist of:

  • Reading section- Read the passages and sentences correction and completion
  • Writing section- Find the errors in the passages and paragraphs
  • Mathematics- Tests the high school maths such as algebra, statistics, and others

Duration of the Exam

  • The time duration for SAT has been reduced by 1 hour, making it a total of 2 hours. There will be 2 sections, reading and writing, and a maths section.
  • Now the SAT exam will be conducted online on tablets or on computer systems.
  • From 2023, students would be allowed to use the calculator in the maths section. Students would be provided a built-in calculator and a flagging tool.
  • The results will also be announced earlier than usual.
  • Each test paper would have different and unique questions due to the digital format. The fees for the SAT exam have also been reduced.

SAT Scoring Criteria

Each section typically consists of 800 points. In which you can score a minimum of 200 and a maximum of 800 scores. Students also get bonus marking in the multiple choice section which can vary from 20 to 80 points and in the essay section which ranges between 2 to 12 points.

How Many Times Can a Student Take the SAT?

Many students claim that they have taken the SAT exam at least twice in order to get better scores and better universities. Although there are no restrictions on the number of attempts, the students are advised to avoid taking too many SAT attempts as this might create interrogation during the interview round.

The Idea behind the SAT Exam Pattern

The SAT exam is a content-based test that examines the student’s academic background and interests which play a key role to justify their readiness to compete for the specific majors or programs they wish to opt for. Other scores such as high school percentage and the SAT percentile combined decide the student's academic performance.

Earlier it was an optional exam but in the present scenario, almost all the top universities and colleges have made it mandatory to submit the SAT percentile during the admission procedures. Therefore, a good SAT percentile can actually open doors for many new opportunities and options abroad. SAT is majorly dependent on your high school content and curriculum. So, if you really wish to get a good percentile then you should prepare your course content well along with some special tutoring for SAT. It is advised to appear for the exam soon after high school or 12th grade as the topics are freshly retained in their minds.

SAT Test Schedule

The SAT Exam is conducted 6 times a year; the months in which the exam is conducted are January, May, June, October, November, and December. Students have to book the exam well in advance. They can keep a check on the exam dates on the College Board website.

SAT Registration and Requirements

The SAT registration takes place on the College Board website and is done online. The deadline to register is roughly around 4 weeks before the test date, but it is advised to get your registration done well in advance and not wait for the last moment as this might risk your seat for your planned attempt. It is compulsory for test takers in India to have a valid passport. Passport letters or expired passports are not accepted. The cost of the SAT exam is roughly around 95 USD.

How can Students Prepare for the SAT?

When it comes to the preparations, guidance, mentorship, classes, material, after-exam tips, strategies, and tutors a student generally gets confused and finds it difficult to get the best coaching institutes at economical rates. But not to worry Masterclass Space has got you covered.

In Masterclass Space, we make the 360-degree approach program in a way that includes customized training given for target examinations, while simultaneously taking care of the softer aspects of their personality which includes development in personality, moral classes, debating skills, representation skills, and social etiquette. Our system of approach is made easier with the elementary level of teaching which enables the students to get comfortable with the syllabus. After they have adapted the pace, we increase it according to the regular tests taken from our end at Masterclass Space for SAT Training in Singapore. Tests, as well as personalized classes, are taken and arranged by Masterclass Space to make the preparations more accurate.

In order to get faster results, we provide the access to our students to get the generation of the test facility and the final test is evaluated personally by the Masterclass Space team. In that case, they will be entitled to decide on the topic of their choice, the number of questions they want to solve and the topic they would like to incorporate along with the difficulty level. This is how Masterclass Space aims at the point where they need to improve. We provide extra support including the books for online and offline classes, then we incorporate interactive video classes and exclusive doubt-clearing sessions in Masterclass Space for Online SAT Prep in Singapore. Get in hand the practice materials for Online SAT Prep in Singapore from Masterclass Space that is the best of their kind. There will be a number of questions allotted for each level.

We at Masterclass Space, aim at providing realistic questions designed according to the examinations. Along with multiple edits, our expert team has designed the questions to enable the students to find them the most relevant.

Along with focusing on the weak points, we will work on fixing them with all our passion and dedication. The students will be encouraged to take the classes at Masterclass Space and will get the motivation to increase their pace and give their best efforts, thus making Masterclass Space one of the Best Online SAT Prep Institutes.

We also provide the best assistance to our students wherever they seek in the entire course. Our expert team not only gives pro tips to get the best score but also gives a sneak peek into the college environment and culture. We are equipped with a sufficient amount of mock test papers available to provide good training and ideas about the SAT exam pattern in Masterclass Space.

We provide Online SAT Prep Coaching in Singapore to train the students for competitive exams with the help of these programs which ensure guaranteed results from the students.

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