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Tips to Crack SAT Exam in 2024 Strategies You Must Know

Prepare for SAT Online in Singapore Individuals seeking enrollment in undergraduate programmes at top universities take the SAT exam to assess their verbal, mathematical, and writing skills. Those who want to study within can take this exam. However, educational institutions in the countries of New Zealand, the Australian nation, UK, and Singapore accept SAT scores. Indian students typically take the SAT assessment in their 11th as well as 12th grades.

Age Limit for the SAT Exam

Unlike common belief, there is no bare minimum SAT examination age requirement. Individuals of all ages can register and take the SAT. Most people taking this test are between the ages of 17 and 19. This is because applicants must have completed high school before applying for undergraduate studies. Most learners only graduate from high school between the ages of 17 and 18.

Educational background requirements

The College Board has not established any minimum educational requirements. Individuals are not required to have a 10+2 certification to be eligible for the SAT. So, Indian high school students are eligible for the SAT online prep in Singapore. However, obtaining a high school diploma is required to be admitted to undergraduate programmes. Although it is not required, having an excellent grasp of English as a language is advantageous to candidates. This is because the test's medium of instruction is English. There is no bare minimum high school score requirement for applying to the SAT.

Frequency of SAT eligibility

The College Board, however, has not specified anything about this parameter, as it has for the others. Anyone may attempt the SAT exam as many times as they might want. Experts believe it is best to take the exam at least twice before graduating from high school.

ID Evidence Eligibility for the SAT

Students applying for the SAT from India must provide valid identification. It might be a document called a passport as well as an Aadhaar card. It should include the individual's photo ID, full name, and signature. According to the Higher Education Board, the photograph shouldn't include the following:

  • Another person in the photo.
  • Low image quality.
  • Any type of digital tampering
  • Head coated by a hat.
  • The presence of sunglasses
  • Dark shadows.

SAT Eligibility Requirements for Students Who Have Disabilities

Candidates with disabilities who notify the College Board in advance of their conditions are eligible to take the exam with additional accommodations. As a result, the entire exam experience is worthwhile. However, it is critical to obtain permission from the College Board's Facilities for Learners with Disabilities, or the solid-state drive the authorised resources can be utilised to conduct both the SAT general and subject tests. Furthermore, if a people with disabilities candidate take the test a second time they do not need to make another request.

Equipment for Students with Disabilities in the SAT Examination

Here are some accommodations available to disabled applicants taking the SAT exam.

  • Extra time is allotted for the exam.
  • Visually impaired students can take exams in braille or large print.
  • Extra breaks are provided throughout the exam.
  • The use of technology to write essays.

SAT registration for learners under the age of twelve

Students aged 12 and under must follow a different procedure than applicants aged 13 and up, who can apply directly through the College Board portal. They can sign up using email or a smartphone. Such applicants do not have to pay for the telephone registration fee.

Preparation Guidelines that is Important for the SAT

  • Before performing the SAT, one should prepare using different mock papers as well as practice tests.
  • Aspirants should not think of the SAT exam as simply an admission or entrance exam. Individuals who perform well are more likely to receive scholarships that help them cover the expenditures of studying abroad.
  • Rather than constantly taking the assessment, students must thoroughly prepare before administering it.
  • During preparation, more attention should be paid to the mathematics section of the syllabus.
  • Selecting what average SAT score is necessary to get into one's dream college is critical.

Requirement score for the SAT

The SAT has a 400-1600 score range. As a result, a student can achieve an overall average of 1600 and a lowest score of 400. SAT Exam Cut-Off for 2024.

Tips and Tricks to Crack the SAT

Divide the inquiries into distinct sections based on their difficulty.

Every student getting ready for the SAT should be aware of their weaknesses in each section. Focusing on all of the weaknesses simultaneously can be confounding and ineffective. Instead, aspirants can categorise their problematic questions as easy, medium, or difficult, based on their complexity. When taking the assessment, the student should start with the easy questions and work their way up. Then they should concentrate on medium-difficulty questions, which will take a little more time than easy ones. Finally, the candidate should prioritise the difficult tasks, which can take a long time.

Evaluate your abilities before trying the official paper.

A preliminary testing SAT (PSAT) can be used to assess your skills and prepare you for the SAT. This test may assist you assess your preparation. According to your score, you can choose the SAT examination date that corresponds to your level of exam readiness.

Develop a habit of reading.

Most students struggle with the SAT English because of the lengthy comprehension requirements. To get ready for this section, begin reading novels, magazines, newspapers, or nonfiction books at a young age. This will speed up your reading, improve your vocabulary, and help you prepare for the SAT.

Understand the rules and structure of the exam.

Before you begin writing, familiarise yourself with the paper's format. Most students struggle to understand the SAT exam format and therefore do not perform well on it. As a result, it is best to become acquainted with the paper so you can comprehend its structure thoroughly.

Mock tests are key.

There are several online as well as physical resources for SAT mock tests. Mock tests could assist you master the SAT English along with SAT Math sections plus score well.

Aim for a score!

Aiming for a specific score that guarantees admission to your preferred college is always preferable. So, prepare appropriately and aim for that score.

SAT Exam Structure:

The SAT is a three-hour exam with two components: Evidence-Based reading and writing [EBRW] as well as mathematical theory. These sections comprehensively assess your proficiency in English reading, writing, language, and math abilities.

The EBRW section consists of two parts: a reading test as well as a language and writing test.

  • The Reading Test consists of 52 questions that must be answered within 65 minutes.
  • The Writing along with the Language Test includes forty-four inquiries to be answered within 35 minutes.

If you want to boost your SAT reading score, start by developing an article reading strategy to help you with your SAT prep. Take the SAT preparation test for the literature section. Set a timer and see if you can finish the reading section throughout the specified time.

Mathematics (Score Range: 200–800)

  • The maths with a calculator part involves 20 questions that must be completed in 25 minutes.
  • The maths without calculator portion includes 38 questions that should be completed in 55 minutes.

Your SAT math examination practice will be ineffective unless you memorize the formulas required to ace the SAT math section. Familiarise yourself with techniques such as number selection, back-solving, and so on. These strategies will allow you to answer those inquiries more quickly.


Similar to other competitive tests such as the TOEFL, the GMAT, the IELTS test and GRE, the SAT test includes certain eligibility rules and SAT assessment requirements that the candidates must meet. Nevertheless, the College Board has not established specific eligibility requirements for age and level of education. However, candidates must be aware of certain rules and exceptions. That is why, before logging in for the SAT, one needs to examine the SAT eligibility requirements.

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