New Digital SAT Policy

What are the Major Changes brought about in the Digital SAT exam?

What is the new Digital SAT?

The College Board's transition from paper-based to digital format for the SAT and PSAT has caused some confusion among test-takers who were preparing for the exam in the traditional way. However, this move towards digitalization is both technologically advanced and necessary in today's digital world. Although the new format may be unfamiliar, it is the responsibility of test-prep educators to provide information and help familiarize students with the changes.

The College Board's transition from paper-based to digital format for the SAT and PSAT has caused some confusion among test-takers who were preparing for the exam in the traditional way. However, this move towards digitalization is both technologically advanced and necessary in today's digital world.

The digital version of the SAT is set to be launched in March 2023. Although the section names have been changed to "Reading and Writing" and "Math," the test will still assess largely similar knowledge and skills, such as the use of reading and writing passages from different academic disciplines, the ability to use evidence, both textual and quantitative, an emphasis on high-utility words and phrases in context and a continued focus on math that is most important for college and career readiness.

Here are the changes brought about under the digital SAT 2023:


The Digital SAT has a shorter duration of 2 hours and 14 minutes, with 64 minutes allocated for the Reading and Writing section and 70 minutes for Math, as opposed to the previous 3 hours. This means that test-takers will have more time on average to answer each question, indicating that the digital SAT Suite is shifting its focus to assessing students' skills and knowledge rather than their test-taking speed.

Sectional Changes

The verbal section of the previous SAT, which included two parts - Reading and Writing, and Language, has now been combined into one section called Reading and Writing. Instead of longer texts covering a variety of subjects, the new test features shorter passages with one specific question per passage or passage pair. The questions have been grouped into four categories: Craft & Structure, Information & Ideas, Standard English Conventions, and Expression of Ideas.

In the math section of the new digital SAT, the range of topics covered has been expanded, but test-takers will now be allowed to use calculators throughout the math section. Additionally, the average length of "word problems" or in-context questions has been shortened. The math section has been divided into four categories: Algebra, Advanced Math, Problem-solving & Data Analysis, and Trigonometry & Geometry.

Multistage Testing

The most significant change in the new format of the digital SAT is the introduction of "Multistage Adaptive Testing." This means that the test will adjust and present questions that are more suited to the student's level of performance. The test will be divided into two modules: Module 1 will include a mix of easy, medium, and hard questions, while Module 2 will consist of a targeted mix of questions of varying difficulties based on the student's performance in Module 1. Unlike other adaptive testing models, students will have the ability to navigate between questions within each module.

How to Make Your Weekends More Productive to Prepare for SAT?

Scheduling is a Must

Take deliberate and thorough steps to plan your weekend study schedule. Avoid being uncertain about when and how to study. Determine a specific day, either Saturday or Sunday, to focus on studying and establish a fixed time for it. If you have a large amount of material to cover and require both days to study, consider scheduling a longer study session on one day and a shorter one on the other. If you are adhering to a 5-day study plan, incorporate Saturday and Sunday into the plan.

Plan small sessions to avoid distractions

When scheduling your study session, take into consideration the likelihood of interruptions. For example, if you plan to study at 3:00 PM on Saturday, but also expect to spend time with friends later in the evening, it may be challenging to focus as you may receive frequent texts or interruptions related to the evening plans. To avoid this, consider selecting a time of day when others are less likely to need or interrupt you and schedule your study sessions during those times.

Adopt A new and Fresh Method of Studying for weekends

One effective strategy for studying on the weekends is to switch up your usual routine by studying in a new environment. Consider studying in a coffee shop, going to a library in a nearby town, or any other location that is different from your usual study spot. This can help tap into the motivating power of novelty and make your study sessions more engaging.

Try a test or Quiz on weekends

To stay current and well-prepared for the Digital SAT, it's important to keep track of both new and existing resources. For example, the College Board has released four official practice tests that should be taken advantage of, as well as one or more adaptive tests on their testing app, Bluebook. To know more about bluebook click here.

New Digital SAT Policy
Role of Masterclass Space in Your Digital SAT journey

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