Last 7 Days Preparation for BITSAT 2022

Last 7 Days Preparation for BITSAT 2022

Last-minute preparations for the BITSAT are difficult to come by. In addition to familiarizing yourself with the BITSAT important topics, the following BITSAT preparation advice will come in handy just before the test. Check BITSAT Previous Year's Papers for practice. Maintain a consistent schedule of practice. Practise taking as many BITSAT Test Series as possible.

Below we have outlined everything you need to revise in a subject-wise approach.

BITSAT Physics Section

1) Using differential equations, answer problems requiring velocity computations. In addition, the idea of relative velocity may need to be reworked. Rework the boatman-river problem too!

2) Dissect the aspects of friction and rotational mechanics, in particular the concept of the Instantaneous Axis of Rotation (IOR) . This can save a lot of time in BITSAT exam. Spend some time working through some problems on conservation of momentum (both linear and angular) and center of mass calculation.

3) Just have a look at your notes on Bernoulli's principle, the equation of continuity, and surface tension if you're interested in fluid dynamics. The formulae for gravitational potential and field should also be studied. Make an effort to come up with them on your own, if you can.

4) Make sure you know how to obtain the formulae for calculating the amount of work done in various procedures. Revise the material on heat transport. Make sure you understand the conventions of signs in optics by studying the formulas for mirrors and lenses. To be safe, do a few practice puzzles.

5) Revise the formulae and comprehend the derivation of electrostatics and magnetism. This section covers a wide range of subjects. Make the most of your study time on this subject. This is a highly important part of the exam, so don't compromise on it. It is recommended that Kirchhoff's laws and the principle of the Wheatstone Bridge be reviewed.

BITSAT Chemistry Section

1) The more revisions you make, the better you get in inorganic . For example, you may learn about various gases by looking up their names, such as "Producer Gas," "Water Gas," "Laughing Gas," and so on. In the days to come, we'll recommend that you finish reading NCERT.

2) Start revising chemical bonding, atomic structure, p-block elements, carboxylic acid & its subsidiaries, mole ideas, generic organic chemistry, etc. There are usually a lot of questions on these issues. The vaporous state should be studied after redox processes, surface chemistry, solutions, and polymers.

3) This is the easiest BITSAT PCM subject and the scoring part.

NCERT is your finest resource.

If you've finished NCERT, try J.D. Lee or O.P. Tandon for inorganic chemistry, and Arihant for organic.

BITSAT Maths Section

1) This subject requires constant revision, yet no amount of revision is enough. You'll be able to read your notes comfortably at this point in time. Don't waste your time trying to memorize new formulas. It's not going to happen!

2) For every competitive test, calculus is a must-have section. BITSAT is not an exception. Do your homework on differentiability and continuity so that you can make an informed decision. Take the time to review all of the definite integral rules and concepts. Finally, a bit of sound advice. If you have to utilize integration by parts more than twice, don't freak out! If you're having trouble with differential equations, try practicing these problems!

3) It's a good idea to review NCERT one last time before the test in case you run across a problem with Bernoulli's trials and expectations. It's all about practice! Make a list of all the theorems you know about straight line, pair of straight line, circles, parabolas, ellipses, and hyperbolas that you can recall at the moment. If you keep these theorems at your fingertips, your speed will go up. You can't afford to skip through inverse trigonometry.

BITSAT English and Logical Reasoning

Prepare quickly with the Arihant BITSAT guide. However, we believe that English is a skill that cannot be learned in a short period of time. You may increase your reading comprehension by reading articles, blogs, or even newspapers.

In light of this, we'd recommend ARIHANT BITSAT Guide for a speedy finish!!!

Mock BITSAT Exams Online

Because of your rigorous preparation for these examinations, your chances of success on the BITSAT exam are high. The best BITSAT online test series is available to help you prepare for the exam.

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