Here Are Top 5 Unique Services Offered by Indian Overseas Education Consultants

Here Are Top 5 Unique Services Offered by Indian Overseas Education Consultants

Education Consultancy Services in Delhi

There are many benefits to international education that Indian education does not provide. Better teachers, exposure to various cultures, incredible research opportunities, and a job market eager to hire you abroad are all benefits you receive. But obtaining it is complex.

You must raise your GPA, participate in extracurricular activities, and begin the application process, but that is just the beginning. The road to international education is arduous.

Overseas Education Consultants: Who Are They?

Indian professionals with specialised knowledge of the global education market are known as overseas education consultants. They can provide candidates with comprehensive course information, assistance with narrowing down potential colleges, and support throughout the application process.

Why are they required?

Given this enormous number, it is obvious that there is fierce competition, and to succeed in it, one needs to have excellent domain knowledge and a strong application. You might be surprised to learn that, with the aid of international education consultants, many students with average profiles have successfully been accepted to the colleges they desired. This has been made possible thanks to the assistance of the seasoned counsellors and editors employed by these consultancies, who start by getting to know your dream and then using their skills to help you make it a reality.

The Overseas Education Consultants in India offer unique services like:

Evaluation of Profile: The consultants employ career counsellors who thoroughly assess your profile and comprehend your needs. They also offer numerous suggestions for how to enhance your profile.

They assist you in narrowing down a list of prestigious universities that offer the specific course you want to study. Depending on your background or intended career path, you may be shortlisted.

Financial Documents: The counsellors offer you samples to use as examples as you prepare your financial documents. This includes your grade records and academic transcripts. The universities must receive hard copies of these documents for their use. Additionally, some consultants provide shipping services.

Services For Editing: The consultants have a team of competent editors who can edit your supporting documents, including SOPs, LORs, résumés, university essays, etc.

The best thing about this service is how many students use it to have their essays and scholarship applications customised to be shortlisted for scholarships to study abroad.

They assist you with the preparation of your application materials before you submit them to the colleges of your choice.

Question Handling: They help you whenever you run into trouble during the counselling process.

Educational consultancy Services for Cambridge University


Institutional and programme types:

  • Trade/Vocational/Technical Schools: These establishments train students in trade-specific skills like accounting, auto repair, secretarial work, etc. The majority of these institutions are for-profit, private schools.
  • Community colleges that offer two-year degree programmes, also known as associate degrees, and transfer and articulation agreements with four-year universities fall under this category. For the community, they also provide numerous opportunities for continuing education and enrichment. They provide open admission and low tuition. Some community colleges are well known for their excellent academic programmes and high transfer student enrolment rates.
  • Graduate-level Courses Master of Arts (MA), Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science (MS), and other graduate-level degrees are just a few examples. Although there are some one-year degree programmes in some fields, most Master's degrees require two years of study.
  • Professional Degree Programs: These courses are designed to prepare students for careers as practitioners rather than scholars. Examples include degree programmes in medicine, law, journalism, and business.
  • Liberal Arts Colleges and Universities: A liberal arts college or university offers a curriculum that focuses on the development of analytical and critical thinking skills while also imparting general knowledge. These schools typically place a strong emphasis on interactive learning (although research is still a component of these institutions).


Excellent Academics: Cambridge University is reputed to offer the best higher education in the world, particularly in the field of technology. The world accepts American degrees, which are regarded as some of the most prestigious.

Flexibility in Course Curriculum: Students frequently have the choice to take courses outside of their major field of study, depending on their interests. Additionally, most colleges and universities offer extensive and varied course options. Sometime, as part of their degree programme, students may even be able to "cross-register" or take classes at other nearby universities.

Financial Support: International students are given financial support. Many universities provide teaching or research assistantships as a means of financially supporting international students. These assistantships are not based on financial need but rather on academic merit.

Opportunities for On-Campus Employment: Colleges and Universities permit foreign students to work on campus part-time. On-campus employment is permitted for F-1 visa holders in the US for a maximum of 20 hours per week during the academic year and a maximum of 40 hours per week during the summer.

Job Opportunities: After receiving their degrees, students are eligible to work full-time for a year in their desired field to gain experience. The Optional Practical Training (OPT) programme is what this initiative is known as. After completing their OPT period, many gifted students are hired permanently by securing sponsorship from their employers for an H-1 visa. The H-1B visa is a temporary work permit for foreign nationals to work in speciality occupations like Software, Engineering, Teaching, Accounting, or Marketing. After the approval of the status change, students may continue working without leaving the United States.

Value: It offers a very high-quality education, and each student's success will be directly correlated with how much effort and commitment they put forth. The learning environment in US universities is rich & unique due to the diversity of skills & cross-cultural environment.

High-calibre research: If you are passionate about research, Cambridge University is the best option. As a result, there are countless research opportunities in every field that enable students to gain real-world experience while they are still in school.

Cultural Exchange: In addition to their studies, international students have the opportunity to interact with and learn from students from a wide range of nations and diverse religions, cultures, economies, and ethnic backgrounds. International students can become true global citizens thanks to this amazing experience.

Internships: During the summer break, students are permitted to work as interns in their specialised academic fields off campus. They can participate in internship programmes as well.

Offices for International Students: The majority of England colleges and universities have offices for international students that offer advice and exceptional support to international students to help them make the most of their educational experience.

Loans and scholarships are the best options for funding education, so it's critical to prepare ahead of time and apply for as many scholarships in England as you can. Since many scholarship deadlines require students to apply early, even before they have learned of their admissions decision, one should start looking into this at least a year in advance.

Additionally, if finances are an issue, one should consider applying to undergraduate-level colleges and universities that provide scholarships and awards to international students. Only a small number of wealthy colleges and universities in the United States can provide for all the students they admit, and enrolment at these institutions is frequently extremely competitive. At the graduate level, financial aid in the form of scholarships is more frequently offered, but the amount of assistance varies, and in some professional graduate programmes, like those in law, business (MBA), and journalism, there is very little aid available to students.

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