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Professional Advice on Study Abroad Programs Studying abroad is undoubtedly a turning point in a student’s life and therefore it is important to take such decisions with proper research, sincere discussions, and deliberation with counselors and experienced professionals.

Pros of Studying Abroad

  • Great exposure
  • Meeting new people, exploring new places, and understanding different mindsets are all that education abroad will be filled up with. When you are exposed to a new culture, or a new lifestyle it probably grooms and shapes your personality to a whole new level which not only helps you to grow but also enhances your outlook toward life.

  • Opportunities! Opportunities! And new opportunities
  • In any field or any program you choose, you will see new and better opportunities following your path. You have this robust opportunity to build up a good network. This will help you to explore new areas which might interest you. There is really a plethora of opportunities that can come out of studying abroad.

  • Independence
  • When you move out to a new country you experience a different level of independence. A new land which is far from your own country will definitely teach you to be independent and be responsible for your actions and deeds. These experiences could be harsh sometimes but you will definitely feel more liberated.

  • Great to put on our CV
  • When you get your qualification from a top university, it puts a great impact on the employer. It shows your good scores all throughout your student life, it shows that you are ambitious for your goals. Moreover, when you study abroad you tend to work part-time during your studies. This shows that you are disciplined enough which gives you an edge over other candidates.

  • Getting to live a new life
  • Moving abroad is a chance to start over your life in a new way, with new habits and routines. You have the freedom to decide how you want to shape your life. It's altogether a blank page that you have been awarded and you can make the best use of it.

Cons of Studying Abroad

  • Not everybody can afford it
  • Studying abroad is quite an expensive affair and is not everybody’s cup of tea. The tuition fee, commutation, leaving expenses, visa expenses and many other expenses are to be considered before planning your graduation abroad. The glitch here is that you have to return back to your home country after completing your education and apply for a work permit to work there. Find out more about the work permit with Masterclass Space

  • You can feel homesick
  • If you are a mummy's boy or a daddy’s girl, then the chances of you becoming homesick would be quite high. This homesickness might lead to anxiety, lack of sleep, and less productivity. So, if you feel like you can’t do well without your family you should give a second thought to the idea of studying abroad.

  • Difficulty with the native language
  • Many countries such as France, Germany, Russia, etc. do not use English as their native language. Therefore, you might face difficulty communicating with the natives initially. Therefore, it is advised to learn the basics of the language such as French, Russian, German, etc. so that you find it easy to communicate.

  • Cultural shocks could be massive
  • Adapting to a whole new environment, new culture and new lifestyle could be challenging. Between meeting new people and finding a way through the city, it’s a lot!

  • Losing time:
  • Another downside of studying abroad could be that sometimes, students need to take more than one attempt to get a good score in the entrance exams. Therefore, this could lead to them wasting their years after high school. However, it majorly depends on the program. So, if you are passionate enough then you can definitely get a good score on the very first attempt.

Questions to ask While Taking Consulting for Your Overseas Education

There are many reasons why students seek expert advice regarding studying abroad and it is even necessary to get some valuable advice. However, before going for any consultation it is advised that you should keep all your questions ready so that you do not miss out on anything. Here is a list of a few areas which you should discuss with your consultant.

  • Questions to ask at the planning stage
  • Best time to apply to the universities
  • Best suitable country for your discipline
  • Best colleges and universities in that country
  • Challenges associated with the colleges and country

  • Questions to ask about the application stage
  • Requirements of the entrance examination.
  • Importance of LOR.
  • Which intake to aim for summer or fall?
  • How will the accommodation be managed?
  • Interaction with the students already studying there

  • Questions regarding the cost and expenses
  • Aggregate expenditure for the first few months (6 months)
  • Tuition fees
  • Work permit terms and conditions in that country
  • Loan requirements.

  • Other important questions
  • What if I am not able to clear it on the first attempt
  • Alternative solutions
  • Career after completing my graduation
  • How will the accommodation be managed?
  • Scholarship criteria and how can you apply

  • Country specific questions
  • Major languages followed
  • The part time job scenario
  • Per hour price
  • How many working hours are permitted on a student visa?

Professional Advice on Study Abroad Programs by Masterclass Space’s Expert Counselors! Masterclass Space Admission Consulting

We at Masterclass Space believe in giving the best to our students, as this stage is crucial and equally critical in any student’s career. Therefore, considering the intensity of a good consulting session, we aim to provide the best advice to our student which is best suitable for them. Our Education Consulting, Admission Consulting, And Study Abroad Consulting team is well qualified and has an average experience of 8-10 years of teaching. Due to their world-class experience and knowledge, they are able to provide 360-degree pictures to the students.

We believe in putting in a true and fair view of the candidate and not misleading them. Our counselors are available anytime for the students to guide them wherever and whenever they feel stuck. We conduct personal mentorship sessions for our students so that they are focused on their goals without stressing too much over things. We also facilitate a meeting of the students with our alumni residing in that country which helps them understand the practical scenario.


The decision to study abroad is indeed a difficult one and needs expert advice and guidance to help you take the right path. No wonder this path is filled with blockages, but it is achievable with proper mentorship and counseling. We at Masterclass Space, aim to give the Best Admission Consulting and Study Abroad Consulting so, you need not stress too much anymore .Masterclass Space’s expert team has got you covered. We provide the best solutions to help you get into your dream college and shape your career in the most desirable ways. Book your free consulting session with us now.

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