How to Score High in BITSAT Exam on First Attempt

How to Score High in BITSAT Exam on First Attempt

Candidates can use the ideas on how to prepare for BITSAT provided below to pass the exam with a high score.

1. Understand the BITSAT Syllabus and Exam Pattern

To pass the exam, candidates must be familiar with the BITSAT syllabus and exam format.

Candidates should concentrate on the syllabus ideas with a higher weightage in the beginning because covering them yields a good grade.

Candidates can gain a thorough understanding of the exam format by working through the previous year's question papers and Masterclass Space's practice exams.

2. Adhere to the Best BITSAT Study Material

Candidates should select the best books for exam preparation because they are the only resource for passing the exam with a high mark.

Begin your BITSAT exam preparation with NCERTs and then move on to other important books.

3. Take brief notes and stick to a strict timetable

Prepare concise notes for all of the key concepts in the BITSAT Preparation Course, as well as crucial formulas.

Also, study on a regular basis according to a timetable and complete the exam syllabus on time.

4. Revision

Revision is essential for passing the BITSAT exam, and those who do it flawlessly receive a high score.

Revise all areas, including Logical Reasoning and English, as these are also necessary for passing the exam with a good score.

5. Mock Exams

After thoroughly revising, begin administering Masterclass Space mock tests.

To familiarise yourself with the BITSAT exam, practice as many BITSAT test series as feasible.

Solve previous year's question papers and BITSAT Mock Tests to learn the pattern of the questions.

6. Time Management

It is critical throughout the exam, and one can improve time management abilities by taking a lot of BITSAT mock tests.

Improve your exam score by taking Masterclass Space's BITSAT sample exams and sectional tests.

7. Study in accordance with the BITSAT Exam

Do not waste your time on questions you are unaware of, as this will result in negative marks.

Attempt the section in which you are most confident first, which will boost your confidence.

How to Prepare for the BITSAT - Subject-Specific Strategies

1. Mathematics/Biology
This subject will be covered in 45 questions on the BITSAT exam.
Candidates must concentrate on the main themes of this portion in order to achieve a high score.
To cover the syllabus, read the NCERTs and the finest standard books, then perform mock tests.
Sectional tests from Masterclass Space assist aspirants in achieving a high mark in this segment.

2. Mechanics
This segment of the BITSAT exam has 40 questions, each worth three points.
Candidates must strengthen their basics by studying the best BITSAT prep book.
Practice Masterclass Space's BITSAT sections exams to better understand your strong and weak points.

3. The science of chemistry
In the BITSAT, this section contains 40 questions.
Aspirants must use the top BITSAT books to cover the exam curriculum since this section is also important for attaining a good grade.
Also, practice BITSAT mock tests designed for this section to gain the necessary practice for a high score in this section.

4. Logical Reasoning
The BITSAT exam comprises ten questions on this subject.
This topic has a high score, and candidates can improve their performance in this area by practicing Masterclass Space's sectional tests and using easy methods.
Learn everything there is to know about the BITSAT Selection Process 2023.

5. English
The BITSAT test contains 15 questions on this subject.
Candidates must improve their vocabulary and grammatical skills by reading newspapers and studying the top BITSAT English preparation materials.
Practice grammar-related questions to improve your grammar score.

15-Day BITSAT Preparation

Candidates can use the tactics listed below before the BITSAT exam in 15 days.

  • If you have already begun preparing for the BITSAT exam, the last 15 days should be allocated for review.

  • Candidates are encouraged to practice BITSAT practice examinations and previous year's question papers accessible on Masterclass Space's online platform to improve their speed and accuracy.

  • Candidates can benefit from bonus questions by increasing their speed in answering them.

  • Concentrate on the English section because it is easier to score. Improve your grammatical and vocabulary abilities.

Day Activity
Monday Every Monday, choose 6 to 7 topics and devote enough attention to each.
Tuesday Go over all of the things you've covered and thoroughly revise them.
Wednesday Answer at least 30 to 40 questions.
Thursday Take 6 to 7 topics and thoroughly cover them by allocating adequate time.
Friday Use Masterclass Space's BITSAT practice tests.
Saturday Revise once more.

BITSAT Exam Date and Admit Card 2023

Every year, the BITS, Pilani conducts the BITSAT entrance exam for applicants who have completed their Intermediate or Class XII or its equivalent from a recognized state or central board. More than 3 lakh aspirants have filled out the BITSAT Application Form 2023 in order to sit for the exam and gain admission to BITS institutions.

The BITSAT Admit Card will be available a few days before the exam and will not be sent or distributed in any other way.

The BITSAT Admit Card will be made available online, and candidates can download it by visiting the BITSAT's official website.

The BITSAT Admit Card is a vital document, and candidates are not permitted to enter the examination venue without it.

Candidates should maintain their BITSAT Admit Card safe until they start college because it is the most important document.

BITSAT 2023 Apply Online

BITS, Pilani is the exam conducting body that holds the BITSAT - Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test each year. The BITS, Pilani has ended the BITSAT registration 2023. Those who fulfill the BITSAT Eligibility 2023 requirements but did not apply for the exam may keep an eye out for the next notice from BITS, Pilani.

The BITSAT application process is entirely online, and candidates must apply for the exam by visiting the exam's official website.

The exam conducting body offers BITSAT application form modification after the application process has concluded for 2023.

The BITSAT registration 2023 process consists of several steps, and candidates must complete all of them in order to receive their Admit Card.

Candidates must exercise extreme caution when completing the BITSAT application form 2023, and they must thoroughly read the notification issued by the exam conducting body before completing the BITSAT form.

How to Check the BITSAT Application Form's Status

Candidates will receive an SMS or email confirmation after successfully submitting the BITSAT application form.

Candidates can also monitor the progress of their BITSAT application form by logging into the candidate portal on the BITSAT's official website using their login credentials.

Application for Admission to BITS Campuses

After passing the BITSAT exam, candidates must apply for admission to BITS.

Candidates must furnish information about their Class XII results and course preferences at the BITS campuses.

To put it simply, here are some crucial factors to remember if you want to ace the BITSAT exam on your first try. Firstly, understand the exam format and syllabus well then make a study timetable and stick to it. Consistently practice and solve previous year's question papers and mock examinations. Concentrate on your flaws and attempt to improve them. During the exam, manage your time wisely and approach the questions strategically. Maintain your calm and confidence throughout the exam, and avoid becoming overwhelmed by the difficulty level of the questions. By following these guidelines and putting in consistent effort and practicing MCS’s best BITSAT Test Series, you can improve your chances of passing the BITSAT exam on your first try. Take care of your health and well-being during the planning process, and take pauses as needed to avoid burnout.

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