Improve Score in BITSAT Second Attempt

5 Strategies to Improve Score in BITSAT Second Attempt

Improve Score in BITSAT Second Attempt How to get 350+ on the 2024 BITSAT

Due of the intense rivalry for admission to BITS Pilani, aspirants must score highly on the BITSAT. Candidates frequently encounter the subject of how to achieve 350+ on the BITSAT during their preparation. The dates of the 2024 BITSAT exam are May 19–May 24, 2024. The BITSAT exam carries 390 total points, and achieving a score of 350 or more would help you place well. Therefore, we have created a comprehensive plan to help candidates score 350+ on the BITSAT in 2024. Applicants can use this tactic to help them with their preparations.

Since BITS Pilani is one of the best private colleges in India, tens of thousands of applicants apply to its BTech programmes on campus. To be considered for admission, candidates must show up for the university's BITSAT exam. Candidates are recommended to review the BITSAT cutoff in order to determine what would constitute a good score in BITSAT 2024. To guarantee a successful preparation plan, candidates should also look over the BITSAT preparation advice.

Top books for the 2024 BITSAT

Candidates can consult additional books for BITSAT 2024 after reading the NCERT books, even though they are the best. The list of books for BITSAT 2024 is provided below for candidates.

Books about BITSAT Physics

  • H.C. Verma, Concepts of Physics, Vols. 1 and 2.
  • D. C. Pandey's Arihant Physics
  • I.E. Irodov, Problems in General Physics
  • Principles of Physics Walker, Halliday, and Resnick

Books about BITSAT Chemistry

  • The Physical Chemistry of Atkins
  • J.D. Lee's Inorganic Chemistry
  • O.P. Tandon's Inorganic Chemistry
  • N Awasthi's Physical Chemistry
  • R.C. Mukherjee's Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations

Books for BITSAT Mathematics

  • R.D. Sharma's Class XI and XII
  • Arihant's Differential Calculus
  • Arihant's Calculus of Integrals
  • Higher Algebra by Hall knight Bernard child

Books for Logical Reasoning and English Proficiency for BITSAT 2024

  • Disha Experts' BITSAT English Proficiency & Logical Reasoning
  • One Learn Education's The Pearson Complete Guide to the BITSAT (English)
  • Wren and Martin

What makes a good BITSAT score?

A BITSAT score in the 370–380 range is usually considered good. The BITSAT score range is thought to be competitive and can greatly improve your chances of getting into the esteemed BITS campuses in Hyderabad, Goa, and Pilani. The entrance exam known as BITSAT is the key to getting into these esteemed colleges. A score in this range indicates that you have a firm understanding of the topics and ideas covered in the exam, which will increase your chances of getting into one of the BITS campuses.

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Ways to raise your BITSAT score

Time management skills are essential to getting good scores on the BITSAT exam. Candidates who want to score more than 320 must put time management and quick problem solutions first. Time management on the real test can be improved with daily practice with mock exams. Start with simpler inquiries because they are more important and will ensure a more effective approach. Enhancing your time management abilities will greatly improve your BITSAT score.

How to score 350+ in a month on the BITSAT

It is difficult but not impossible to score 350 or more on the BITSAT in just one month with the right plan in place. This demanding schedule calls for targeted practice, concentrated study, and skilled time management. This challenging objective can be accomplished in this short amount of time with an organised approach that includes timed practice, simulated exams, effective study of high-weightage topics, and essential ideas.

5 Strategies to improve score in BITSAT second attempt

It takes strategy to raise your BITSAT score on your second try. The following five techniques will help you raise your score:

  • Examine your initial attempt: Examine how you performed on the first try. Determine the questions and weak points you found difficult. Recognize the format of the test, the questions that will be asked, and how much time you should spend on each segment.
  • Concentrate on Weak Areas: Make a concentrated effort to strengthen your areas of weakness. Spend more time preparing for questions from these categories.
  • Practice Frequently: The secret to success is consistent practice. To enhance your accuracy and time management skills, solve past years' question papers and take practice exams.
  • Time management: Make an effort to use your time wisely throughout the test. To make sure you can attempt every question, practice answering questions within the allotted time.
  • Revision and Strategy: Carefully go over all of the key points again. Create a plan for tackling the paper. Choose the section to tackle first and the amount of time you want to spend on each one.

Remember that raising your BITSAT score on your second try requires persistent practice, thoughtful planning, and effective time management.

Is 300 a decent BITSAT score?

In order to be admitted to the Institute's most popular branches, a student must achieve a competitive score on the BITSAT, which is considered to be no less than 370–380. It is noteworthy, nonetheless, that the average BITSAT score is higher than 300. Generally speaking, a score of 290 or higher is enough to get admitted into other branches. The different degrees of competitiveness and the variety of BITS programmes are reflected in these score criteria, which emphasise how crucial it is to do well on the BITSAT exam in order to gain access to desired branches and possibilities.

Tips for Preparing for BITSAT 2024

Now that you are aware of the recommended reading material for BITSAT 2024, let's discuss the approach that ought to be used to prepare for the test. Here are some BITSAT 2024 preparation suggestions that will assist you in developing a winning plan. You can achieve a score of 350+ on the BITSAT in 2024 by using this method.

Identify Exam format and course: The first step is to ensure that you fully comprehend the BITSAT course and exam format. Everything becomes easy to understand once you know what you need to study. Understanding the curriculum will prevent you from studying material not included in the syllabus for the test.

Start your preparations with the crucial areas first: You already know how much weight each topic will have in the BITSAT 2024. Create a schedule that breaks down the whole syllabus so that the most crucial aspects of each subject are presented first. In this case, time management is crucial.

Select the Best Study Materials: Complete your NCERT books initially, then select one or two reference books for every topic. Avoid referring to too many books at once since this can lead to confusion. Thus, picking the ideal book for preparation is crucial.

Revise: Continue rewriting all you have studied. Allow enough time to edit your schedule. It aids in the memorization of significant subjects.

Mock exams: Since BITSAT sample tests are based on the real exam format, it is recommended that you take as many of them as possible. You will gain confidence and be able to analyse your performance with the help of taking more and more tests. These recommendations are useful for offering suggestions on how to raise the BITSAT score.

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