How to Start SAT Prep

Top 4 Ways to Prepare For SAT

How to Start SAT Prep A lot of US institutions use the SAT as a standard, and it is now widely accepted by several universities in Singapore, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The College Board, a non-profit organization in the United States, owns and publishes it.

Many American institutions use the Digital SAT, an online test, as one of their key entrance criteria for undergraduate programs. Any student who takes the SAT will have new opportunities to pursue higher education at foreign colleges following high school.

It assesses linguistic, mathematical, and critical thinking abilities. Considering the precision of determining college readiness, some universities in INDIA also accept the SAT.

Structure of SAT examination:

SAT or SAT-1 stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test, often known as the Scholastic Assessment Test. Every year, the test is administered seven times: in January, March (or April alternately), May, June, October, November, and December on a global scale.

It is a pen-and-paper test that gauges one's proficiency in writing, critical reading, and mathematics. The SAT assesses your capacity for critical thought, which is essential for academic and professional success.

Most US colleges and institutions use the SAT, which stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test and Scholastic Assessment Tests. College Board ETS (Educational Testing Service) evaluates you as a possible student for college admissions based on your SAT scores and school grades.

The optional Essay is one of the four tests offered on the SAT. All participants will take three tests: a reading exam, writing, and language test, and a math test. Following are the timing and number of questions: 52 questions in reading, 52 in writing and language, 44 in math, 58 in math, and 1 in the optional essay will each take 50 minutes to complete.

In total, 154 questions will be covered in 180 minutes (230 minutes including the essay) (and 155 with the Essay). In addition to testing your ability to spot grammar mistakes and well-written sentences, the Writing Skill section of the exam also looks at your ability to craft a polished, in-depth essay about a particular subject, problem, or current event.

You are being evaluated in this section on how well you can articulate your viewpoint on a certain subject. Your grade is determined by how many right answers you can come up with in a set amount of time. Both precision and speed are equally important.

The range of the final score is 400 to 1600. This score is the result of adding the results from the Math part and the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing component (which comprises the Reading, Writing, and Language Tests).

96 questions are on the Reading, Writing, and Language Tests, 58 questions are on the Math Test, and there are a total of 154 questions on the SAT (excluding the Essay). Evidence-Based Reading, Writing, and Math section scores are published on a scale from 200 to 800.

The three components of the essay are reading, analysis, and writing. Each response is read by two raters, who then give each of the three dimensions a score between 1 and 4. The combined results of the two raters aggregate in Reading, Analysis, and Writing scores, each of which ranges from 2 to 8.

What’s new in SAT:

The SAT Suite of Assessments will be made available digitally starting in 2023 to provide students with the greatest alternative feasible for the SAT. It won't just be a digital reproduction of the current paper and pencil test when students take the digital SAT.

The test will be better and more adaptable, easier to administer, more secure, and more pertinent. In comparison to the current paper and pencil test, the digital SAT will be significantly shorter. The new digital SAT will have fewer arithmetic word problems and shorter reading passages, lasting 2 hours and 14 minutes as opposed to the current 3 hours.

How to start SAT prep?

At Master Class Space we have arranged 4 types of learning techniques for the SAT examination. For students who want Self-Paced SAT Preparation to students who have no idea how to start SAT prep we got you covered. Master Class Space will be your best Digital SAT Coaching, don’t think twice just apply for our demo classes.

1. SAT Exhaustive: This SAT prep course is the most popular. The fundamentals of each idea are presented. The program includes assignments, simulated exams, and review exams. The course lasts for around 3.5+ months and 90+ hours.

2. SAT Comprehensive: This course covers all the components of the SAT Exhaustive as well as added TOEFL/IELTS sessions.

3. SAT Fast Pace: This course is intended for students who have already completed the independent study and want to polish their preparation. There is a discussion of assessments, assignments, practice tests, and strategies for answering problems.

This course lasts for one month. So, if you have a month till a test and want a fast review, this is the course for you.

4. SAT Personal: This session is taught one-on-one, with just one student and one instructor. It is designed for learners who wish to concentrate solely on specific linguistic or mathematical subjects. Based on a student's needs, the course structure is adjusted.

At Master Class Space, assignments, mock exams, and live, interactive classes make up the course. A class-related task is given out after each session, and it is reviewed in the following session.

Based on the assignment for revision, tests may occasionally be given as a surprise or in advance. Following the training, practice tests and discussion sessions will be held.

Students receive soft copies of all of the class's handwritten notes. We don't ask students to write notes during class—aside from answering questions—instead, we want them to focus solely on listening to the teacher, which frees up a lot of time and increases productivity because the notes are given to everyone after class is complete. During class, students are welcome to raise questions.


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