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For every exam, including IB physics, there are tonnes of internet resources available. Therefore, every student must decide which subject would yield the best results, which is a challenging question. To determine which learning materials are ideal for them, each student must conduct extensive research on all of the available options. The IB Physics syllabus, exam format, updated concepts, and much more are all available in Masterclass Space IB physics online course. The teachers at Masterclass Space are extremely competent, experienced, and helpful, and they instruct their students in line with their learning capabilities, so you must try it out if you want to see the results of past years' students, which are 100%.

2023 IB Physics Syllabus Goals of External Assessment

The IB Physics program's external assessment goals are still the same. Both the external and internal assessments are based on the following four assessment objectives:

  1. To prove one's knowledge
  2. To comprehend and utilize knowledge
  3. To assess, consider, and combine
  4. To show how you've used your expertise
Although each objective's phrasing has slightly changed between the 2014 and 2023 syllabuses, the objectives' core ideas have not changed.

2023 IB Physics Exam Format

There are now just two examination papers for each level, with two sections in Paper 1. The time allotted for the external examination papers has not changed (SL: 3 hours; HL: 4.5 hours). There is no other option; you must attempt every question. Students are allowed to use a calculator for the entirety of Paper 1—including the multiple-choice questions and Section B—unlike the 2014 program. In addition, students will have access to the data booklet and five minutes of reading time.

The specifics of each exam paper are as follows:

Exam Paper Duration Total Raw Points Weighting by Component Details
1st Paper SL Approximately 1.5 hours 55 36% - Completed two booklets on SL-only material concurrently and without interruptions.
- Section A: 30 multiple-choice questions for 30 marks.
- Section B: Questions based on experimental and data-based work for 25 points.
SL Paper 2 Approximately 1.5 hours Raw score overall: 50 44% - Questions with a short answer and an extended response on solely standard-level material.
HL Paper 1 Duration: two hours 75 36% - Without any breaks, two publications on SL and AHL material were finished.
- Section A: 40 multiple-choice questions for 40 marks.
- Section B: Questions based on experimental and data-based work for 35 points.
HL Paper 2 Time spent: 2.5 hours 90 44% -

IB Physics Internal Assessment Criteria 2023:

Questions with a short answer and an extended response on SL and AHL material the adjustment of the internal assessment (IA) research project is one of the key revisions in the new IB Physics syllabus. Now referred to as "the scientific investigation," the IA research project is distinct from the "individual scientific investigation" in the 2014 Guide. It still contributes 20% to the final score, with the remaining 80% coming from the external evaluation. However, there is now more opportunity for students to cooperate with one or two other students, if they so choose, within the same 10-hour time frame. The data gathered is specific to each student, meaning that each student has their research topic. This means that they can use similar procedures as long as the independent or dependent variables are different.

The written report must not exceed 3000 words overall, and the 2023 Guide offers definitions of terminology that are included in this limit. The 2014 Guide's 6–12 page advice has since been deleted.

The report is now evaluated based on four criteria, not five. Each of the four factors is equally important. The total possible raw score is 24, which the IB scales to give the 20% IA weighting. Each is worth 6 marks. Research design, data analysis, conclusion, and evaluation are the four new criteria, and there are new level descriptors for allocating the marks. Due to the equal weighting of each criterion, a larger focus is placed on higher-order thinking abilities, with Conclusion and Evaluation receiving 50% of the marks.


In conclusion, the IB Physics program has undergone considerable adjustments that will be put into effect starting in 2023. The new syllabus divides it into five topics and places more emphasis on the growth of conceptual knowledge to promote a more integrated and in-depth understanding of physics. The external evaluation goals have not changed, but there are now just two examinations for each level and Paper 1 of those exams allows pupils to use calculators for the entirety. With increased room for student collaboration, the internal assessment has been updated and renamed the scientific investigation.

There are new level descriptors and four criteria are used to evaluate the report. There are no required topics to cover, but the practical structure of the work remains the same. The 2023 Guide emphasizes the necessity for students to practice the tools, strategies, and inquiry process while outlining the necessary abilities in more detail. These modifications demonstrate the IB's dedication to providing students with a thorough, top-notch education.

IB PHYSICS ONLINE TUTOR Along with IB Chemistry and IB Biology, the International Baccalaureate (IB) Physics program recently underwent a significant revamp. In all IB sciences, new curricula are expected to be adopted in 2023. This review of the changes to the IB Physics syllabus and what students, instructors, and parents should anticipate from the new IB Physics curriculum is provided by our IB Physics tutor. IB MASTERCLASS SPACE Online physics tutors take great pride in their work and prepare themselves for the needs of their students. They begin their learning with the following subjects after these pints.

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Every single one of our tutors has been a teacher for at least five years.

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After a brief conversation with the student about their current learning needs and a review of the road map to make sure that expectations are clearly stated, each of our sessions starts with the creation of a goal and an agenda.

The strategy entails figuring out the student's preferred learning style and modifying the tutoring method accordingly.

Tutoring also begins with identifying the student's present level and working with them to get the conceptual knowledge they require rather than just engaging them on a surface level.


IB physics classes online are crucial for students who wish to solidify their knowledge because numerous topics call for in-depth analysis and precise concepts. Therefore, MASTERCLASS SPACE is the finest place to learn the fundamentals of physics because its professors are highly trained and knowledgeable. They received their undergraduate and graduate degrees from prestigious institutions in India, including IIM, IITS, and BITS PILANI. So you can put your trust in them and allow them to demonstrate their ability.

To guarantee a successful and rewarding learning experience, students should keep a few key considerations in mind when selecting an online IB Physics course. Here are five crucial factors to bear in mind:

Check the credibility and reputation of the company offering the online course. Since the International Baccalaureate (IB) is a reputable educational program, the course should be instructed by trained teachers with knowledge of IB Physics.

Examine the course syllabus and curriculum to make sure they comply with the IB Physics standards. The curriculum should provide a thorough comprehension of the subject matter and include all necessary topics.

Resources and tools for interactive learning: Look for courses that include fun and interactive resources like video lectures, simulations, animations, and virtual labs. These tools can improve the educational process and facilitate understanding of challenging ideas.

Check to see whether there are possibilities for direct communication with the instructor or teacher assistance in the online course. This is essential for allowing students to clarify their understanding, ask questions, and receive feedback on their development.

Flexibility and time management: Think about how well the course fits into your schedule and how flexible it is. Online courses frequently provide students the freedom to study at their own pace but to meet deadlines and finish projects on time, it's crucial to build a study routine and manage time properly.

Peer interaction is a bonus point, so if you can, pick a course that promotes peer engagement through online forums or study groups. Working together with other students can improve the educational process and open up chances for exchanging ideas and viewpoints.

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