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You'll want to arm yourself with the necessary materials before you begin your Online SAT Exam Preparation. Consider the materials available, evaluate your learning preferences, and ask yourself these questions while you do so.

Do you perform your best studying alone? Will collaborating with a knowledgeable instructor or tutor help you stay inspired and on the course?

Official Sat Full-Length Practice Tests: Top Picks for Sat Prep

The practice tests in the Official SAT Study Guide book can be used, or you can get free access to the tests online. In either case, when you sit down to do each test, be sure to create a test-like experience.

A Masterclass Space SAT Preparation Guide

You can select the ideal New SAT book from the selection available at Masterclass Space. You will gain from Masterclass Space's score-boosting techniques and strategies whether you choose SAT Prep Plus or SAT Total Prep.

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Get A Tutor or Enroll in a Course

Any schedule or SAT exam date can be accommodated by Masterclass Space's SAT lessons. With 18 hours of core instruction and a team of teachers to keep you motivated, prepare with a pro in an SAT Prep Live Online course. Work with an SAT expert tutor who will direct your preparation based on your specific needs for a more individualized experience.

Study Calendar for Sat

You should sit down and make a study schedule before you begin your SAT prep. By dedicating the necessary time to this at the start of your SAT preparation, you'll make sure that you have enough time to study all of the material included in the SAT and that you've had enough practice taking the exam that you are familiar with its format.

Masterclass Space is the Best SAT ONLINE CLASSES. Since SAT is a standardized test, its format stays constant. New words or numbers are added to the same types of queries. The more comfortable you grow with the SAT's format and different types of questions, the more equipped you'll be on test day.

Though it's advised that you set aside 2-3 hours each week, you should aim to dedicate at least one hour per week to your SAT preparation. It will take extra time during the weeks you'll be taking an SAT practice exam (there are 4 in this 3 Month Study Plan); budget about 6 hours for SAT preparation during these weeks. Block out extra time for your preparation in the beginning and err on the side of caution. You can cut back on the amount of studying you have scheduled for later in your calendar if you realize that you are getting closer to your desired SAT score than you had anticipated.

Make careful to plan and account for all of your responsibilities when you create your study schedule. Remember to balance your duties for employment, school, and extracurricular activities. Additionally, record any family vacations or travel plans you may have during the three months. For the duration of the three months, schedule preparation at least once a week, or 2-3 times a week if you wish to spread the workout.

Week 1: The Sat 3-Month Study Plan To understand where you are beginning and how far you still have to go in your SAT preparation, week one is all about evaluating your baseline score.

Start by finishing a full-length practice SAT exam in one sitting. The SAT lasts for three hours without breaks. Add 50 more minutes if you're writing the optional essay. You should finish the essay on each practice exam you take if you intend to finish it on Test Day. You'll want to increase your endurance, so avoid the urge to spread out your practice exams over several sessions.

After finishing your practice test, grade it. The outcomes of your first practice test can help you organize your study schedule for the coming weeks. You might think about including more study time each week, at least for the first few months, if the results of your first practice exam show that you're closer to your target score than you previously thought.

Set aside roughly 3 hours this week on a different day or days to review your practice test. Many students ignore this phase, but it is essential if you want to know as much as you can about the SAT.

How to review the results of SAT practice tests

Step 1: Start with the questions you did not answer, skipped, or guessed. Review each question using the offered explanations one at a time. Make a note of your mistakes. Did you simply make a calculation error, or do you need to flag a concept for in-depth evaluation because you had no idea where to begin?

Step 2: Go over the questions you answered correctly. Check the offered explanations to determine if there is a more expedient approach to arrive at the correct solution. The SAT is standardized, so reading all of the questions—even the ones you answered correctly—will help you become an expert in the test's format and question kinds.

For a foundational review, mark the ideas that you got wrong at least 50% of the time.

Weeks 2-4: Sat 3-Month Study Plan

Start your preparation by reviewing any core ideas that you consistently failed to understand on the practice test. For instance, if you answered the majority of the Systems of Equations problems incorrectly, you should spend more time studying that material. Set that job as a priority right away because mastery will require time and effort.

Include a review of the subjects on which you scored at least 50% correctly, and make sure to devote some time this week to mastering effective test-taking techniques for each segment.

Which Subjects to Study in Weeks 2-4

Linear equations, systems of equations, linear inequalities, and systems of inequalities are covered in SAT Math.

SAT Evidence-Based Reading: General and Evidence Command Questions / Specific and Inference Questions

SAT Writing: Development and Organization

Week 5: Sat 3-Month Study Plan

Take another SAT practice exam in one sitting in Week 5, and then record your results.

What has altered? Review your practice exam as thoroughly as you did in Week 1 and look beyond your grade, noting which concepts you want to pay particular attention to in the coming weeks.

It is usual for students to see a drop in their test performance in the middle of their study period. This is entirely typical. Your brain can occasionally feel overburdened as it processes new information and slow down a bit as a result.

Practice SAT Math Questions: Weeks 6–8 of the 3-Month Study Plan

The outcomes of your second practice test should serve as a roadmap for your three weeks of study. Make sure to study for all SAT sections, and if you intend to take the SAT Essay, set aside some time during these three weeks to prepare.

Weeks 6–8: Subject Matter

SAT Math: Exponents, Radicals, Polynomials, Rational Expressions and Equations, Rates, Ratios, Proportions, Percentages, Scatterplots, Two-Way Tables, Statistics, and Probability

SAT Evidence-Based Reading: Relationships, Questions, and Rhetoric

SAT Writing: Development, Organization, and Effective Language Use

Essay on the SAT

Week 9: Sat 3-Month Study Plan

Priorities studying core concepts during these final two weeks, especially for subjects where you are still getting them wrong at least 50% of the time. Then, be sure to go over every SAT topic left, even the ones you always get right.

Week 10 and Week 11: What to Study

Functions, quadratic equations, geometry, imaginary numbers, and trigonometry are covered in SAT Math.

Evidence-Based Reading Questions for the SAT

SAT Writing: Sentence Structure, Usage Rules, and Punctuation Rules

Week 12 of Sat's Three-Month Study Plan

The SAT is this week! Take one final practice test with at least a week till Test Day. Then review the test for a day or two. By now, you ought to be an expert at performing this. Make a note of any errors you may have made and, if necessary, quickly review the fundamental ideas. Take a couple of days off after that. Be careful to reserve one to three days before test day. Never cram. Instead, give yourself some alone time to relax and rejuvenate. Don't alter your schedule on the days before the test; go to bed at the same time, eat the same meal, etc.

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