Important things to keep in mind day before the SAT!

Many students would be anxious the night before the test. This post can give you some tips and tricks to keep yourself calm and to give your best on the exam day

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Preparation for the test should begin months and weeks before the test date. Cramming the night before won't work if you haven't mastered the arithmetic or reading sections. We don't advocate studying the night before, but you can conduct some light review to refresh your memory. Do some practice problems, then put the books away!

Eat a well-balanced meal

Avoid junk food takeout and microwaveable meals. Meal plan should include complete grains, veggies, and healthy fats Brown rice, for example, has been shown to improve memory by increasing blood flow to the brain. Cabbage and Brussels sprouts can help increase memory and mental power. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, which may help improve learning ability. Don't eat more or less than usual at dinner you don't want to disrupt your regular rhythm.

Drink plenty of water the night before the test to avoid feeling weary and cranky. Avoid coffee, tea, soda, and artificial beverages, which contain caffeine and sugar and can disrupt sleep.

Stay Hydrated

Listen to music, go for a walk, or go for a run. Just for leisure, pick up a book and read it. Make a phone call to someone you know. Avoid thinking about the test unnecessarily. Relaxation is the best strategy at this moment; stressing will only impede your ability to build self-confidence. Make a list of everything you'll need to bring to the test center so you won't forget anything. Make a copy of your ticket. Do not forget to bring a form of photo ID.

Take some time to unwind

Memory, concentration, and mood are all boosted by a good night's sleep. Do take advantage of all that sleep can do for your health. It goes without saying that staying up all night before the test is a certain way to miss your alarm.

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